How To Write A Check

How to fill out a check

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Writing a check is still very much a monthly routine.  So how do we fill out a check?

Step 1: Get a pen.  They are permanent.  No one can alter it easily like they could if you use a pencil.

Step 2: Write who the check is to in the pay to section.  Write the amount underneath that in words and use numbers to write the amount in the box with the dollar sign.

Step 3: In the memo line, you can write what the check is for.

Step 4: Sign and date the check and you’re all set.

Video by Growella

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So you have to write a paper check first get a pen pens are permanently so it makes for good security now write out who the check is to next in dollars sense right the amount for your check in the box

Pro tip: if you’re writing for an even dollar amount like $100 use a – instead of zero zero you don’t want somebody changing your check amount later next use this line to spell out the check amount in words it has to look just like this with the cents over 100 if you don’t need the whole line draw a long – to keep those three types from adding extra words towards written here’s the memo line it’s a handy way to mark what the check is for use it if you want or not it’s whatever

Finally date your check with today’s date and sign it with your signature now you check is worth real nice make a note of the money you’ve spent in your checkbook remember the money is still in your account until the check is deposited but it now belongs to someone else.

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