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      You can finally stop autoplay on Netflix. That includes two forms of Netflix autoplay.

      1. Autoplay the next episode in a series on all devices.

      2. Autoplay preview white browsing on all devices. You can turn each or both of those autoplay features off in the settings.

      These options will change the autoplay settings on all devices including Netflix on phone and on TV. You do have to do this on on a browser, on desktop or mobile.

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      Learning Adobe Photoshop can be challenging.

      Photoshop has so many features, tools and use cases that it can be difficult to know where to start.

      If you don't have the latest version of Photoshop, you can try it for 7 days through this link:

      For free stock images to practice with, try this website:

      In this training, we will look at the most essentials when starting to use Photoshop. We will look at creating two files.

      A text file using shapes and text tool and second, we will be manipulating an image, changing brightness, color, and minor retouching.

      Through that process, we will cover many of the tools and actions that you will commonly find in Photoshop.

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      How to Use iMovie - Beginner's Guide
      318 Views . 3 months ago

      iMovie is a free editing app that comes with every Mac laptop and desktop.  iMovie has a lot of editing features from beginner to advance and it's a perfect tool if you already have a Mac.

      For more advanced editing, I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro and you can try it for 7 days here and watch the beginner's tutorial.

      If you want to record a voiceover on iMovie, here is the mic that I use: (Amazon Affiliate Link)

      In this iMovie tutorial, we will cover the 15 most essential tasks in iMovie.
      Advance iMovie tutorial is coming soon.

      1. Creating a movie project
      2. Import media
      3. Bring footage to the timeline 
      4. Change clip order
      5. Trimming clips on a timeline
      6. Split clips command B
      7. Adding music
      8. Changing audio levels
      9. Fading audio 
      10. Separating audio and video
      11. Adding transitions
      12. Titles
      13. VoiceOver 
      14. Color correction and effects
      15. Export

      Get Adobe Premiere Pro free trial:

      Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial:

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      TikTok voice effects give you the option to add several voice filters to your TikTok videos.

      The TikTok voice changer or voice effect can be found on the top right corner after you record your video.

      The voice effects include Chipmunk, Baritone, Vibrato, Electronic, Echo, Mic, Helium and Giant. Voice effects will be applied to your recording and original sound.

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      How to Remove Stolen YouTube Videos
      233 Views . 3 months ago

      You can report stolen videos on YouTube and get those videos removed. If someone steals your content and infringes on your copyright, you can simply let YouTube know and they will remove that content.

      There is a useful tab in YouTube Studio that shows you all matching content all in one place, so you won't have to find the content yourself.

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      How to Schedule Text Messages on iPhone
      227 Views . 3 months ago

      You can schedule text messages on the iPhone or iPad to be sent at a later time and date. You can automate the process of scheduling text messages with the shortcut app from apple, release with iOS 12.

      Get the shortcut app here:

      Make sure you turn on background refresh for the Shortcut app inside of your device's setting.

      Then, you'll need the actual shortcut for the shortcut app. Get Send Delayed Text Message shortcut here:

      Make sure to allow untrusted shortcuts in the settings. And if you don't want to use this shortcut, you can use the Yello app.

      Here is how to use the Yello app to schedule text messages.

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      How to Appear Offline On Instagram
      231 Views . 3 months ago


      Want to appear offline on Instagram? You simply need to turn off the activity status in the privacy menu.

      To hide last seen on Instagram and appear offline, jump into the menu and go to settings. You then need to go inside the privacy tab and look for activity status.

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      Instagram has several updates in November of 2019 between Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, and Instagram Creator Studio.

      Two of the big updates such as Instagram Stories Reels and hiding likes haven't yet been widely released and are not affecting many channels.

      But they are big enough updates and should be mentioned in this monthly Instagram video.

      Instagram Stories Reels:

      Instagram hiding likes:

      Instagram Creator Studio tagging:

      Instagram DM from a computer:

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      Here are the best Black Friday Deals in Technology. They include the best deals in gaming, deals on TV, tables, phones, software, streaming and gifts.

      Top 10 Black Friday deals of 2019

      Hulu for $1.99/month

      Apple AirPods with Charging Case: $154.99 (Affiliate Link)

      Adobe Creative Cloud - all apps: $29.99 (Affiliate Link)

      Apple iPhone XR, 64GB, Black (Affiliate Link)

      Amazon Echo Dot $22 (Affiliate Link) New Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi, 128 GB) - $329 (Affiliate Link)

      Sony PlayStation 4 1TB Only on PlayStation PS4 - $199 (Affiliate Link)

      Microsoft Xbox One S 1TB All Digital Edition $149 (Affiliate Link)

      VIZIO 65" Class V-Series 4K Ultra HD

      Roku Streaming Stick+ 4K Media Player - $29

      23andMe Health + Ancestry Service - $99

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      How to Create Email Templates in Gmail
      239 Views . 4 months ago


      Want to create email templates on Gmail? Also known as canned responses, Gmail makes it simple to create email templates for frequently used emails, so you don't have to type out a new email every single time.

      You will have to set this up inside settings first.

      1. Go to Gmail settings (gear icon)

      2. Go to the advanced tab

      3. Click enable under Templates

      4. Click save changes Now that the option is turned on, you can draft an email and save that email with the subject line as a template.

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      You can easily block anyone on TikTok and if you change your mind, unblocking them on TikTok is just as simple.

      Here are the steps to blocking someone on TikTok.
      1. Go to their profile
      2. Press the three dots on top right
      3. Choose block from the options.

      Here are the steps to unblocking someone on TikTok.
      1. Go to your profile (me tab on the bottom)
      2. Press the three dots
      3. Press privacy and safety
      4. choose block list on the bottom of the page
      5. Press unblock on the list for blocked profiles

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      Instagram Story has a On This Day Feature that allows you to see your previous post on this day and repost it.

      Facebook has had a similar option inside settings/memory that allows you to see and share what you posted on this day and now you can use a similar option inside Instagram Story.

      The option is inside of the create mode in Instagram story.

      Keep in mind, this only works if you have something on this day that you posted on a previous year.

      If you click the dice on top, it will show you a different year's post.

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