iPhone 6 tips and tricks

How to get the most out of your iPhone 6

Want to get started with the iPhone 6? Here are 25 tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPhone.

Video by sakitech

hello and welcome to sake tech in
today’s video I will share over 25 tips
and tricks on the iPhone 6 these tips
are a combination of hidden features new
features of the iOS 8 and some very cool
tricks that you will love whether you
already have an iPhone 6 or want to get
one this video will enhance your overall
understanding and experience of the
iPhone 6 so let’s dive right in
alright so the first tip I want to go
over is the tip that allows you to turn
your iPhone into a black and white
device so if you go into settings okay
and you just have to go under in general
and when you’re there just tap on
accessibility and from here just tap on
to grayscale tap this button that’s
going to turn on the feature and once
you go out everything in your phone is
now black and white okay not only is
does this look cool it allows you to
preserve your battery as well now if you
go back into settings and just turn it
off you’re going to go back to your
colorful days alright and the next
feature I want to go over is if you look
at your Notification Center you can see
that it’s transparent in the background
so everything that is in the background
is going to show through this
notifications center over here and
you’re going to get that sense of
translucency and the same applies to the
control center now what you can do is
you can actually turn the color of your
Notification Center to a solid black and
solid white on the control center so
what you do is you go to settings you go
into general accessibility and then from
here look for the increased contrast
option just tap that click reduce
transparency go back out pull down the
notification center now you’ve got a
solid black and also on the control
center what you have is you get a solid
white it is not a complete solid white
but you do not get that translucency
anymore already and of course if you
want to turn the transparency back on
just tap this
to close the option and now you’re back
in business alright the next step how to
get detailed battery usage breakdown so
if you go into your settings and if you
go into general under usage you have a
lot of options okay the first one is the
battery usage so if you tap this guy so
what happens here is you get full
details on how your battery is being
consumed so as you can see I’ve been
using a lot of YouTube application so
that has been using 13% of my battery so
far the app store the same same story
I’ve been using that a lot and also I’ve
been using the home screen a lot okay so
the first thing we go into is the home
screen so that usually will have the
highest usage statistics now the other
cool thing is here you can calculate how
long your battery lasts by looking at
this screen it says times since last
full charge so fully charge your iPhone
and then use your iPhone all the way
till your battery drains then come back
and look at these two numbers so you’re
going to get usage numbers so that is
how long your your phone was good for on
a single charge and this is just a
standby time so if you put your phone
aside your phone has a total 10 hours
standby time capacity already but the
important part is the usage part so this
is a fantastic way to keep track of your
battery usage now the other thing I want
to show you here really quick an
additional tip is if you want to see the
battery percentage on the top here just
tap battery percentage over here and
that’s going to change the view to the
percentage symbol and the battery symbol
on the top okay so look at the top over
here press this and the percentage is
gone if you press it again the
percentage comes right back up
so that might be easier for some of you
guys to know how much battery is left
over alright so another little-known tip
is if you go into your notes application
and this is a brand new feature in iOS 8
if you go into any of your notes and if
you tap and hold on the white space it
now allows you to insert a photo into
your notes so if I click insert photo
it’s going to take me to the photos
application and from here I can go to
we added photos and just tap a photo and
just click choose and that’s going to
send that photo directly into my notes
application this is actually a nice
feature because it enhances the use of
the notes application alrighty
alright so the next feature I’m going to
talk about is the messages application
so if you get a message while you’re
doing something what happens is you get
a notification pop up on the top of your
phone or in the middle ok I have it set
up to the top so let me send myself a
test message and see how it looks
alright so that when that happens what
you can do is you can pull this down and
you can type your response right here
okay and you can click send and that
will send a message without you having
to go into the messages application now
let me do one more thing I wanna show
you another trick here so if somebody
says your message and you get that
notification if you simply tap on this
it will take you straight into your
messages application and finally just so
you guys know exactly what you can do if
you go into settings and if you go into
notifications and if you tap on messages
and you can do this for any app you can
change the type of notification you
receive from something that slides from
the top to something that pops in the
middle of your screen by using these
options so let’s go for alert type
notifications go back and back out send
myself another message over here and
this time you will be getting this
notification window in the middle and
you can reply on the spot by typing
reply and then just sending your message
back to the person so you still don’t
have to launch your messages application
you can just respond whether the
notifications on the top here or in the
middle of the screen right here alright
so the next tip is if you go into
settings as you can see everything is
white ok so what if you want a different
menu color that is actually possible it
