How to Make SLIME for Beginners! Best EASY Way to Make Slime!

Slime for beginners
Hey guys! Today I’ll be showing you the best, easiest way to make slime.

Video by Courtney Lundquist


hi guys today I’m going to be showing
you two easy no fail ways to make slime
for beginners I’m going to be showing
you how to make a basic fluffy slime
which i think is the most fun to play
with and also just a classic regular
slime recipe as well both are very easy
to make and these are the two most
common recipes you are going to see when
you come across slime first we’re going
to be making the classic slime so all
you need is a bottle of glue you could
double this if you want even more slime
and use two three four bottles of glue
it really just depends how much slime
you want and then we’re going to need an
activator so I’m using one cup of warm
water and about a teaspoon of borax and
stirring it together now this is the
most easy to find activator but my
personal favorite is a liquid starch
like stay flow and I think that works
really really well I find that it’s a
lot more forgiving than the borax but as
long as you’re careful this will work
just fine and it’s also going to be the
easiest for you to probably find at your
local stores so once that is completely
dissolved we can go ahead and move on to
making slime here is where you would add
in any color that you want into your
bowl if you want to use food coloring
you could just mix it into the glue
right now I’m just using lights to keep
it basic and then we’re going to go
ahead and slowly start to stir in the
borax we’re not going to use the whole
cup we only need a tiny tiny bit and you
just want to add a little bit until it
completely forms a slime if it’s too
sticky just keep adding a tiny bit at a
time until it’s no longer sticky and
then you could go in and work it in with
your hands
now on to my favorite recipe which is
the fluffy slime I think this is the
most fun to play with and I’m using an
entire bottle of glue and equal parts of
so’ming shaved foam once we’ve added the
shaving foam we’re just going to stir it
together until it’s nice and smooth this
is also where you would add any food
coloring or glitter that you want in
your slide next we’re going to slowly
mix in our activator that we made in the
first recipe and again you only need a
tiny bit of this to activate your slime
and then you slowly want to knead it
together until it is loaded longer
sticky and foamy and just slowly adding
in that activator a little bit at a time
until it’s the right consistency you can
use your fingers to touch it which I
like to do before I dig my whole hand in
to start to knead and then find out that
it’s not ready that way it kind of helps
your hand from getting messy
thank you so much for watching I hope
this helps you out I’m going to leave
some more of my slime recipes using
different ingredients in the description
box below in case you don’t have any of
these that I use there’s always a
substitute so I hope you enjoy this make
sure to subscribe for more DIYs and
slime videos and I’ll talk to you real
soon bye.
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