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Snapchat has been one of the most popular messaging app for a long time. Unlike other messaging app, this one provides a convenient and fun way to send photos and videos without eating up your phone’s memory.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to use Snapchat.

Download and install the app from the App Store or Google Play. If you already have the app installed on your phone, make sure it’s updated.

Once it’s installed, open the app. You’ll have the option to login with an existing account or create a new one.

The Camera Screen is the main screen on Snapchat. Tap the white circle to take a picture and tap or hold it to take video that can be up to 10 seconds. You can see 3 different controls at the top right of the camera screen. Starting from the right, your options are night mode, toggle flash and switch between front and rear-facing camera.

Tapping anywhere on the screen brings up the filter menu. If you are using the front-facing camera, you can apply fun live filters by tapping on your face. Once you have your picture/video, you’ll have another set of options.

These options allow you to modify your picture by adding texts, drawings or adding stickers. At the bottom left, there is a download arrow if you wish to save the images. Lastly, there’s a blue arrow which takes you to your list of friends to choose who to send the image to.

Note: Snaps sent to specific persons will disappear once viewed by the recipient.

The Stories Screen can be accessed by swiping to the right where you will be able to find various stories from your friends, as well as, some branded content.

Swipe left to get to the messages screen where you go to view new snaps. The icon next to your contact’s name will tell you what kind of message it is. Red means picture, purple means video, and blue means text.

NOTE: If you don’t want your conversations in Snapchat to disappear, just tap and hold on a chat bubble and save it for later. To open the saved conversations, scroll up and you can view it.

Swipe up to go to your profile. Here, you can add friends, accept or deny requests and browse your friend’s list.

Save all your snaps to Memories. The Memories Screen can be found by swiping down from the Snapchat camera.

