How to share files between iOS & Mac using Airdrop

How to share files between iOS & Mac using Airdrop

If you want to send a video file, image or text file from you Mac to iPhone or iPad or send an image, video or file from your iphone to Mac, this video will walk you through it.

I will use airdrop to do this which is the easiest options for file transfer.

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In this video, I’m going to show you how you could transfer a file from your Mac to a iOS device or from an iOS device onto your Mac, so your iOS device could be a I phone iPad iPod touch. It doesn’t matter.
I’ll show you how it works both ways.

First thing I want to do is I want to transfer this movie file. ¬†This is an MP4 movie file onto my iPhone to do that, I’m going to use airdrop airdrops the easiest way to transfer files between the two so the first thing.
I want to do is I want to go to my iPhone and I want to make sure Bluetooth is turned on so I could just do this with the quick menu I just scrolled up and this is the bluetooth icon.

Yours may look different depending on what version of iOS you have we’ll make sure that’s turned on and now I’m just going to open a new finder window. I’m going to press command n. And I’m going to click on Airdrop here, and on my airdrop. I want to say allow me to be discovered by everyone And you see my iPhone just got discovered by doing this again make sure your bluetooth up here is turned on and make sure this option is Everyone and now that the iPhone is visible. I could go ahead and I could drag this movie file right onto my iPhone
And it says waiting and then I should get this on my iPhone and if I press accept
It should start downloading it to my iPhone and you just automatically opened the photo app and that video is right there on my iPhone.

So obviously you could do this with a movie file or a picture or any other file the same way now let me show you
How you work the other way now let’s say I wanted to bring a picture from here onto my Mac.
So let me open a picture off on my iPhone so if I want to bring this picture onto my mac
All I gotta do is I gotta press this icon on the bottom and my iMac is showing up right here. If I just press that
the same thing happened now the pop-up is on my iMac. I press accept and just like that
It’s going to go straight into my download folder now. If I go to my download folder press spacebar there’s that picture so that’s the easy way of sharing files between iOS devices and I hope this video was helpful.
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