How to Sell Stuff on eBay

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How to Sell on eBay

Want to start selling on eBay? It can be daunting if you’ve never sold anything on eBay before. Allow me to introduce you to how to do all this properly and give you some valuable tips and tricks along the way.

Video by BeatTheBush

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How to sell on eBay?

how’s it going everybody this is beat
the bush today I’m gonna show you how to
sell stuff on eBay it’s only should
really be part of everybody’s toolbox
because as you live through life you’re
gonna accumulate a lot of items and with
some accumulation you also need to get
rid of some or else you’re just gonna
keep on getting more and more stuff now
there is a perk with having a constant
stream of selling mainly when you buy
stuff you’re gonna collect a lot of
Amazon boxes or boxes from wherever
places so as you buy stuff rather than
dispose of these boxes and recycle them
you just keep them around and you can
just reuse them to ship them back out
therefore you don’t pay anything for the
packaging of the items that you sell now
all you have to do is just go on ebay
sign up for a brand new account and then
you can start selling as a practice
round I would select one item that you
really want to sell for example let’s
say I want to sell t-rex over here
what you gotta be kidding me you can’t
sell me I’m part of this show
yes t-rex you are part of the show but
I’m just doing this as an example here
so you guys don’t get too worried that
I’m gonna sell him he’s staying for good
this is just an example so you picked
here X as something that you want to
sell get rid of the stuff that’s around
him of course you need a camera to take
pictures with you can use a compact
camera like this or you can use their
cell phone you need to take good
pictures so if you’re a photographer
then all that much easier for you you
really want things to be clear well-lit
and possibly if you want a light box you
should you know get one of those but
those are further down just to begin
with you don’t really need anything like
that you just you know set it on the
ground set it on a couch like this and
go ahead and take a picture like this
and you are allowed up to 12 pictures
for free these days they change the
terms all the time but since they have
12 free pictures – well take as many as
you can more clear pictures – better
because generally if the buyer can see
every single angle of the item they can
see that it’s not damaged and you say
this is the exact item that you’re
selling then it’ll make them more likely
to buy it so not only I’m gonna take an
overall picture like this I’m gonna take
you know some close-up of the arm I’m
gonna take the underside over here or
maybe I’m gonna take a picture of the
tag like this
you know the backside just everything up
to 12 pictures just fill it up now since
t-rex is a vintage item it’s really hard
to price it because I can go on eBay and
try to find a t-rex and I cannot find
anything equivalent but if you are
selling something that is more typical
you can go on eBay search for that item
and click down on the very left column
click completed listings and see how
much the typical item that you’re trying
to sell goes for now after you have an
idea of how much they go for you can go
oh yeah the lowest ever sells for is
like $20 and you know on average they
sell for like $35 well you can you know
have a little bit of leeway you might
think your item is really good it’s
really new then you might want to set it
a little bit higher rather than the
cheapest so searching for a completed
listing really helps you on knowing how
to price the item because if you just go
in blind and just go oh I think it’s
worth this much to me most of time you
might be too low or too high when you
press it too high know what I’m just
gonna buy it when you price it too low
someone is just gonna be able to pick it
up for much cheaper than it’s valued for
the second thing is to really decide if
you want to go for an auction or Buy It
Now price generally I personally like
Buy It Now price because I want to put
the price in there and if someone wants
it for that particular price I can buy
rather than bidding when you want to set
it up as an auction you generally need
to set it up quite a bit lower than what
the price that you want it to go for and
you just kind of let it be an option and
you can’t have a reserve price but that
generally reduces the number of people
that want to bid a reserve price is a
price that it needs to go over before it
sells so sometimes if there’s a lot of
competition for that item and you are
very very sure that there’s gonna be a
lot of people looking at it it might be
good to set it at an auction for even
one penny because you know no one’s
gonna let it go for one penny and people
are gonna try to outbid each other now
the thing with the auction is you don’t
want it to end
you know like 3:00 in the morning
because then no one is gonna be looking
at that item and some crazy person is
just gonna stay up all night and
I for one penny in that case that’s why
sometimes you see items that are sold
for really low in other cases sometimes
item self are really low when they name
the product incorrectly maybe they
misspelled it or something so this is a
chance for the buyer as well if you’re
buying something you can misspell
something and possibly the seller also
misspelled it and then you can buy it
for cheap as well now after all this you
want to set a shipping price now eBay
has this thing where you can set how
much is actually gonna ship for it
generally for me I want to make it
simple very very dead simple
I just set a standard flat price
generally you can guess that anything
over a pound that ships via either FedEx
or UPS is gonna range from eight to
twelve dollars if it’s something that is
you know not too heavy like this thing I
would guess that this stuffed animal
would probably ship for twelve to
fifteen dollars sometimes if you’re
shipping something like this which is a
bit lighter than one pound it can fit in
a bubble wrap envelope then it can ship
for a lot less at first class through
USPS now you may stumble a little bit
and maybe sometimes you might guess the
price wrong it might be a little bit low
it’s okay it as long as the average
averages out and as you sell more and
more you’re gonna gain more experience
on kind of really guessing well on how
much something would ship right now
these days whenever I look at something
I just go up I’ll park around that much
sometimes the buyer pays a little bit
more sometimes I’m under maybe a few
dollars or even ten dollars even but the
point here is that it a ver adjust out
and that’s okay as long as there’s a
flat rate shipping it makes things a lot
easier rather than the buyer needs to
try to guess how much their shipping is
or they have to put it in the calculator
and figure out actually how much they
cost a ship in this case when you put a
flat rate shipping you do not have to
weigh the item beforehand you just takes
a few pictures make your listing put a
