How to see who viewed your Facebook profile most recently

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Want to know who viewed your Facebook profile most recently? Want to see all your Facebook profile visitors? You can see them in order of most recent visit with this simple technique.

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In this video, I’m going to show you how you could find out who recently visited your Facebook timeline.
I did test this multiple times on my Facebook account. So I could say at the time of the recording, it is working.
First make sure you’re logged into Facebook, and you’re on your browser here.
And make sure you’re using Chrome or Firefox or Explorer as your browser. I’m using chrome here,
so if you want to get the same results, you could use chrome and the next step is either right-clicking or control clicking I’m on a Mac here.
So I’m going to control click and I’m going to say view page source if you click in any part, empty part of your page,
you should see this as a right-click or control-click. Press view page source and on your view page source,
we want to find a certain code here.
So to do that you could press command F or control F on a PC,
and that will give you this search box here and in the search box, I want to type in initial chat.
That’s the word that I need to type in here
and you’ll just find me this word. So this command or control f here is just a way to search your document,
and underneath initial chat, you’ll see a ton of numbers, these numbers are actually who recently visited your profile page.
So if I grab one of these numbers,
now ignore everything past the dash, so negative 2, negative 1, negative 0
and so on, you should ignore that and just select the beginning part of the number.
Press Copy. Here I’m going to do command Copy or Control copy on a PC.
And if I come back to my other browser here,
I’m just going to replace my username, my Facebook username, so delete.
I’m going to press command V here or control V just to paste the number that I just copied, press enter,
and that’s it. That brings me up to a new page,
and that’s the page of the person that recently visited my Facebook profile page.
Now if I go back here, you could see the order in which people visited my profile page.
So if I take the next number and the next number, I could see the other people that most recently visit
my profile page by simply grabbing the number, ignoring everything after the – including the -,
pasting it here. I’m just blaring this page just to keep this person’s information private.
But you just paste it here, and you could see who recently visited.
Now some people said that’s just showing you the chat window and
actually this very first person that visited my profile is nowhere on my chat.
And I’ve never chatted with them and knowing who they are, it really makes a lot of sense that they visited my profile most recently.
So you could be the judge if it’s working for you.
Make sure you grab that number,
paste it into your browser and see who visited your profile most recently and if you think it’s working for you,
make sure you give the video a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for watching.


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