How To Impress The Girl You Like

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Impressing a girl is not as easy at it looks. Before flirting with girl you, you must be ready.

1: You have to build your social life.  Make your self interesting and fill your time with interesting hobbies and things you are passionate about.  This is important, because once you do get the girl and you have nothing to offer, she will get bored.

2: You need to focus on your style.  You don’t want to overdress or come across over the top.  It will just make her uncomfortable.  All you need to do is just to make sure your clothes fits right and in are style.  For jewelry, never wear something too feminine.  But a simple neckless could go a long way.

3: “Benjamin Franklin Effect”. People will like you a bit more after they have done you a favor.  So ask a girl you like for a favor and if she does it, she will like you a bit more.  That’s the Benjamin Franklin Effect.  This should be a small favor like asking a her for a piece of gum.

4: Once you’ve talked to her at least once, it’s time to start building the relationship.  Start talking to her everyday and make your intentions clear.  Try to slip in one sincere compliment to let her know that you want more than just a regular friendship.

5: When you know that you are at that peak, Go M.I.A for a couple of days. Women love attention and when you don’t make yourself constantly available to her, it will make her want you more. This will make you seem more interesting to her than a guy who is always available to her.

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