Video by BreakTheInternet

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hey what is going on everybody Aaron
here from Brite theater and welcome back
to another snapchat video today on the
channel and today guys we’re gonna be
taking a few steps back and looking at
the most basic most raw form of snapchat
and that’s why this video today is
called how to use snapchat so on my
channel if you’ve looked at some of the
videos if you can either subscribe
yesterday from the subscriber for a long
time you know that it’s a lot of
in-depth stuff tips tricks and secrets
on really just tips that you wouldn’t
really know unless you either watch my
videos or if you kind of spend some time
by yourself with snapchat so this is
going to be for those of you that either
download the application today or within
the past couple days and you have no
idea what you’re doing so without
further ado let’s get right on into it
and how do we use this thing on our
phone called snapchat alrighty guys so
we’re going to move on over to the phone
section of today’s video and this is
going to be everything you need to know
about snapchat for the first day or the
first couple of days you are using it
now after watching this video you want
to see a little bit more advanced tips
and tricks I’m gonna leave three videos
down in the description below we’re just
gonna bring you to three separate videos
of five or more tips and tricks on those
which are kind of hidden features within
snapchat which is going to help you out
and look like a snapchat got in front of
your friends just sayin so anyway guys
moving right into that this is going to
be the first screen that you see within
snapchat when you open it up also keep
in mind you’re going to get tutorials
from snapchat itself we’re little text
bubbles telling you how to do separate
things and if that didn’t work for you
then of course that’s probably why
you’re on this video so looking at the
main screen you must know that we can do
two of one of two things to navigate
within snapchat you can use them either
swipe to each thing which is going to
swipe to your inbox to your stories or
down to your main control center or you
can also just click each of the buttons
and go to the screens that way now we’re
going to go through each and every one
of these buttons that are on screen
right here top left is going to be your
toggle on and off flash so turning on
and off your flash this little button a
little goes up here like I said is going
to bring you to that top section once
again we’ll go over that in just a
second and also this button at the top
right is going to switch to your front
and back facing camera and also just a
quick tip you can actually double tap on
your screen to do the same thing but
keep in mind not everything that I do on
here is going to be exactly the same or
work exactly the same as on Android so
just keep in mind I don’t have an
Android devices as an Iowa
of course iPhone 6s plus so down here
we’re going to see this little story
icon here which brings you to all your
friends stories snapchat stories or also
down here the bottom left we’re going to
go and bring you to your inbox now going
to this we’re going to look at
everything on this screen and we already
looked at everything but this little
button down here what does this do well
this is the magic button of snapchat
which is going to if you click it one
time it’s going to take a picture and if
you hold down on it it is going to then
record a video for up to 10 seconds now
having a video on here and once you take
a picture or video you’re going to be
the shoulder with a lot of other
different controls down here bottom left
is going to mute the sound on your snap
so if you click that and it has a little
line through it then there will be no
sound on that snap the next one is going
to be the Save icon which is going to
save either a video or a picture
directly to your camera roll or also
clicking this next one it was going to
apply it directly to your snapchat story
I’m not going to do it because I don’t
want a chair on my snapchat story at the
moment this current moment in time also
the top right is going to be your
customization which is going to be the
first one is going to be different
stickers so you can put up to as many of
these as you want you can pinch you can
zoom you can turn it around you can do
all different things with these and you
can add as many as you want on the
screen deleting this is just as simple
by grabbing it and bring it up to a
little trashcan and throwing it away
just like that text icon is next which
is going to be something pretty cool in
here you can say hello YouTube and you
can drag this up and down move to
wherever you want but further
customization is just a click away by
clicking the T once again and making it
big and the same thing with the stickers
you can make this big small by just
pinching it zooming it and doing a bunch
of things like that but also you can see
the text is off-center not everyone
likes that so you can actually click the
T once again and now it is centered text
to customize this even more you can then
once it’s in the big version you can
touch it and then move it to whatever
color you want all right here on the
camera roll or the color wheel and then
of course you can move it around and
make it big like you want to and
wherever you want to put it last little
kind a little form of customization will
be this little pen icon right here which
is going to allow you to draw all over
the screen and then the same thing with
a little color wheel over here you can
pick and drag to whatever color you want
that’s over here
now also the thing that you can do here
that a lot of people really like
snapchat for is the different filters so
we can swipe left or right to go to the
different filters there’s color filters
there’s the geotags which shows you
where you are there’s the reverse the
fast motion the super fast motion the
snail as well as the time the
temperature and the speed so you can go
and have fun with those customize
everything that you want to within this
now also the last thing you need to know
about the screen is a little button
right down here which is going to be the
send icon which once you click it you
can either add it to your story like
this or you can send it to whomever
you’d like within your friends list now
the only thing that’s a little bit
different would be when you take a
picture you get a little bit of the
different controls of course the only
one that’s going to be different is this
one down here which is a timer which
allows you to pick how long you actually
are going to or the other person is
going to be able to look at the snap so
you can either do one test one second up
to 10 seconds of viewing that picture
now that’s pretty much it from this
screen right here if we move over to the
left we’re going to go and see your
inbox screen so this is all the
snapchats that I have right now and
there’s three colors that you need to
remember purple red and blue purple is
going to be anything involving a video
red is going to be anything involving a
regular regular picture and blue is
going to be everything involving text or
the chat icon or whatever it may be so
on here there’s also a couple other
things you need to look at is to see if
they are either a a solid color or if
there are more of a little outline like
this an outline circle is going to mean
that you set or they sent you something
any viewed it and the dark circle is
going to mean that they’ve sent you
something and that you haven’t opened it
just yet with the the triangles the
sideways triangles are going to be the
send one so if you have one just like
this I sent a text to opera americano
she opened it but she hasn’t replied
just yet same thing with these of course
or I talked about those I’m just trying
to find different examples of different
ones so it’s kind of just you have to
look at it and and go through them and
kind of just get the feeling for it to
know exactly what each of these mean but
just keep in mind that anything that
solid hasn’t been viewed yet and
anything that has a little outline just
like this is something that you may have
open or the other person may have opened
now moving on over to the right
we’re going to go and see our different
stories so these are the recent updates
and you can click on one and see the
different stories from the different
people that either you’re friends with
or that you have added on snapchat also
if you move over to your right one more
time we’re going to get the discover
section which is going to be I’m not my
biggest favorite thing about snapchat
but these are just different things put
on by different brands that you can go
ahead and watch by going to ESPN or
going to the different ones on there and
also you can scroll through them up here
if you want to don’t want to go all the
way to the right to get to that one now
we’ve pretty much gone through
everything as far as people sending you
stuff as far as taking a picture as far
as looking at the different stories the
only thing we haven’t really looked at
is going to be up here which is one of
your main control centers I’m within
snapchat so up here at the left you can
go and see a little tutorial and this is
how you take pictures of different
people’s barcodes you just go over it
and then you take a picture of it which
I’m talking about is right here so this
right here is a boo R code which is
going to be pretty much a code of your
snapchat itself so this is completely
original to you nobody else has your
same code and then it’s just it’s really
cool how they have that ad in here
what’s basically people can scan you to
find you on snapchat also down here you
can see that aired FPS and then break
the internet that is going to be what
people see when they look at my snapchat
and if you click that you can see you
can edit that the only thing you can’t
change is little name underneath it
which is Aaron fps and that is a
one-time thing when you make your
account it tells you that you can’t
change that name and that will always
stay the same also down here you can go
to the added me which is these are the
people that have added me you can go to
the add friends which is gonna give you
four different options that you can add
friends you can actually add by username
by searching someone’s username you can
add from address book which is going to
connect to your phone and that is going
to take the different people’s phone
numbers and if they’ve applied their
phone number to their snapchat it will
just kind of bring it all up in there so
it can make kind of like cross-promotion
almost i mad by snap code is going to
open up your pictures so if you’ve
screen shot at somebody’s snap code then
you can actually add them by that and
also you can add nearby this is a little
bit different just because you you have
to believe and then once you were next
to each other you both turn this on and
then you can add each other that way but
I don’t know why you wouldn’t just use
the bar code
for that but of course that is that hair
and then up here you’re going to go
ahead and get your trophies and these
are all the ones that I have right now
I’m only missing this one down here that
is for the take a picture of over 100
degrees which isn’t going to happen for
a while because it is wintertime so
going through everything on here that is
pretty much the basics within snapchat
and like I said a lot of the other
videos that I have on my channel are
going to go more into depth on the
things that you need to know so up here
is going to be the settings I’m not
actually going to go into there right
now because I have my phone number right
in there and my email address and stuff
I don’t want to kind of flash that to
you guys um but we can go ahead and go
into more in-depth anyway this kind of
just a video to do the basics and show
you guys how to go around navigate your
snapchat and use some of the basic
features so guys I hope you did enjoy
this video for those of you that have
been subscribed for a while I know you
don’t really need this video because
I’ve had enough videos out to make you
guys pretty much pros about snapchat but
I wanted to make this video to make sure
that everybody that has either
downloading it today within the past
couple days has no idea what they’re
doing to go ahead and get them familiar
with the application so you guys I hope
you did enjoy this video if you did
don’t forget to leave a like also you
can go and click any of the links that
are on screen the previous video the
previous video on my second channel as
well as subscribing if you’re new and
you enjoyed this kind of content and
learning everything you need to know
about snapchat so what are you guys like
I said my name is Aaron from break the
Internet I hope you enjoyed the rest of
your day like I said this is your number
one stop shop for everything you need to
know about snapchat tips tricks updates
and all that good stuff and of course
guys hope you enjoy the rest of your day
don’t forget a comment rate and
subscribe and I’ll see you guys next


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