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      It would be far too simple for us to believe that as long as we are driving the speed limit in California, we will never get a speeding ticket. In fact, even if you’re going the posted speed limit, it is still possible for you to get a speeding ticket. How is this possible, you ask? Well, it all depends on the conditions of the drive. For instance, although the posted speed limit may be 65mph, if you’re driving in the middle of a rainstorm, going to the posted speed limit, you may still be pulled over and given a speeding ticket. When there is severe weather, you need to decrease your speed to avoid getting a speeding ticket. Other conditions where the Basic Speed Law applies are severe weather, construction zones, children playing in the streets or on along the sidewalk, and more.

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      Dark mode on any website is possible with an easy to use Google Chrome plugin.

      In this video, we'll look at using a simple plugin to turn any website into night mode.  So if you prefer dark mode over normal mode, check this out.


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      Why Did Your Tire Blowout?
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      While a tire blowout most commonly happens when there’s tread separation or when the rubber tread layer of the tire gets separated from the remainder of the tire, there are still other reasons why your tire blew out. These potential causes include, loose debris on the road, overloading your vehicle, an unnoticeable leak in your tire, poor road maintenance, or air pressure.