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How to Replace an Exterior Door Knob and Deadbolt Lock

How to change and replace door knob and deadbolt lock

If you just moved or just want to replace your door knob or deadbolt lock to an exterior door, this video will give you the step by step and all the tools you need.

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This video is going to walk you through how to change your doorknob or your deadbolt lock to an exterior door.
For this job you’ll need a Phillips screwdriver or a drill and you’ll need a deadbolt and Door knob set in this case is a combination set that we’re using.

First step is you got to remove four screws in total the two on the handle and the two on the lock in this case,
it’s a Philips screw.  So I’m using a Philips screwdriver.
Now I’m going to remove the front and the back door handles.  The next step is to remove the lock. These are two Philips screw heads also.
On your door frame you’re going to want to remove this piece also your new set might work with this pre-existing
piece, but it’s always nice to change it, because your new set will come with it to remove your deadbolt
You’ll need to remove four screws.  There are two long screws in this case Phillips screws that we’re going to move from the bolts after removing it two screws you could now remove the front and back end of the lock now remove the two short wooden screws holding the lock in place.

Now the lock should pop right out and the last piece to remove is on the door frame. This is the new set
I’m going to use it comes with the front door handles and the front deadbolt lock and it has two sets one for the back
Door and one for the front door. That way you could use the same key to coming through the garage and come in through the front door of the house if you don’t have a deadbolt or you don’t want to replace the lock on the Deadbolt
You could buy a set that just has the front door handles.

For the Deadbolt, we’ll start with the lock and there is a sign on top that says up you’re going to want to point that up
you’ll insert that into the door frame and you’ll use to wooden screws again to secure it in place
pretty much the same way you took it out now twisting this lock will make it longer or shorter and depending on your door.  You’re going to want it the way data fits your door in this case. In this case, it’s the long way
But if you just twist it you’ll get the short way, just try both ways and see which one fits the door.

Now secure this lock with the two little screws and go on to the next step we’ll start with the outside piece
it really goes in one way, so it’s easy to put in and then you’ll need two long screws
To secure that into place now if you bought the set that has the deadbolt and the front doorknob
Just make sure you use the right screws here. These are the longer screws the doorknob takes the medium size screw
I’ll place the two longer screws into the two holes and use your Phillips screwdriver again to secure it in place.

Make sure you test the lock here to make sure it’s working before you move on and the last step is to
put the piece that goes on your door frame. Again, this is the two wooden screws the short screws.  Secure that into place and now you could test your door to make sure it locks

Okay, the first step for putting on the new doorknob is putting in the lock it comes with two wood screws now the door lock has two different settings the short setting and a long setting depending on what kind of door you have so in this case if I use the short setting it will just come in too short and the handle wouldn’t fit
So try both for your door and see which one fits. It’s pretty obvious if you need the long setting or the short setting
the next step is to put the outside handle press the lock in and press in the outside handle it will really only go in one way now to secure it in place you’ll have to put in the other handle the inside handle line up the holes for the inside Handle, there’s two screws that you’re going to be using. They’re the medium length screws and
secure the handles in place.

Now make sure you test your lock to see if it works properly and the last step is on your door frame
You’re going to want to secure this piece
You just need two wooden screws secure it in place and your new doorknob is complete and
that’s it. Do a final check and make sure all the locks are working and you’re all set.

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