How to Use iMovie - Beginner's Guide


iMovie is a free editing app that comes with every Mac laptop and desktop.  iMovie has a lot of editing features from beginner to advance and it's a perfect tool if you already have a Mac.

For more advanced editing, I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro and you can try it for 7 days here and watch the beginner's tutorial.

If you want to record a voiceover on iMovie, here is the mic that I use: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

In this iMovie tutorial, we will cover the 15 most essential tasks in iMovie.
Advance iMovie tutorial is coming soon.

1. Creating a movie project
2. Import media
3. Bring footage to the timeline 
4. Change clip order
5. Trimming clips on a timeline
6. Split clips command B
7. Adding music
8. Changing audio levels
9. Fading audio 
10. Separating audio and video
11. Adding transitions
12. Titles
13. VoiceOver 
14. Color correction and effects
15. Export

Get Adobe Premiere Pro free trial:

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial: