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How to whiten your teeth at home-DIY teeth whitening

DIY teeth whitening

There are many ways to whiten your teeth in the comforts of your home, but if you are looking for the safest and most effective way to brighten your smile, you can try this tutorial on how to whiten your teeth at home for less than $10.

1. Brush your teeth and rinse mouth with water

2. Fill a mug or bowl with hot boiling water and hold the mouthguard by submerging it in the hot water for just 2-3 seconds. Remove the mouthguard from the hot water, place the mouth guard over your teeth and suck out the air.

3. Use your fingers to firmly mould the mouth guard and gently bite down to ensure your mouth guard is perfectly molded to your teeth. Once you’re happy, place the mouthguard in cold water to ensure the shape holds.

4. Using whitening products like Plus White 5 Minute Premier Teeth Whitening System, squeeze a small continuous line of plus white speed whitening gel into both sides of the mouth tray and carefully insert it into your mouth. Position the mouth tray over your teeth and bite down very gently. Leave in for 5 minutes to whiten your teeth.

Note: For badly stained or yellow teeth, allow 15-20 minutes.

5. After desired time is reached, remove mouth tray and rinse mouth several times with cool water, thoroughly flushing any remaining gel from mouth and gum area.

6. For the rinse solution, mix one part (at least a teaspoon) of the concentrated StainGuard post rinse with 2 parts water. Swish in mouth for 15-20 seconds and rinse out.

Video by Kandee Johnson

hi guys it’s candy and I’m going to show
you how to make your own tooth whitening
trays at home and how to whiten your teeth for less
than ten dollars celebrities and people
pay thousands of dollars for teeth
whitening. I’m going to show you how you
can do it at home for super cheap I used
to work at an orthodontist many many
years ago and I used to help make the
teeth whitening trays and it would cost
people hundreds of dollars but I’m gonna
show you guys how you can do it I just
get these Wilson football mouth guards
at Walmart they’re like 97 cents so
first I’m gonna show you how I make the
teeth whitening trays and then I’m gonna
show you how I apply the tooth whitener
to my teeth step 1 fill a mug or bowl
full of water but in the my top half of one to two
minutes you just want it to be like
boiling water be very careful taking it
out I’m gonna use my sweater to grab on
to the handle then you’re just gonna
take your mouth guard and you’re gonna
dunk it into the water and with your
spoon you’re gonna hold it underneath
the water you’re gonna notice it’s gonna
get kind of wobbly and bindhi it might
even shrink up a bit as soon as it
starts to do that it’s ready to take out
if it doesn’t get wobbly and bendy
enough your water needs to be hotter and
then just try to get it down once you’ve
taken it off place it on your teeth the
front are for you right there and then
suck all around inside and squeeze suck
up and push with it your tongue like
this and then push it with your teeth so
it forms all around your gum line in the
shape of each tooth now if it didn’t get
hot enough try it again in hotter water
you want to make sure this is really
gummy and flimsy and now you can see it
has the same shape of my teeth then you
can just cut the excess edges away and
if it sticks out too far in the back you
can cut the back end of these off now
let’s get to whitening and this is just
the plus white tooth whitening system I
got this at Walmart
I’ve been using this since I was 16
years old and if the tooth whitening
system I’ve used the longest I’ve tried
all kinds other things but this is cheap
and it’s even cheaper if you just buy
the two if you don’t buy this whole set
so step one you’re going to brush and
floss your teeth you want to make sure
that you remove all traces of plaque
from your teeth so the whitening product
really getting there and lift up those
stains and yellowness this isn’t it
it comes with this horrible little mouse
guard thing you can’t melt your shape so
I just can’t throw that away it also
comes with this little wrist that you
can use afterwards so this is a little
tooth whitening tube which you can buy
individually – and what I do is I will
either apply it straight to the tube
onto my teeth like this you want to make
sure you squeeze it into all the cracks
crevices and spaces of your teeth or you
can also apply it directly to your teeth
make sure your precedent – all the
cracks crevices and spaces of your teeth
as many coats as necessary – all your
teeth are covered then you’re gonna put
the whitening tray we just made into
your mouth leave it in for five minutes
and then take it out I like to take my
toothbrush and get a really excess
whitening product so it doesn’t dry and
harden in there now for the rinse
solution it’s a solution of 1 to 2 so 1
teaspoon of there is 2 teaspoons of
water swirl it around in your fancy
goblet then just roll around for 15 to
20 seconds and that’s why you need a
couple of football mouth guards and some
plus white gel and then the frequency of
this if you have really badly stained or
yellow teeth you can leave it on 15 to
20 minutes where the standard is just 5
minutes just to do regular whitening I
like to do it when I’m in the shower
because you don’t want to swallow it and
sometimes when it seeps out I just like
to spit it out in the shower if you take
really long showers that may not be a
good option for you is you can do it
every few days at first make sure
there’s no tooth sensitivity I pretty
much like to do it once a week or once a
month now just to touch up the whiteness
and brightness in my smile and this is
the long-standing true and true tooth
whitening system I have used for years
now if the other braces you want to wait
until you’ve gotten your braces off and
then you whiten your teeth or so just
wait till they’re all beautifully
straight and then whiten away also the
field crowns or veneers this is only
meant to lighten natural tooth enamel so
it won’t lighten a crown or veneer I’m
gonna show you my receipt
there is the mouthguard 97 cents the
plus white was 797 but there was a
coupon on the box for $1 off so together
my total was 857 saving you dollars
making it look good
you guys next video cuba cubs from my
house to yours and maybe with your new
brighter smile you want to smile a lot
more people because you never know the
difference that one little smile can
make in somebody’s days just to give you
an example I remember in just the days
after my dad died some truck driver just
gave a huge smile at me when I was going
for a walk down the side of the road and
he’ll never know what that smile filled
with joy meant to my heart so so just go
out there and smile as much as you can
with the world because you never know
what hurting isn’t somebody’s heart that
they’re not showing you this your smile
can be normal to them so I’ll see you
guys in the next video bye look at 10
bucks you’re gonna have the white teeth
around hi whoa yeah
did you give Jordan some of those chippy