How to Use Instagram (2019 Beginners Guide)


New to Instagram? Not sure if you are getting the most out of the app? This video will walk you through using Instagram, step by step.

We will start with a new app download, new profile, exploring Instagram, following new people and posting your first photo or video.

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Instagram is broken up to 4 different parts and there is a video for each section:

     - This main video is focusing on Instagram feed. That is basically the main part of Instagram and all it was for the first 5 years.

     - Then we will look at Instagram Story, Instagarm direct messages and IGTV. Check out those videos after you watch this one.

     - How to Use Instagram Story? (video coming this week)

     - How to Use Instagram Direct Messages? (video coming this week) How to use IGTV - Instagram TV? (video coming this week)

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