What’s new with iOS10

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Top 10 iOS 10 Features! BEST Changes & Hidden Features. New Lock Screen, Control Center, Messages & Performance Review.
Video by EverythingApplePro
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what’s up guys everything Apple Pro here
and I’m very happy to be able to
introduce iOS 10 to you so in this video
I want to show you 10 things the most
important things to me that have changed
in this firmware now Apple gave us iOS10
good things I don’t think all of them
are that good but there’s a lot and I
was 10 that I’m still discovering every
minute that I use it I’m really liking
how many smaller changes there are so
let’s jump into it I want to show you
what’s new in this firmware number one
as Apple said user experience and before
I even get into anything I just want to
say this is a beta beta is tend to
change with time so what you see now
will not be the final result of iOS 10
just a little disclaimer in there that’s
all so everything from the lock screen
to every little my new detail on iOS 10
well entirely but a lot of little things
have changed first off is a raise to
wake your phone is sitting and you pick
it up it’ll just wake up there’s no
slide to unlock anymore where did it go
one of the most fundamental things of
iOS is not enabled by default so you can
go ahead and press the home button to
unlock and I’m not sure about it haven’t
dug around but I’m sure there’s a way to
recycle unlock however don’t quote me on
that but the very simplest thing like
unlocking your phone is now gone instead
if you swipe to the right you can open
up your camera application the actual
reverse camera is down here instead
swipe back oh no that doesn’t work
anymore so you click home and it goes
back slide over here and here is your
today view so this is actually one of
the other bigger features I want to
cover but I’ll get to that in a moment
this is basically your Notification
Center on the left over here and I love
how elegant it is I mean man this little
refinement right here looks good and on
the very very bottom you can see there
are icons for switching to these
different things so you know where you
are at so the lockscreen itself
completely reimagined alright here I
mean it’s looking fantastic
now Notification Center is pretty empty
buttons changed a little bit too so even
opening up applications there is a new
animation it’s a little bit springy like
you can see the app closing however it
is so delayed right now man it is very
very slow if you were hoping to upgrade
to this and expect good performance I
would. I’ve experienced so much crashing bugs
all that all right so even on the
lockscreen right here we can see that
there is a much cleaner look for the Notification
Center and this is all again with a user
experience you can have 3d touch on it
and reply directly from here so you can
go ahead and have a conversation and you
can have a conversation again it does
not disappear you can keep doing it it’s
just amazing how much Apple thought
through I was 10 and 3d touch and it’s
not limited to messages third-party
applications can take advantage of that
Apple open up the API guys it’s going to
take a lot of videos to show you
everything so sorry it just it’s
exciting you know it’s exciting when
Apple changes up so much but anyways
moving on to series so Siri has become
much smarter unfortunately I cannot show
you these changes because the developers
for the apps have not caught up Apple
has opened up the API for Siri so that
means you guys will be able to go ahead
and ask things like Siri to pick you up
with uber or to use whatsapp through
Siri I mean even quick replies that are
all connected with Siri and it’s hard
because it can show you if I do Sarah
you give me an uber ride so it’s not
currently implemented but again you know
these app developers will catch up Apple
will catch up with you know future betas
and eventually we will get that working
but serious become much smarter with a
third party API the opportunities are
limitless really an apple really hasn’t
made it clear if she’s gotten smarter if
she’s a moron Google knows level but
we’ll have to wait and see next up a
very small one but at the same time one
that can change your experience because
we all use messages so Apple has made
quicktype much better so let’s say
someone asks you a question now Siri is
in your quick type so she can
contextually give you answers here like
hey where are you now you can send your
current location to this person right
away not only that let’s say she asks
you something else like hey do you want
to pick up Chinese food so you’ll get
answers based on the question over here
it’ll analyze the message and quicktype
is now much smarter in iOS 10 so the
photos application has received a huge
overhaul there’s a lot to talk about
here primarily face detection and scene
detection so photos will comb through
all of your photos and it will find
certain scenes or certain people so you
can group them all the photos into that
certain group so let’s say you were
riding a horse this was Apple’s example
you can even ask Siri to find you all
the photos of you riding a horse and in
the photos application you’ll be able to
see all of those really really cool
stuff but particular is the new memories tab you
will find over here in photos so all of
your photos from a certain time period
or event will appear in these little
memory groups you can create or have a
video created for you just right there
if it works as you can see iOS Ted is a
little buggy but basically all the
photos they’re grouped based on action
and videos in here and if it worked I
would show you but oh it does so
basically you can create a video from
these you can have it short long medium
it’s actually quite cool Wow
yeah I should have been doing that
driving and recording but really cool
stuff guys I mean oh yeah here it is
money shot money shot hit it
oh no missed the point where I actually
shot the thing but Wow so it syncs to
music too it creates a video for the
people that don’t want to take the time
to edit their own videos to do that that
is really really cool so photos there’s
more that I’m not showing you basically
new memories tab that creates this kind
of content right here and new filtering
of faces and events so Maps has received
an overhaul as well now Apple says it’s
a lot more intuitive one driving it’ll
actually pan out zoom I would show you
except it is broken so I’m not able to
actually get directions but it’ll
actually be a little bit easier to tell
exits lanes just it’ll be more intuitive
I gotta say that’s one of my weakest
points with Apple is Apple Maps right
now Google Maps is great so hopefully
this will fill in the gap not only that
while you’re driving with already
directions set so you can get
suggestions of clothes restaurants
closed gas stations and it’ll actually
tell you how long it will take and how
