How to train for a 5k

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How To Run A Sub 20 Min 5K-train for a 5k

Train for a 5k…It may not be a common goal for many of you, but aiming to break the 20-minute barrier for 5k requires a certain method of training.  It will require a higher intensity and intensive endurance.

You can train for a 5K using a simple speed workout progression. This 5k training plan builds on itself week by week.  

In order to achieve a sub 20 minute 5k run, you will need to be able to run just under a target race pace of 6:25 minutes per mile pace for the full 3.1 mile distance.

Week 1:
(5-6) 800m with 200m slow jog in between

Week 2:
(6) 800m with 200m faster jog in between

Week 3:
6 800m with 100m slow jog in between

Week 4:
6 800m with 100m faster jog in between

This workout plan will help maximize your endurance during the next couple of months.

Video by The Run Experience
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How to train for a 5k.
what’s up guys today we’re talking about
how to run a sub 20 minute 5k we’re
going to look a little underneath the
hood in terms of what are the
physiological demands will kind of run
or do we need to be what type of
workouts do we need to do and then I’m
also going to give you a specific race
specific pace specific workup that’s
going to help you get under those 20
minutes so we talked about breaking down
this 5k and getting under 20 minutes we
just want to talk about what the demands
are what should my body be able to do
and we always have to start with the
pacing of that thing and if we look at
the pace of that sub 20 minute 5k we’re
looking at an average pace of 625 minute
miles if I can do a 625 minute miles I
can do them for 3.1 miles hey I will
just sneak under that 20 minute barrier
now when we think about five keys in
general a lot of times we we put this 5k
effort into the quote unquote speed
category but you’ll soon find out when
you’re running those three miles is that
it actually is an endurance event right
it’s actually not a true speed event
from a sprinting standpoint and what I
mean more specifically is that this is
still largely aerobic I was actually
doing a little research online on this
the other day and from some of the
things that I’ve seen our anaerobic
system only contributes about 10 to 15%
of our effort for that 5k which means
the vast majority this is aerobic so
basically what that means that we need
to be well-rounded runners we need to
still do our longer slower runs those
are going to contribute to building a
strong running body that’s going to be
able to handle the aerobic base to train
for that 5k as well as doing some faster
shorter efforts on the other end right
so this 5k is maybe here right
we still need to spend time over here
and the longer slower stuff and then we
still need to spend time over here in
the short fast stuff but what today’s
video about really saying hey these
things are necessary as a base for a
runner but they’re neither is going to
specifically prepare me for this pace so
the next thing I’m actually going to
give you a workout that’s going to tell
you exactly what you need to do to hit
that six 25-minute month
fantastic so our workout today our race
specific workout is going to be a broken
5k I’m going to take that distance to
that 5k and I’m going to break it down
into six by eight hundred meters in fact
if we’re really going to trifle its
point one miles short of the five case
if you want you can run that a little
extra quarter half turn around the track
just to make sure you get there all the
way but we’re going to hit our six by
eight hundred meters on the track and
really what we should be able to do to
know that we’re race ready for this 5k
that we should be able to hit our six by
eight hundred at our pace if we’re
looking at our six twenty-five minute
mile what we’re really thinking about if
something that’s like a like a three
twelve and maybe even a little bit
faster like three ten pace for my to
eight hundred elapsed my two laps around
the track that will be good to sort of
get me there now it’s not just enough to
run one three ten and then rest a long
time and then do it again I have to
train myself to run subsequent three ten
laps with with progressively shorter and
shorter rest so for this workout if we
were to do this over a couple weeks
we’re actually not necessarily going to
change the speed but we’re going to
change and decrease the rest and the
recovery and that’s how we’re going to
make this thing harder so let’s say in
the beginning I’m going to run my you
know five or six 800 by 800 I’m going to
take a 200-meter slow jog in between the
next week I do this I’m going to do my
six by eight hundred and I’m going to do
a two hundred slightly faster drugs so
all of a sudden I’ve increased the work
demand on this thing because I’ve taken
some rest away from a slightly fat
slower drug to a faster drug the next
week what we’re going to try to do is
hold on to the same pace but instead of
two hundred meters it’s only going to be
100 so recovery is even shorter than the
week after that it’s gone from a slow
100 meter jog to a slightly faster one
and I know that if I can do six by eight
hundred meters with a kind of a fast jog
recovery in between that is a good sign
that I’m ready to
to stain that pace in an actual race and
hit that sub 20 minutes
that is the workout for you you may want
to build yourself up into this remember
pacing it’s so easy to go out a little
too fast on the first one or two eight
hundreds and all of a sudden you really
slow down at the end that’s what happens
when we race every once in a while so be
patient in those one two three five
eight hundreds of the beginning right
that’s when you feel like you should be
holding back a little bit the same thing
and your 5k and then if you do this
right numbers five and number six are
really hard you’re going to have to dig
really deep to get that done I hope you
like this video you’ll be running under
twenty minutes in no time
if you did go ahead and let us know hit
that like button if you have any
comments or questions and what we talked
about today you have any follow-up
questions on these workouts anything
else you you really need to do to get
the job done
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to see it on those workouts and since a
blast thanks again for watching this video


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