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      How to Lock WhatsApp on iPhone
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      You can finally lock WhatsApp using Touch ID or Face ID.

      WhatsApp rolled out a new option in early 2019 that allows iPhone users to lock WhatsApp using Touch ID or Face ID depending on their phone.  

      The lock option is inside of the settings option.  Within settings, you have to look for privacy.

      The lock options allows your to choose a time window before WhatsApp requires the Face ID or Touch ID again to unlock.

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      How to Use Whatsapp Business app
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      Whatsapp business is a new app created by Whatsapp, designed specifically for businesses.  

      It's another way to business to connect with their customers in a secure and easy way.

      The great thing about Whatsapp business is that it is design exactly the same as the regular Whatsapp messenger.  So you ever used Whatsapp, you'll be very comfortable with the user interface.

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