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How to Mine Bitcoin COMPLETE Guide

Video tutorial/guide showing how to start mining Bitcoins from home super simple and easily, for beginners, or advanced users, using NiceHash in 2017. Bitcoins are a cryptocurrency, like Litecoins and Ethereum which offer an anonymous form of digital currency. This video will show you how to setup a bitcoin wallet, download and install the mining program (nicehash), link it up to your wallet using the bitcoin address, and use the optimal algorithm for mining the most bitcoins and earning the money. Mining these Bitcoins is a way to introduce new bitcoins into the world, as well as verify transactions occurring in the blockchain. You can earn bitcoins and money, by mining at home from your very own PC computer. I also include some tips which helped me mine!

Video by Techlore

I recently made a tutorial explaining
how to mine for bitcoins at home super
easily with none of the complex BS you
normally have to deal with nice hash the
program I used in the video for mining
decided to check the calendar and
realize it was almost 2018 so maybe they
should update their user interface it
looks beautiful but unfortunately my old
video isn’t so useful anymore so let’s
go ahead and recap everything I talked
about there and how to start mining
today on your computer using nice hash
2.0 to kick off the tutorial let’s
quickly go over mining and what it is
first you need to understand what
bitcoin is I’ll leave an awesome video
right here and in a description for you
to watch mining bitcoins to keep it
extremely simple is when you sell your
computer’s processing power in order to
process Bitcoin transactions around the
world it is much more complex than this
but I’m gonna keep everything easy to
understand in this video the goal when
you’re mining is to solve some type of
complex problem or issue but these
problems can take months or years to
solve alone so this is where a mining
pool like nice hash comes into play nice
hash is gonna put together tons of
different people’s computers in order to
solve these problems quickly then they
will distribute payment in bitcoins
based on the amount of contribution each
person gave in order to mine you don’t
really need a powerful computer you just
need a very powerful graphics card
I’d recommend having a GTX 1060 and
higher or the AMD equivalent I’ll leave
a link to some dope-ass graphics cards
in a description if you have a laptop
please do not mind that laptops almost
never have powerful enough graphics
cards and when they do they don’t have
good enough cooling to not cause
permanent damage to your system if you
have a Mac don’t mine nice hash does not
offer a program for Mac’s because they
aren’t powerful enough to do it if you
have any form of Intel integrated
graphics don’t mine so please don’t ask
me in the comments if it’s good for
mining okay shut the hell up Henry let’s
get started the first thing you need to
mine bitcoins is a Bitcoin wallet
assuming you want to get paid a wallet
is how you receive payment store
bitcoins and eventually cash them out to
your bank account if you want to do so
you can use whatever wallet you want but
if you’re brand new to Bitcoin
recommend using coin base since it’s
extremely easy to set up buy and sell
bitcoins and it’s a great central place
for aetherium like coins and bitcoins
it’s just really nice having everything
in one location and you can even hook up
a real-life Visa debit card to it I will
leave a referral link in the description
for coinbase where if you buy or sell
$100 in bitcoins each of us will get an
additional free ten dollars it’s free
money next we need to get the nice hash
program on your computer go to their
official download page which I will
leave in the description go ahead and
download and install the program it’s
extremely common for anti viruses to
pick up nice hash as a threat but this
is a false positive so added exclusion
in your antivirus I promise you it’s
safe so here’s the main program the UI
is honestly beautiful let’s go ahead and
explore it first thing you’re gonna need
to do is input your Bitcoin of wallet
address here so you can get paid if you
have coinbase login go to wallets and
click receiving Bitcoin address and copy
and paste your address into nice hash
and click Save if you have another
wallet that’s not coinbase you’re gonna
have to find your address within that
program and then paste it into nice hash
go to worker this is just the name of
your device so you can identify what
device is mining it’s not required but
can you imagine if you didn’t name your
baby come on next go to configure here
are your main settings you can select
language and currency here select the
server and here which is closest to you
and this is completely personal
preference but avoid touching it at
undermining you can have nice hash only
mine we’ve computer is idle in other
word for not being used which is dank as
hell you can auto start mining when you
open the program and II just recently
introduced fan control so nice hash will
manage your GPU fans for you
I’d recommend leaving logging enabled so
if you’ve ever encountered issues you
can troubleshoot it online by providing
logs you don’t need to touch the
Advanced Settings so let’s just leave it
alone back to the main page click
hardware details and let’s optimize nice
hash to make us than those bitcoins
first decide if you want to mind with
your CPU in addition to your graphics
card if both are enabled you will get
more bitcoins since nice actually use
both devices to mine simultaneously if
you don’t want to wear out your CPU and
only use your graphics card just disable
CPU here your graphics card but most
likely do the most
work and your cpu is supplemental so
keep that in mind when you decide to use
your CPU
next click benchmark all and click
precise for a nice hash to test all the
algorithms and tell us which one will
make you the most bitcoins this will
take a very long time so be patient go
watch an apple Kino or I don’t know
maybe my guide to become anonymous
online when it’s finally done it’s going
to show your estimated bitcoins per day
you can leave these all enabled since
nice hash automatically selects the
fastest ones but I personally disabled
the absolute slowest ones and leave the
top fighter so enabled go back and you
guys are completely good to go click
start and you’re gonna start mining
Congrats you’re now a Bitcoin miner to
view how much money you have and payment
dates and all the stats and deets click
view stats online right here and here’s
the webpage for your information the
webpage is based on the Bitcoin address
provided if you change your wallet
address inside nice hash this page is
going to change as well but you can
change every other setting a nice hash
and the link who will not change that’s
gonna wrap up how to get started so you
can successfully start mining now I’m
gonna go over some things I found useful
to know from my experience mining which
no one ever told me about first mining
is extremely hard on your graphics card
so be cautious it’s your baby have your
fans blowing to keep your computer cool
to avoid long-term damage actively check
your computer temperatures to make sure
nothing is getting too hot and do keep
in mind that mining may shorten the life
of your graphics card I personally don’t
think it’s a huge deal since I play on
upgrading my graphics card every two or
three years but if you’re planning on
keeping a graphics card for a long time
more than three years money may prevent
you from doing so to treat your graphics
card better avoid mining in high
temperatures and don’t mind 24/7 I
personally mine in 12 hours a day from
around 10 p.m. to 10 a.m. so it stays
nice and cool and it doesn’t run the
entire day second after I started mining
I checked my coin based wallet address
and realized that it was different than
the one I put inside nice hash
originally I freaked out thinking all
the hours I put in the mining were Dion
but don’t be scared
you didn’t miss type your address and
lose all the bitcoins in mind coin based
changes your wallet address occasionally
and it still saves all of your previous
has a link to your account so don’t
freak out like I did it is completely
normal for that to happen just make sure
you copy and paste the correct address
the first time third realize that you’re
doing something freaking awesome
we need miners out there in order to
keep Bitcoin alive you’re one of the
first people to even know what bitcoin
is not to mention being involved and
becoming a huge part of it so don’t
forget the big picture and realize you
are giving back a tremendous amount to
the cause so good for all of you and
welcome to the awesome Bitcoin community
and that’s gonna be a wrap everybody
I hope this video helped you out and if
it did even a fig like and definitely
subscribe to the channel don’t forget to
follow me on all my social media for
channel updates and if you have any
questions feel free to leave them below
thank you all so much for watching and
have an absolutely phenomenally amazing
Lili Mauritius day