How to Stand Out Your Resume?

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You only have 6 seconds capture a recruiters attention! – Here’s 5 fresh resume tips to get noticed – from my perspective as an Amazon employee

Two factors make it critical for you to get your resume polished 1) recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing an individual resume, and 2) for each job, there’s an average of 118 applicants.

For a long time I struggled to figure out the best resume format. I received advice from career coaches, school counselors, etc, who all have different opinions about what should, and should not be done.

My most recent resume landed me an awesome job at Amazon as well as numerous calls from top tech companies and Google. Here’s my take on 5 resume tips that, if you nail, will be sure to get you noticed!

Good luck with your job search. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have in the comments section!

Video by John Marty

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my son Rafa here and I are gonna give
you five resume tips to crush it before
your next interview what do you think
about that okay good okay we’re gonna
let’s get to it yeah yeah
number one include your time this may
seem simple but I think it’s really
important to put the title in the resume
because a lot of people they’re applying
for a job if you have 50 people applying
for the job you’re the the hiring
manager is looking for people that are
specific fits for the role right so if
you were an art director before but
you’re trying to go for some other type
of job or if you’re a product owner but
trying to go for a product manager job
the the hiring manager is really
specifically looking for product
managers so if you put that title in
there it allows them to filter the
resumes a lot more efficiently number
two point five bullet points quantify
out or say it louder
all right awesome it’s really important
to have three to five quantifiable
bullet points per job and absolute max
five bullet points these are key
achievements that you’ve had they’re not
descriptions of your duties they’re key
achievements right there’s like each
bullet point is like a billboard that
you have to show the employer why you
are an awesome fit for the job and you
want to make sure that each bullet point
is very specific and data-driven if you
have the ability to do data-driven
bullet points so for example X result
from doing Y or from doing why I
achieved X result now you might have a
particular job where you don’t have
those quantifiable bullet points but you
might be able to say something like
helped 50 students try to gain as give
as much clarity as you can about the
specific role that you had if you don’t
have data to give number three like
where to put your education if you went
to a top-tier University or have PhDs or
higher education that you want to show
off I think that might be important to
put at the very
top of the resume so just under where
you put your name and contact
information you would put the education
right there now if you have a education
from bottom to your mid tier College
like it state school something like that
I think it’s important to actually put
that education section on the bottom of
the resume and lead with your employment
history also having the GPA in there you
know if you had only graduated from
college a few years ago the GPA might be
relevant if you had a great GPA if it
was from 20 plus years ago I don’t think
the GPA actually matters that much
number four keep between page so you
only have six seconds to make an
impression so a lot of people like to
put paragraph form from each one of
their jobs and you know they tend to be
very wordy and I’ve seen resumes that
are two three pages and I really think
that is that is detrimental for for you
getting noticed so if you have 20 years
of experience what you can do on the
jobs that you’ve had from you know 15
plus years ago just list one line item
that says from X date to X date you work
at this company and the next one X date
to X date you look at that company the
only thing the employer really cares
about is the most relevant experience
from the past three to five years
anything past that is is difficult to to
make the case that the experience is
still fresh in your mind number five
don’t don’t include an objective I think
we all know what the objective is for
the the perspective hire right they want
to get a job and
and they want a great work environment
right so that’s all that stuff’s given I
definitely wouldn’t put the objective
section in there lastly there are two
sections which I think are optional the
skills section and the achievement
section if you have some really
interesting skills or achievements
definitely put them in there as long as
they’re relevant to the job
all right Rafa so that’s the end of the
video what do you think about that do
you think the resume is important do you
think the resume is important yeah do
you think these tips are really good do
you think these are good tips yeah
everybody’s like I don’t know I don’t
know if these are good – alright thanks
a lot for watching if you liked the
video hit the like button below I’m
gonna wave goodbye with Rafa’s Mickey
Mouse socks say bye bye see bye bye
alright we’ll see ya.


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