comes at a price but let me show you how
it looks like so if you go into general
at the bottom here somewhere over here
right there I’m sorry not the bottom the
top here it says invert colors the
moment you tap this everything goes
negative so the whole scheme of your
iPhone turns into negative colors so if
you go back out you will see this so
this is all negated colors if you want
to fix it you go back to settings you
turn off invert colors and now you got
the whiteness back alright so another
feature that I personally like using is
if you go into settings okay so let’s go
back out to the main menu and from here
go into control center and from the
control center you have two options the
one of them is access on lock screen so
if I turn this off and I go back into
the lock screen oops I do not have
access to that control center if I turn
that option off okay so let me go back
in so if I turn this on then I will get
this control center in the lock screen
so this might be good for privacy if you
don’t want people accessing your control
center and you know turning on the light
you can turn this off so the other thing
is access within apps so let’s say
you’re playing a game and you were
swiping from the bottom to top by
mistake what happens is the game pauses
and the control center pops right up if
you don’t want that happening turn this
off and now any time you are within an
application like the app store the
control center is not going to work okay
so let me go back to the settings turn
this on now if you go back to other app
the control center will work so you can
restrict access to the control center
all right so the next few tips I have to
do with your camera so if you go into
your camera and if you go into the video
mode and you can record a video their
video is recorded at 1080p at 30 frame
rates per second so as you know the
iPhone 6 comes to the feature where you
can record videos at 60 frame rates per
second so if you want to do that what
you want to do also I just want to look
I want you to notice one more thing
because I’m going to combine
two tips together there is no grid on
the screen so if you go to take a photo
you don’t get that grid so I’m going to
show you how to add that grid and to
record at 60 frame rates per second so
if you go out so what you want to do is
you want to go to settings okay and you
want to scroll down to where it says
photos and camera if you tap it and
scroll down again here’s the two options
that you need grid and record video at
60 frame rates per second okay so if you
tap this the video will now be recorded
at 60fps and then if you tap this on you
will in fact get a grid so let’s go back
here and as you can see now if you go to
take a photo you will get that grid
looks like you do not get a grid on the
video anyway okay but for the photo
taking photo application to take photos
you will need the grid but that’s how
you turn the grid on and that’s how you
get that 60 frame rates per second
another quick tip if you go into Safari
and if you’re scrolling all the way down
on a website let’s say you went all the
way down instead of scrolling all the
way back up all you got to do is you got
to tap the status bar on the top here
twice you tap it goes right back up
instantaneously so one more tip I want
to share this is probably one of the
tips that a lot of people know but then
there’s also a lot of other people don’t
know it is a very obvious tip if you go
into anywhere let’s just go somewhere
here over here
to go back usually you have to press the
button here that takes you back but you
don’t have to what you can do is you can
simply slide backwards okay so you can
slide all the way back to the main menu
you can do this on Safari you can do
this in the settings and probably any
other app that allows you to go into
menus just like this so just swipe right
back and I’m sure you guys know that you
can record slow-motion videos with your
iPhone so if you tap the camera icon and
you go to the slow-motion video recorder
simply tap this number here that says
240 frames per second and it’s going to
change your option to 120 fps so you can
switch between 240 and 120 right here
so 240 can record even slower videos
than the 120 option and in other tip I
want to share with you guys has to do
with your photos application I’m sure
you know this already but if you go into
a photo if you pull any photo up and you
click Edit you do get a whole slew of
options here so obviously can crop the
photo and whatever right but the one
thing I’m going to show you guys is if
you click Edit and if you go to one of
these settings here so this is the you
can pick any effect here and you can
apply to your phone but this is the big
one over here at the at the far right if
you tap this guy you can change the
light the color and the black and white
balance but another thing you can do is
you can tap this icon and that gives you
some details up detailed options for
each of the bigger menus so you got
black and white if you tap this you get
the subset menu right here okay and then
you’ve got the color menu if you tap
this you get the subset of the color
menu so you can do some individual
tweaking to very specific parameters so
let me just show you something is if you
tap highlights you can change the
highlights okay so the highlights have
been changed a little bit click done and
it saves that information again tap that
press this down icon it’s going to give
you a subset menu for that given main
menu alright so another tip for the
messages application if you go into
messages unless you’re messing with
somebody and what you can do is you can
press and hold that icon over there to
record a voice message now this won’t
let you know as soon as you press it and
hold it it starts to record so let me
show you press and hold it is in fact
recording right now let it go it pauses
so you can replay it if you want you can
delete it by pressing that X button or
if you press that up button it will just
send that voice message over so let me
do that one more time
check check check okay so if you press
this it will send it over
check check check if you click X it
