How to Setup an Apple Watch 4 - Complete Unboxing & Setup


Apple Watch Series 4 is an amazing piece of technology created by Apple.  In this video, we will unbox the Apple Watch 4 and set it up for the very first time.

The Apple watch is capable of reading your heart rate, tracking your workout, send and receive texts, check emails and use thousands of apps.  It puts the power of your iPhone on your wrist.

The box comes with the watch, charger and a wristband.  If you get the Nike plus edition, you will get the Nike wristband as well as a couple of Nike apps.  You can also switch the band out with a different one depending on the occasion.  

The Apple watch comes in two sizes, 42mm and 44mm, but the setup process is exactly the same for both. 

You also need the Watch app on your phone in order to setup the watch and pair it with your iPhone.  

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