How to use Google forms for beginners-Google forms tutorial

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How to use Google forms for beginners

Google forms makes creating forms of any kind from quizzes, to surveys, job application and party invites, so easy.

In this video, I’ll show you how to set one up from scratch and all the options you need to know to share them and get answers to your questions. See more videos on Google.

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Hey everyone. In this video, I’m gonna show you how you could use the new Google Form from start to finish, so first let me show you how to get to the Google Forms.

I basically went to and look for forms, and then it will take you to the Google suite right here And forms as the last one, the one in purple, so it’ll basically take you to this URL And you have to say go to Google Forms, and it will take you to Google Forms And this is what it looks like. You do have to make sure you’re signed in to Google so once you’re signed in you should See this page and from this page You could use a new document, so blank document, blank form or you could use some of the templates that I already have here And if you press this you’ll see a lot more options.

So what Google form is it’s a place where you could create a form and share it via Facebook, Via email, embedded on a website and get answers to your questions. So your questions could be an RSVP or a party invite that could be a quiz if you’re an educator There could be a job application Really anything where you could provide a question and you’re looking for an answer. Google Form is a perfect free option that comes with Google suite, and I want to show you how to create one from scratch Right here, so go to the blank one if you don’t see one that fits your need on that Templates, you could just create a new one.

Here’s a blank one for blank quizzes, but I’ll just do a blank one from scratch That’s the first option, and this is your Google Form the first time you come here is gonna Ask you to take a tour so you could take a tour But let me show you how to set one up so the first thing you want to do is create a title. If I want to do a customer survey and see if my customers are happy with my service, and then let’s put the description and The first question is are you happy with our service?

Let’s say I’m using this for a business so since I basically asked the yes-or-no question it’s suggesting to me for the options to add all these yes No, or maybe so I’ll say at all or I could have done those individually let me just go ahead and delete these if I didn’t want to do these to show you the other option so Option one this would be option one. Yes, I could individually do it Say add option, option two is no and then option Three is maybe just like the options it gave me so now I have three options here And if I want to change it from multiple choice I do have other options like drop-down or checkbox. Checkbox for example is gonna Make it look like this or drop-down is gonna.

Make it look like this but for this video I think multiple choice is the best option and I’m done with my first question But now if I wanted to add a second question I’ll have to go here on the side and press the plus sign here and that will give me a second question. So then I could add a second question, and I could add my options here, and I have three options I recommend having three to four options here, but there is really no limit on the number of options You can add so you could have many options so in this case It’s a yes-or-no so that makes sense to have these three options but you could add as many options as you want to these questions and Now one of the options.

I really like is being able to make and answered a required answer So if you press that this question is gonna be a required question before you could add Another question and move on in the quiz where the people taking the quiz so let me turn that off And if you want to duplicate a question or delete it this is delete This is duplicate if you have a lot of text here this might be a good way to duplicate and then Not having to start from scratch, and then on the side here. You could add images you could add videos Let me go ahead and add an image here. You could upload an image You could take a snapshot you could take it from your Google Drive Let me just go ahead and upload one And it’s gonna go with this question here, and I could title that image and YouTube videos here You could add that and add a URL or a YouTube video here, and the other option is to create another section Let’s say the first part is all about what the customer is thinking about your service and the second part is all about the improvement so press that add a Section so now has created a section one, and if you scroll down.

There’s a section two so I could call this second section and Then I could add questions to that section so this could be question one and so on so now if you wanted to even Customize them more you would come up here And this color palette would give you some more options and changing the color so if you didn’t like the purple color you could change it to any color you like and Let’s say you didn’t like any of these colors.

You could choose the icon on the bottom, and it will let you pick from some of these illustrations and pictures Or you could do your own custom photo so in this case I was doing working school so I could scroll down and see which one fits best so maybe this one and I could just select that and I would have a new look to my survey Next after customizing it you could do a preview so the second icon is preview And it will show what other people are gonna see when they click on your quiz this is what it looks like so let me just go through this so I’ll say yes video next and it should take me to the second question, and I’ll press submit and I’m gonna come back to Google Forms here And let me just open my untitled form again And I did it a couple of times when I was testing it out;

So this is what it looks like when you get responses from other people, it’s gonna give you a summary or you could look at individual surveys and see exactly what their survey look like or your quiz or whatever your form may be and Up here on their settings I could just change some of the settings here so if I was doing a quiz I could just make this into a quiz and change some of these settings here if I was a teacher this was a great way to make a quiz and I could either grade it or write after submission. I could give him the quiz score And you could use it for presentation as well and show a progress bar off how much of the form is left I’m gonna just press save here and once everything is complete.

The next step is just pressing send And these are the options you have in sending this to people to get a response to your forum Survey quiz or whatever your forum may be so you could either email it you could just put multiple email addresses here Subject line message, just like any other email Or you could go here to the link and take this link and share it on Facebook There’s also social shares here Twitter Facebook Google+. I just like to take it from here You could even shorten it with Google URL shortener and just take this and put it on Facebook or Twitter or any social media Platform and if you want it on your website there’s an embed code here So this is a great way to use it on your website to get answers from your customers for example.

So I was thinking about using this one that I’m gonna complete here to put on my website to get a survey from my current customers and That’s basically how you share Google Docs so now if I go back to the main page in Google form I could see this form and I could create folders if I had a lot of forints building up and Again make sure you look at the template because some of these like this party invite here It’s a lot easier to start with these kind of templates than creating your own so here You could just easily move these things around if you want to so if I wanted this to be number one I could move it around and I could easily edit any of these questions or options or the way It’s laid out and I could customize.

It just like a blank form. I hope this video was helpful Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for a lot more tech tutorials and a lot lot more Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you on the next video.


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