How To Spice Up Any Outfit

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Are you tired of looking at your casual outfits? Do you want to look fabulous without buying a new one? Make any outfit look awesome with these tips on how to spice up any outfit.

1. Wear a colorful scarf
Whether you are wearing the most basic outfit – just a bright t-shirt and some jeans, you just need to add a scarf to make yourself look fashionable and trendy.

2. Add a belt
When choosing a belt, think about what you could wear it with. You can use a wider belt over a dress, or use a colored belt over a plain cardigan and white tank to add interest to the outfit and define your curves.

3. Wear a hat
Hats are a great way to show off your personality. Wear it to a holiday event to spice up an outfit or just wear with your everyday outfit.

4. Jewelries and Accessories
Add interest to your plain outfit by wearing bold jewelry.

These are just a few of my tips for spicing up your outfits, and there are still lots of other ways to turn your mediocre outfit to something glamourous. Don’t be afraid to mix materials, just always remember not to overdo it.

Video by Evelina
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hey guys it’s Evelina here and today I’m
going to show you how to spice up a very
basic outfit speaking of blending things up I’m also
hosting a show on a 9 with channel where
I give people makeovers so definitely
click right here to check it out and
also links down below it’s super fun so
I get a lot of questions on Twitter and
on my videos how do you take something
that is mediocre and turn it into
fabulosity so you can walk into a room and be like
I have a ride so as you can see here I’m
wearing the most basic outfit just a
bright t-shirt and some jeans and you
can apply this to anything you can apply
this to a little black dress or a grey
t-shirt and some long pants or anything
that’s kind of neutral and very today so
right here I have a utility jacket which
in my opinion is an absolute wardrobe
staple and with this you can either go
very casual or you can make it as
elegant and as glamorous as you want
depending on the accessory that you’re
going to choose so I decided to add in
this scarf which is honestly just so
intense and crazy that I think you do
need a friend with you when you wear it
it has all of these galaxies and
triangle prints on it it is just the
most perfect piece to add a pop off oh
my gosh I want to be that girl’s friend
when you walk into your room also every
single girl needs a silk scarf in her
wardrobe honestly this feels like a hug and since
we did go a little bit crazy with
accessories and the details I decided to
keep it really simple with the shoes
these are the teks ballerina flats and
by the way all of the things that I
mentioned today you can find them linked
in the description below I kind of
worked hard and try to link everything
so it is all easily shocked
so what’s the easiest way to spice up
any basic outfit by adding jewelry
obviously and my favorite way is to add
a statement necklace which this one is
just so beautiful it has these sort of
subtle jewels and a thick chain then I
decided to add this sort of fluffy Teddy
jacket which I think got adds a nice pop
of the texture to the outfit so it’s not
so plain you know denim and cotton
there’s just like a little bit of like
fluff to it I don’t know what they say
but to me leopard is in neutral it is a
classic neutral that will actually
enhance and just make any outfit just
like BAM girl you know what you’re doing
with their style it was so wonderful one
of my favorite ways to kind of build up
to adding those statement pieces is to
layer a couple basics and this
particular one is one of my favorites is
just a denim chambray shirt I think it
just kind of adds like a touch of
effortless bohemian sort of I don’t
really care I just threw this on but it
looks good and of course topping it off
with a leather jacket is just the
perfect finalizing touch for a city chic
girl that really knows what she’s doing
make sure that it’s properly fitted and
just beautifully sewn a leather jacket I
cannot stress it enough it is so
important to have in your closet and to
finalize I’m wearing these red booties
which are just so delightful I really
love the buckles on them and kind of
decided detailing it really wraps up the
whole sort of effortless edgy city girl
look and I thought of this one just kind
of added a really nice touch with the
leopard head and a little tassel so
these were my tips on how to spice up a
basic outfit if you enjoyed this video
don’t forget to give a thumbs up it does
help me a lot and also leave your
comments down below for future requests
for future videos and fashion café’s
and also leave yours
Shinzon how you spice up a basic outfit
and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter
and Instagram and Pinterest I have been
painting a lot of things lately and also
my blog is linked down below I’m very
proud of all my posts and like different
things that I post I think you would
really enjoy that and thank you so much
for watching I love you guys as always


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