much longer it will add to the trip down
here so I like that they added the
search button down here as devices get
larger it’s harder and harder to go up
here so having everything down here is a
little bit easier so I can’t show you it
unfortunately but maps has certainly got
a lot easier to use and it is more
intuitive so next up is the new music
application and I gotta say it is
gorgeous it is much larger it seems like
it’s almost for old people but at the
same time it is more intuitive you have
all these categories right here so you
don’t have to shift them manually to get
into different ones it’s certainly
easier to use and let me just show you
how intuitive it is so let’s find
song where’s my Stephen favorite songs
from him right now I mean this guy is
really good anyway so let’s say and play
a song it’s up here if you want to get
rid of it just slide it slide over it’s
so bubbly but it works so good and if
you slide up if it has lyrics they’ll be
displayed down here the buttons are big
clear this has even been spread apart a
little it’s certainly very easy to use
so when you play I like that it pops
into you like that really cool stuff
there is the scrubber it moves up just
when you use it that is so cool that
attention to detail right there so I
don’t know if it disappeared or what but
there’s no more color change with the
different music let me show you what I
mean if I play this right here the
background isn’t changing for some
reason the songs view is a little bit
bolder I guess so it is changing a
little bit actually just around it’s
less noticeable it’s not going on down
here but yeah there it is guys the music
it looks fantastic and it seems to work
very good and so far one of my favorites
is the control center so it’s been
reimagined and hey there was now 3d
touch any control center not quite what
I envisioned we thought there would be
some toggles over here like toggle on
this he’ll take you into that but now
it’s just over here so you can get some
3d toggles in these and hey Wow
high intensity let’s try the medium
intensity one Wow
so preserve your battery life but still
have a little bit of lights really
really cool stuff attention to detail
right there and on the camera it’s just
a shortcut I believe but it is there
overall you can slide to the next page
and here is your music scrubber
and I believe there was another section
that Apple showed us you can have some
sort of widgets in here but maybe maybe
I haven’t set that up yet but really
cool control center I don’t see the
point of having night shift right here
night shift is automatic for me I don’t
need to turn it off and on you know
through here so I think this is a little
bit extra wasted space if Apple were to
get rid of that would it be so bad but
really really cool and really bubbly I
like it like how it looks and here’s one
I think all of you guys will appreciate
you can now remove
system apps literally a lot of the big
stuff I’m surprised that Apple even made
these removable like weather maps stocks
you can delete them now where else would
you find them how do you get them back
if you delete them that’s the golden
question they’re all in app stores so if
you were to search for maps probably
apples would come up very first here and
there it is so you guys can go ahead and
download them now I’m interested how
will the updates work are we going to be
able to update the individual
applications from the App Store or as
part of an iOS update who knows but it
seems like a logical step for Apple
absolutely amazing removal of system
apps and I wanted to mention it to debut
a really big feature so it was
previously here in the notifications tab
on the right now Apple has relocated it
to a slide over on the right on the home
page and here you have a bunch of
widgets that you want now I wonder if
Steve the dinosaur game will still work
I haven’t tried it out but pretty much
same principle you can go ahead and
adjust what you want to see here and
some of these are 3d touch interactable
I wasn’t able to get it to work I’m not
sure if it’s because it’s just not
working yet but in Apple’s demo you were
able to 3d touch on these and interact
with them so I guess we’ll have to wait
and see very disappointing thing it was
there was no dark mode but however I
noticed the clock app is now completely
dark maybe it’s a symbol of what’s to
Apple might update it in the future but
you know everything else pretty much as
was and the best for last messages this
is something all of us use probably the
most honor device so Apple wanted to
make it a lot more friendly it seems
like they almost snapchatter fighted but
anyway so there’s a lot of notable
features here guys I mean where to begin
let’s say you want to send a message
with an impact there are now animations
for the message is 3d touch onto the
send button and you can say loud right
here so when you send it that’s what
it’s going to look like click the send
button and boom it just pops at you also
one of my favorites is the invisible one
so we touch on this let’s say invisible
ink and sense so you slide on it or and
there we go it becomes clear and you can
apply this filter to photos as well you
can slide in between and when you send
it that effect will be available on the
other person’s device with sound effects
larger emojis so now when you send your
jeez there will be three times larger
really cool also if you go ahead and go
over here into this view you can go
ahead and get a live photo or life
camera view right here awesome stuff
right here is I forgot what I will call
this but basically you can draw on top
of photos send effects to friends and
they’ll go ahead and be animated when
you send them so over here we should see
that really really cool
also available any messages is emoji
translation so you can go ahead and
replace some words I’m curious to see
out of this what it will replace so if
you go to the emoji menu right here
it’ll go ahead and highlight them in a
yellowish color where you can replace
with emojis so let’s click on how to
think the love if you have a choice
it’ll give you one and pizza right here
there are now rich links inside of
messages as well so instead of just
being a blue link you’ll get a full
preview like this you can go ahead and
three touch on it to get a preview and
then go in all the way but messages has
become much more useful I love it so
guys that is a quick look at I was 10
just 10 of so many features I’m going to
have to cover and I will be covering
them very soon now next I’m going to
show you how to install this right now
if you want to I will be showing you
battery life performance on every device
so really everything you need to know
guys stay tuned for those videos hope
you enjoy this one sorry it’s a bit long
there’s just so much to cover and I
haven’t even covered all of it have a
great day guys peace


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