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      ou can make your friends list completely private on Facebook.

      The privacy option also allows you to have your friends list visible to the public, only your friends or only the people you choose.

      The most private option is the only me option, which will hide your friends list from anyone. To hide your friends list on your computer, check out this video.

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      Google Search Not Working on iPhone
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      Why is Google search not working on iPhone? How to fix it?

      One of the most reliable search engines is Google and it provides the result for any query that a user has. But what if the Google is not working on your iPhone? What will you do to fix it? Well, if these questions are swirling in your head and you want to let it out and solve them. Then you should go thoroughly the article as here you will get the step by step manual to fix the issue.

      Why is my Google not working on iPhone?

      There could be many reasons behind the Google not working on iPhone issue but it can be resolved with these outlined instructions. All you need is to follow the steps listed below.

      • In the first place, you need to check whether you have the latest version of Google app or not. If you don't have, then, first install it from the App Store.

      • In addition, you need to ensure that the mobile data is turned on or your iPhone has connected with Wi-Fi connection for you Google App.

      • Further, you should quit the Google by pressing the home button two times and then swipe up the Google app tab. And then press the home button.

      • Besides, you should reset the iPhone and try again to access the Google.

      • Or else, you can restart your iPhone by pressing the lock key and home button simultaneously for a while until the Apple logo appears on the mobile screen. And on restarting the iPhone, you can use Google it may help you to resolve the issue of Google not working.

      In this way, you can get rid of the issue of the issue that the Google search is not working on the iPhone. Just in case, it didn't happen you can get an instant help from Google customer support phone number to ask them a solution for why is my Google search not working. The highly skilled and certified professionals are there in Google customer support team who work round the clock to give you a reliable assistance. It doesn't matter whether the problem is big or a small one they provides all kind of support to the users so that they don't have to face the trouble. Besides, you need to dial the Google phone number to get a complete and assured customer support for Google not working issue.

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      How to Use Facebook Nearby Friends
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      Facebook's Nearby Friends option allows you to see friends that are near you and makes it easy to meet up with them.

      To see the option, you have to turn it on and your friends have to have nearby friends option turned on as well. You can decide what part of your Facebook your share this option with and can limit who can see if you are nearby them.

      Once you see nearby friends, you can send a messenger message and meet up with them or let them know you are near them.

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      Facebook 3D photos are a unique way to have your post stand out.

      Created one requires an iPhone that has a portrait mode option. That is iPhone 7 plus, 8 plus, X or higher.

      When you take the portrait mode picture, make sure you are far enough for the background to get blurry. Then create a post on Facebook and choose 3D photos. It will pull up all the pictures you've taken in portrait mode.

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      Want to download a video from Facebook? There is an option that doesn't require any plugins or apps and you can do it right on your browser. 1. Find the video you want to download and right click 2. Copy link URL. 3. Open Incognito window 4. Paste and go. 5. View page source of the new page (still incognito) 6. Find hd_scr and copy everything between "" 7. Open new window and paste 8. Click the 3 dots on the video and press download.

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      Facebook messenger secret conversations allows you the send hidden messages.  You can even set them to disappear after a few seconds.

      This option works on the messenger app and doesn't work on Facebook.com or messenger.com


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      You can make your Facebook account completely private by changing several of the settings. It is recommended to use facebook.com our a browser to make these changes to privacy. You'll have to make several changes to the privacy tab under settings. Make sure everything is set to only me or friends here. Next, go to timeline and tagging and limit use to friends or only me.

      Next, go to public posts and change from public to friends. You also need to turn off face recognition in photos. If you want to be harder to find, change your last name to your middle name under the general setting option. Once you do all the settings changes related to privacy on Facebook, go to your profile and make sure your phone number and email are also viewable to only me.

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      Google Not Working on iPhone
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      There could be many reasons behind the Google not working on iPhone issue but it can be resolved with these outlined instructions. All you need is to follow the steps listed below.