deletes that voice message and that
allows you to cancel a voice message you
do not want going over to the other
person now here’s the other tip just to
make your life easier let’s say you’re
in Safari and you’re browsing a website
and you want to use this website over
and over such as Google alright so what
you want to do is you want to tap this
button at the bottom middle and just
simply click Add to Home screen so what
that happens at that let’s rename this
real quick so that’s a that’s a fine
name so click Add so what that does is it
sends a link to that website in the
forum of a icon on your home screen
which is this guy right here so every
time I tap this it will take me straight
to Google on Safari
ok so let’s so let me show you one more
thing here so let’s go to and
do the same exact thing
as you can see Amazon shows up on your
home screen it looks nice as well the
icon actually has Amazon’s symbol on it
but the other other thing you can do is
you can create a folder and throw all
these Quick Links into that folder so
create a folder and then just type in
bookmarks okay so now you have quick
access bookmarks right from your home
screen to take you to the websites that
you use a lot alright so the next tip
allows you to change your text size the
font size on your phone so if you go
into settings okay and if you go to
display and brightness you got two
options the first one is you can change
the text size of your phone so if I tap
this I can use the slider to minimize
the size of the text or maximize it okay
so if you go back over here you can also
bold in the text so everything here is
regular typed if you tap this it is
going to transform all the text on your
phone into bold such as this up here see
how it says display and brightness
that’s in bold so everything is going to
turn into bold but you’re going to have
to restart your phone which I’m not
going to do right now
but just remember it’s going to look
just like this where it says display and
darkness on the top brightness I mean
now the next feature has to do with
security so let’s say you give your
phone to a friend or a family member and
they just start clicking applications
that you don’t want them to go into what
you can do is you can actually hide
certain applications from people so they
can never access them so what you want
to do is you want to go to settings okay
so under general so you go to settings
you tap on general and under
restrictions you tap this and the first
time you enable these guys you’re going
to have to set a password this is a
different password than what you use to
log into your phone in the beginning on
the lock screen so let’s just do 1 1 1 1
1 1 1 1 1 1 and now what you can do is
let’s say you don’t want the camera
application to be accessible to anybody
turn it off
ok you can also turn off Safari you can
turn off see
so nobody can use Siri if you don’t want
them to and everything here can be
changed okay there’s a lot of options
here you can go through here to enable
restrictions and you can also tap here
you can allow people not to change
anything on your account information
accounts like mail accounts Gmail
accounts contacts calendars so you can
restrict complete access to a lot of
things but let me show you this in a
real example
so we disable these guys so if I go back
out the Safari application that was
sitting at the bottom here is not there
it is hidden so is the camera
application this is a rather good
feature so if you go back into settings
go back into restrictions just going to
ask you for a password every time you
try to enter this mode you put that
password you picked and then you can
turn them right back on okay and now if
you go back out safaris we’re supposed
to be answers the camera application
there’s also one more tip I want to
share with you guys in the restrictions
tab so if you go back into restriction
that I should just show you guys and if
you scroll down under here you’ll say
installing apps if you turn this off
okay the iTunes Store the App Store
actually disappears so nobody can go now
if they’re playing with your phone and
accidentally start buying applications
which actually is something a lot of
people have complained about they never
want to buy an app but their friend or
their kid or their brother will go and
buy an app and that’s going to cost them
money it’s going to cost you money and
you never actually have it authorized
okay so let me go back into settings
restrictions I want to buy apps so I’m
going to turn that on so I can in fact
buy apps you can also prevent people
from deleting apps and you can prevent
people from purchasing applications in
app so there’s some apps that allow you
to purchase stuff directly from the
application itself it could be a big
waste of money so you can disable that
right here okay so these three options
here are very very important just be
aware of these guys okay so the next tip
I want to share has to do with the
keyboard application so if you go into
messages and you can go anywhere I’m
just going to use a keyboard and there
is something that is hidden here that
you probably don’t know about let me
type in O and W as you can see one of
the suggestions says on my way so that
is not predictive typing that is
actually suggesting the expansion of
this abbreviation so what I want to tell
you guys is you can create your own
abbreviations so if you go into settings
okay and go into well general right here
scroll down towards keyboard tap it and
just go to shortcuts right here and from
here you can basically create your own
shortcut so let me click plus over here
and the thing that you want to type the
phrase pick the phrase first so let’s
say ASD bla bla bla bla bla bla
okay so I’m going to type in a D F I’m
using the first character from the first
from the war each word okay so if I
click save and I go out go back into
messages and I type in a D F I will get
that suggestion that I specifically put
into the phone so you can use this for
things like oMG oh my god and stuff like
that alright so that brings us to the
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