How to setup Playstation VR

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Before we get started, disconnect the PS4 HDMI cable from your TV.  Connect the HDMI cable from your TV to your VR box.

If you purchased the VR bundle, you should have gotten the PS4 camera.  You’ll need to hook that up before setting up the VR set.

The camera connect to the back of the PS4 with one cable and sits in front of your TV with the provided mini stand.

Step 1: Connect the VR box to the PS4 with a provided HDMI cable.

Step 2: Take the provided USB cable and connect the VR box to the PS4.  This goes in front of the ps4 and back of the VR box.

Step 3: Now plugin the VR power supply to AC power in order to power it up.

Step 4: Connect the VR headset with the extension cord.  That connects to the front of the VR box.  Slide the cover back and you can connect it easily.

Step 5: Connect the VR headset to the extension cord that you just connected to the VR box.  You can plugin the provided audio headphones to the VR headset now.

Now you’re ready to turn everything on.  Turn on your TV and Playstation and choose the correct input.  Now insert the game into playstation and turn on your headset.  The turn on the switch for the headset is on the headset.  Now put on your headset and enjoy!

Video by TronicsFix

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hey guys this is Steve with trunks fix
we’ve just gotten our ps4 VR headset
unboxed and we’re going to do a quick
video to show you how to hook this thing
up so let’s get started the first thing
you’re going to want to do is take the
cable that goes normally goes from your
ps4 to your TV what you’re going to want
to do is unplug it from the back your
ps4 and plug it into the ps4 VR box
right here another thing to keep in mind
to make sure you have the PlayStation
camera and you need to move controllers
so make sure you have all of those and
then you’ll be all ready to go when you
get this set up so we’re going to take
the connection from the ps4 and we’re
going to plug it in where it says HDMI
TV so I’m just going to unplug it real
quick. I had it mostly unplug just to make it
easier so this cable goes to the back of
the TV right now so now we’re going to
do is plug it into our VR box where it
says HDMI TV keep in mind this box has a
case that slides so it slides back this
way and slides this way depending on
what you’re trying to hook up so what do
you want to what you want to make sure
of when you’re hooking something up is
to hold it firmly so it doesn’t slide
around when you’re trying to hook
something up so now we have the
preliminary steps complete we have our
camera hooked into the ps4 we have our
cable from the TV to our ps4 VR box
right here so technically in the in the
instructions this is step one so we’re
going to use our HDMI cable to go from
the VR box to the ps4 so that’s step one
and we’re going to do that now so step
two and cable number two is plugging the
USB into the ps4 and then the back of
this cable is just a micro USB that
plugs into the back of the VR box right
here so that is step two and that’s what
we’ll do next okay now step two is
complete we have the USB cable from the
ps4 to the back of our ps4 VR box and
step three is going to be hooking up
this cable so this is the power source
for this box right here so that’s going
to be the next step is hooking this
up and plugging this in right here so
that’s up so that’s what we’re going to
do now okay now the VR headset box has been
plugged in connected to power so we have
step three and cable three done now
we’re going to play with cable number
four and step four so this is kind of
like the extension cable for the VR
headset so these cables are pretty much
the same as these cables I think in most
cases you’re going to want this extender
on there probably in all cases actually
I think that’s what it’s made for so
what you want to do is you’re going to
want to slide this cover back like this
and then you can get to these connectors
right here so there’s an HDMI connector
just a regular connector that you’ll
recognize and then there’s kind of like
a proprietary HDMI it looks like it’s
exactly the same as in HDMI it just fits
in differently so you don’t get them
confused so the next thing to do is plug
these into this box right here okay and
step four is now complete we have the
cables plugged in and now we can move
this box back that will help keep the
cable connectors seated fully and so now
it’s time to connect the ps4 headset the
VR headset into this connector next so
we’re going to take these cables right
here and we’re going to remove this
twisty tie and then these cables kind of
like the same they just plug in like
this and like this now you want to make
sure that it’s not twisted in here
because you want these to be about the
same length if these are twisted one
side may be longer than the other so
it’s going to want to be pulling on it
the whole time so those are now
connected and keep in mind you do have
your headphone connector these headsets
do come with a pair of headphones but
you can also plug in other headphones
it’s just a standard 3.5 millimeter jack
we’re going to be using just the
headphones that it came with the VR
headset so we’re going to plug these in
right here so now those are ready to go
now when you’re ready to power this
thing on after you may choose on through
every step and you’ve gotten everything
on there’s there’s several things you
need to do one you need to turn on your
ps4 two you need to turn on the TV and
three you need to turn on the headset
now the head that power button is right here located
right there and you just press that once
and that will power it up so now I’ll do
all that’s left is the power this thing
up get it set up and start playing I
hope you guys enjoyed this video let me
know if you have any comments or
questions or any problem with the VR
headset and I will answer as many as
possible thanks again for watching and
keep an eye on our channel for the ps4
pro unboxing and teardown coming up in
about a month.


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