How to get a 100 subscribers on YouTube - Top 5 practical techniques


If you want to get to a 100 subscribers on YouTube and beyond, you need to follow some advice that have been proven to work.

In this video, we will look at 5 tactical ways to grow to a 100 subscribers on YouTube.

1. Video Equipment
You need need anything fancy here for a camera, but you do need good audio.  This is the mic that got me started on YouTube.

2. Setup your channel correctly
Good quality banner
Descriptive channel name
Eye-catching profile icon

3. Upload videos the right way
Have a call to subscribe and share in the description
No external links for a while
Use Tubebuddy to help you with tagging and research

4. Use YouTube comments to get subscribers.

5. Use Facebook and Reddits groups.  Here is a list to get you started.

FB YouTube Groups
Increase YouTube Views and Subs
Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Channel and Video Promotion

Reddit Subreddits