How to Replace a Headlight Bulb

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How to Replace a Headlight Bulb

Having a Burned Out Headlight in your car is not just illegal, it’s also dangerous, especially when driving at night. But whether you want to save money, time, or both, changing your headlight bulbs can be easy and rewarding. Learn how to change a headlight bulb with this simple step-by-step guide.

When replacing a burnout headlight, it’s important to identify the type and wattage of your car’s headlights. The easiest way to do this is to refer to your owner’s manual. Once you have prepared the new bulb, it’s time to change the headlight.

Step 1: Locate the headlight holder
Open your hood and locate the headlight near the front of the vehicle. It will be in the headlight holder with a power connector (series of wires) leading out from it.

Step 2: Remove the Power Connector
The power wires are attached to a plug that is at the base of the headlight itself. This plug is held in by a plastic catch, a metal clip, or in some cases, a screw cap. This can either be unscrewed, unclipped or released by pressing down with your thumb, while pulling firmly on the plug to slide it off.

Step 3: Remove the Old Bulb
Remove the back of the headlight holder. Then carefully hold the bulb by its base, and unscrew or pull out the old bulb.

NOTE: Please dispose of the old bulb properly.

Step 4: Install the New Bulb
Insert the new bulb into the base of the plug and make sure it is locked in. Put the headlight holder back and the plug of the power wires back in.

NOTE: When installing the new bulb, make sure the bulb is clean. The oil from your skin can damage and break the glass when it heats up. It is advisable to wear a glove or hold the bulb by the base.

Step 5: Test the New Bulb
Turn on your headlights to ensure the bulb and connection are working.

Video by ChrisFix 


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hey guys chrisfix here today I’m going
to show you a quick video on tips and
tricks when changing your headlight bulb
you can see here my passenger-side
headlight bulb is out if you’re not sure
if you can replace your headlight bulbs
just go check it out
you can see here the headlight bulbs are
easily replaced there’s a clip there I
can get my hand in here or I could even
go behind here the other thing is go
look in your owners manual headlamps
bulb replacement for one one page 411
replacing headlamp bulbs and then it
gives you instructions on how to remove
that lamp so it even has a diagram and
if your owner’s manual doesn’t show you
how to get it out then go check YouTube
before I shut the headlights off I want
to locate the bulb that needs replacing
it’s this one the gray one and that’s
both the high beam and the low beam in
one light that’s your running light over
there and then we go over here and
that’s the bulb we need to replace when
doing this job make sure your headlights
are off and your car is off make sure
you have your headlight bulb ready
because once you take that bulb out
moisture and dirt and stuff but start
going into the headlight not that these
headlights are perfectly clear anymore
because they’re really old but you don’t
want to be any more dirty inside the
other thing is when getting headlights
remember you can look in the owners
manual for your bulb type it’ll tell you
what type of bulb in the back where the
specifications are also remember when
you’re looking for these look for a box
that isn’t damaged you don’t want a box
that has a folded corner like if
somebody dropped it because once these
are dropped they’re not going to be good
so check the corners of the box see if
there’s any flat ends you don’t want
anything bent over like that because
that means it could have been dropped
and you want to make sure this plastic
is increased or or dented in anywhere
that’s a simple thing but it’s a little
tip and trick that will help you pick
out headlights that aren’t going to blow
out quickly and speaking about blowing
out remember the brighter the headlight
the shorter the life look at this here
this is full brightness is the best
light they make to life stinks one bar
this is the dimmest they make for bars
so I try to find something relatively in
between you can see this one is pretty
good relatively bright yet the life of
the light is comparatively good compared
to the rest of these so that’s another
thing to think about don’t necessarily
purchase the brightest bulbs if you want
long-lasting headlights for example if
your headlights are hard to change you
might not want to change them as often
and the last thing I’m going to say
about this always replace your
headlights and pairs so try to get a
pack that has two a headlights in it
it’s usually cheaper
and you’re going to need to change both
anyway so now we’ll be working on this
headlight I know this isn’t your vehicle
this is a 95 Ford Windstar
but this will show you how simple it
could be to change out some headlights
all you do on this is you just pop this
clip up and then there’s another clip in
here that you just pop up as well pull
that out and then pull this straight out
the idea isn’t to show you how to remove
a headlight it’s just to give you tips
and tricks so now these are dual beam
headlights they have the high beam and
the low beam the high beam works
hopefully you can see there’s one
filament on the bottom that is good
that’s the high beam and then the top
filament is broken that’s a low beam so
that’s how you can inspect the bulb with
the new bulbs one thing you never want
to do is you never want to touch the
glass you never want to hit the glass
against anything while you’re installing
it that’s just going to wear out the
bulb a lot faster the other thing is you
don’t want to drop it you drop it you’re
causing shock the little coil in there
that heats up is going to break soon or
it could break right away
just things you don’t want to do here’s
the brand new headlight bulb don’t touch
the glass you can see I’m use of my
fingers on the glass because that’ll
make it wear prematurely as well and you
quite simply find a way to put this in
without touching that bulb slide it in
like that push the clip forward till it
snaps in and then put the electrical
connector on and you’re done now we’re
going to go test it out see what it
looks like good both the lights work
after replacing both of them they’re
high beam and low beam and that’s quick
job well done if you have your own tips
and tricks you like to add comment below
I’ll add them into the video and in the
description hopefully this video was
helpful if it was give it a thumbs up
also consider subscribing I publish
how-to videos weekly
I so answer all the questions come see
you guys leave below up on the screen or
give me a couple of videos you could
click on the video on the screen to get
to it if you can’t click on the video
there’ll be links in the description
below for those videos finally in
description below are going to be the
links to my chrisfix facebook and
twitter pages if you use Facebook or
Twitter check it out


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