flat rate shipping and then let it go
and then you don’t have to do any work
until it actually sells now when it
actually sells what do you do you need
to ship it so that’s where these boxes
come in when you have a large cache of
these boxes from Amazon
or anywhere else generally when I get
them I immediately rip off the label
because if it stays on the box for a
really long time it’s harder to rip off
the label so once you get the item I
just go you know rip it off and it
becomes a usable box immediately
whenever I sell something so let’s say
t-rex here is gonna go to a buyer over
here I also saved these bubble wrap
things these packaged wrap and because
t-rex is a plush I could possibly ship
it in a bag but I’m just gonna use this
box as an example here and likely you
probably don’t really need all this
bubble wrap over here at all so you can
basically just you know put them in
there like this and you might want to be
careful that people use a cutter to open
over here you don’t want it to damaged
so maybe you might want to put a piece
of cardboard all over there so that um
if people are carelessly opening it they
won’t damage the stuff inside now so far
you just need a camera to take pictures
and most people already have a camera
you do need one of these handy tape
dispenser things it’s just two dollars
and possibly a good cache of packaging
tape i buy like six to twelve of them at
a time and they just sit around until I
need them so you know you just put your
stuff in your box you close it up you
see if I don’t cut open the tape here
from Amazon I do not have to tape it
therefore I’m really reusing that piece
of tape as well now this is all packed
up when you go and ship something you
can actually ship stuff through eBay and
I think you can ship things through USPS
or UPS now when I put the listing I
selected a flat rate option and the
speed is generally normal shipping speed
like five to ten days or something so I
can try to pick something at the
cheapest and most people would actually
want the cheapest shipping as they can
get the next item that you need is a
tape measure or a ruler because you need
to put in the dimensions of this box and
also the weight of this box into eBay so
that they can calculate the postage for
you and then you can buy the postage
through eBay itself now you just take
your tape measure and then go okay
seventeen and a half
eight and a half and fourteen and all of
these dimensions you stick it inside the
eBay thing and over here I have a scale
you just turn it on and because it’s
flat like this I need to offset it a
little bit so that I can see the reading
so I’m gonna tear it use this tape thing
says 1.7 pounds for this whole thing so
I have the dimensions and the way you
stick it all into eBay and then you can
select from various shipping options
most likely this thing would generally
go through FedEx / USPS it’s this
cheaper option of FedEx it’s generally I
don’t know like 10 to 20 cents cheaper
and I ended up normally using FedEx also
to note that anything larger than you
know about a shoebox size it’s generally
better to go UPS or FedEx you’ll start
to realize that if you compare the two
you can compare all you want for every
single shipping option USPS FedEx all of
those and then it will give you a price
and then you can go okay I want you know
the cheapest one there’s always a lot of
USPS flat-rate which is a lot cheaper
but somehow it doesn’t know that you’re
not using the flat rate so those options
are always hanging around so you got a
pick you know the cheaper option that is
not the flat rate in order to pick the
correct one now sometimes you do want to
use the flat rate one for anything that
is SuperDuper heavy that I find out is
worth it to use the flat rate like
anything that is like you know the
weight density of a battery that you can
fit in those flat rate boxes
therefore if it’s one of those really
tiny boxes and you just fill it up with
batteries then then it’s really worth it
to ship through those USPS flat rate
boxes now after you select a shipping
option you just buy it right then and
there and then it’s gonna give you an
option for printing a shipping label
that’s where you needing a printer comes
in now I would recommend having a laser
printer rather than an inkjet because
you can print much more at a much lower
cost then you can just print it out on a
piece of paper it does not have to be
sticky then you just cut it out and
stick it onto the box with some tape
just you know tape all the corners and
don’t cover the
codes or anything they don’t like that
if you get a little bit more savvy you
can order free supplies from USPS the
labels boxes and stuff for Priority Mail
and UPS also gives out free shipping
labels if you use it with their carrier
so after you do all this you really need
to know where your closest USPS
mailboxes USPS location FedEx location
and also UPS location if it’s anything
bigger than the USPS mailbox that means
you have to go physically to the USPS
post office this is not ideal because
sometimes most of the time is not that
close this is all about going the
minimum distance to be able to ship your
stuff still so shipping USPS is not bad
if you have a mailbox that’s you know
down the street and you can put the
packages in it other times when it’s
USPS or FedEx you need to know the
locations of those drop-off locations
and then you just swing by you know on
your way to work and just drop it off
and it’s a done deal
typically as soon as you buy the
shipping label through eBay you can
already cash out the money that came in
to your eBay account basically you can
go to your PayPal account you also need
to register for one of those in addition
to the eBay and money will already be in
your PayPal account and you can
immediately transfer this to your bank
account which means you need to link
your bank account to your PayPal account
as well I hope this was informative for
you this is not meant to be like an
expert course or anything this is just
if you have a few things laying around
the house what is the way to get you
started this is like bare vanilla way
with minimal effort to get you started
if you’re interested in the products I
mentioned I’ll help you sell on eBay
I’ll list them down in the video
description below this includes a low
cost laser printer which is about 70
dollars or less this scale thing that
weigh up to 10 pounds I’ll leave a video
review over here tape measure everybody
has this this dispenser was incredibly
cheap and it might fluctuate but I’ll
leave it down in the video description
anyway this is Duck brand tape and it
goes for about a dollar 50 a roll if you
buy in a pack of six now this is a
little bit thinner than normal packaging
tape but it’ll do just fine for
eBay stuff as long as it’s not too heavy
if you go to the store and buy a roll
this big is likely gonna cost you maybe
like three or four dollars so when you
buy in bulk if you plan to just keep on
offloading a lot of your stuff you will
need a little bit more tape don’t forget
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