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      Need to convert HEIC to Jpeg.  You can easily change iPhone images to JPEG files on Mac or PC.

      The first option on Mac is using the preview app and saving it as Jpeg.

      Other option is using a free web tool that you can get here.

      HEIC or HEIF are new higher efficiency formats for iPhone and iOS 11 or later.  But sometimes, you still need a Jpeg file and you'll need to make that conversation.  

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      How to Use iMovie - Beginner's Guide
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      iMovie is a free editing app that comes with every Mac laptop and desktop.  iMovie has a lot of editing features from beginner to advance and it's a perfect tool if you already have a Mac.

      For more advanced editing, I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro and you can try it for 7 days here and watch the beginner's tutorial.

      If you want to record a voiceover on iMovie, here is the mic that I use: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

      In this iMovie tutorial, we will cover the 15 most essential tasks in iMovie.
      Advance iMovie tutorial is coming soon.

      1. Creating a movie project
      2. Import media
      3. Bring footage to the timeline 
      4. Change clip order
      5. Trimming clips on a timeline
      6. Split clips command B
      7. Adding music
      8. Changing audio levels
      9. Fading audio 
      10. Separating audio and video
      11. Adding transitions
      12. Titles
      13. VoiceOver 
      14. Color correction and effects
      15. Export

      Get Adobe Premiere Pro free trial:

      Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial:

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      How to Clean Up and Speed Up your Mac
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      If your Mac running slow? Are you running out of space? Those are the most common issues for Mac, Macbook Pro and Macbook laptops.  

      There is a simple software that can scans your computer and can speed up your Mac and clean it up by getting rid of unwanted files that clear up space.  You can also use it to completely uninstall software from your Mac.

      Another useful application from this Mac app is a virus scan.  

      You can get a copy of CleanMyMacX here: (Affiliate)

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      How to open rar files on Mac
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      Want to open a rar file on mac? This file is an archived file that can't natively open on your Mac.

      But you can easy open it using the unarchiver software.

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      You can remove Apple ID from iPhone, iPad or Mac in a few easy steps.
      You'll have to start in your device's setting.  After a few pages, it will lead you to Apple ID website on safari.  Here, you can remove any Apple ID from any device.

      All you devices will be listed here that are using your Apple ID.  Remember, anytime you want to sell your device, you should remove your Apple ID.

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      How to Get a Mouse Highlighter for Mac
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      If you want the mouse cursor to be highlighted on your Mac, you can download a simple Mac app that gives you that option.

      You can also turn the circle mouse highlighter to an arrow or a spotlight.  You can change the color to any color and change the size as well.  

      Get the mouse highlighter app (PointerPro) here:

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      Want to fully Uninstall any application on your Mac?

      It's not as simple as deleting the application in the application folder.

      There is an extra step that you have to take to make sure any hidden files related to the application are also deleted.

      In this video, we will look at how to find all hidden files, so you can completely uninstall any application on Mac.


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      Your mac has a text to speech option that will have it read out loud to you.  You just have to turn it on under system preferences and assign it a shortcut.  

      There are several voices to choose from and several more you can download.  

      In this Mac tutorial, we will jump in system preferences and accessibility and turn of read out louder or text to speech on your Mac.

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