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      I share new Spotify Hacks 2019 to grow on Spotify and get more followers. this is the new launched tool, and its open for free for this month, then it will cost about 500$ to use it. this is the last method used in 2019 to get hundreds of spotify Followers using ony this easy steps: Step 1: Go to this website : https://bit.ly/2CELtUx

      Step 2: put your Spotfy URL. Step 3: Click Generate Now. don't be lazy only 3 minuts of your time will get you Thousands of Followers.




      Followers On Spotify in 2019

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      Hashtags on YouTube are a powerful tool for your videos to be discovered.  Hashtags are simple to use and they are clickable and searchable, giving your video more chances to be found.

      In order to use Hashtags, you simply need to add them to the bottom of your YouTube video description.  You can use up to 3 hashtags, so use them wisely.

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      How to Cancel YouTube TV
      214 Views . 6 months ago

      Want to cancel youTube TV trial or subscription? 

      In this video, I'll show you how to cancel YouTube TV on a computer, phone and iOS devices if you signed up via Apple app store.  

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      You can finally Block specific channels that YouTube recommends to you.  If you find that YouTube recommended channels that you have no interest in, this update is going to be very helpful.

      By simply scrolling through your YouTube feed, you can press the 3 dots and tell YouTube to not recommend that channel.  Unlike I'm not interested option, the do not recommend channel option is specific to that channel.  

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      How to Change Password on YouTube
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      Want to change YouTube Password? YouTube changed the way you reset your password in 2019.  Without Google Plus, the process is built in to your YouTube channel.

      In this video, we will change YouTube password on a computer and on a mobile app.

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      White Hat SEO means to use optimisation strategies and techniques that focus on organic traffic and completely follows search engine rules and policies. 
      In this slideshow. you will find 5 White Hat SEO Techniques for increasing your sales. 
      For More Information, you can follow- 
      Visit:- https://www.skyforweb.com.au/website-design-blogs-melbourne/

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      https://howfinity.com is a new website that can help grow your YouTube channel.  If you make how-to videos on YouTube, you should also post them to Howfinity.com.  

      If you don't make how-to videos, you should consider making some.  It's an easy way to get discovered on YouTube.

      If you're video gets approved, it will be a huge boost to your YouTube channel.

      In this video, let's look at how to make a howfinity.com account, channel and upload a video.  If you upload a video via YouTube link, every view on Howfinity will count as a view towards your YouTube video.

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      How To Change YouTube Title Font
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      Did you know that you could change fonts on YouTube titles? The process is actually super simple.

      Changing YouTube title font really makes your video stand out and increases your click through rate.  

      Simply go to this website and type out your title.
      Copy and paste it to YouTube.

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      How to Hide YouTube Subscriber Count
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      Did you know that you can hide YouTube subscriber count?

      It's actually a good technique when you first start a channel.  People hesitate to subscribe to channels with low subscribers.  So in order to get to a 100 subscribers faster on a new channel, hiding your subscriber count could be an effective option.

      In this video, I'll show you how to hide your YouTube subscriber count in the new YouTube Studio. 

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      If you want to get to a 100 subscribers on YouTube and beyond, you need to follow some advice that have been proven to work.

      In this video, we will look at 5 tactical ways to grow to a 100 subscribers on YouTube.

      1. Video Equipment
      You need need anything fancy here for a camera, but you do need good audio.  This is the mic that got me started on YouTube.

      2. Setup your channel correctly
      Good quality banner
      Descriptive channel name
      Eye-catching profile icon

      3. Upload videos the right way
      Have a call to subscribe and share in the description
      No external links for a while
      Use Tubebuddy to help you with tagging and research

      4. Use YouTube comments to get subscribers.

      5. Use Facebook and Reddits groups.  Here is a list to get you started.

      FB YouTube Groups
      Increase YouTube Views and Subs

      Youtube Subscribers

      Youtube Channel and Video Promotion

      Reddit Subreddits



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      Are you adding YouTube End Card or end screens to all your YouTube videos? If not, you are missing out on a lot of potential views.

      In 2019, YouTube studio changed and adding end screens changed with it.  In order to add end screens to your YouTube videos, you have to use the YouTube editor.  In this video, I'll show you how to do that and the best way to optimize your end screens or end cards for clicks.

      If you want to grow your YouTube channel faster, get Tubebuddy.

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      Oil Painting Portrait Tutorial, How To Paint A Person, Palette Knife And Brush Strokes 
      Painting title :  Excavating the Past

      Technique : Oil paints on plastic coated paper

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