How to post a GIF to instagram – Instagram a GIF

How to post a GIF to instagram – Instagram a gif

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The process requires a an app to convert the gif to a video so Instagram can see it.

I used the app called gif converter of iOS.  You can use Gif to Video on android.

If you want to upload a gif directly, you can use the app giphy which let’s you upload right from the app onto instagram.

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If you’ve ever tried to upload a gif on to Instagram you’ll notice that it shows up as an image and not a gif if It was a gif it would be moving like a video but in this video I’m gonna show you an easy way to upload gifts onto Instagram that’ll play exactly like they should.

So, I’ll show you two different ways to upload a gif on Instagram.  One is if you already have a gif Saved onto your images and you want to upload that like something you made or something you downloaded already the second one is using my favorite app that comes pre-loaded with ton of gifts and that allows you to directly upload those gifts onto Instagram

So first Let me show you how upload one of my gifts onto Instagram, so this is the gif file I want to upload so first I need to convert it to a way that Instagram is gonna understand it and to do that I need an app so I’m using an iPhone here, so I’m using the App Store, but on the Android there is an app called Gif to video it’s a really easy to use app gift to video for the iPhone the app is called gif converter.

So let me just go to the App Store here, and show you that right there It’s called gif converter And this is the one I got So make sure you get the same app you could always search gif to Video Converter Or gif to video and you could try some of the apps as you can see over here I tried multiple different apps and this was the one that worked the best for me So I give it access to my photo library, so if I click here I could select the gift that I want I’m just gonna select this one here, and it’s gonna Give me some options again on the Android or even if you use this kind of desktop It’s gonna give you some options, so you could change the video duration the quality the speed And I’m just gonna say convert to video here, and it’s created this video for me so now from here I’m just gonna download it here now the actual video is downloaded to my photos, but if I press this upload icon It says save and open on Instagram or open directly to Instagram, so I don’t even need to do that It’s been saved to my photo library, so I’m gonna show you how to do it from there.

So now let’s go to Instagram And we want to upload that video so press the plus sign just like you would upload anything else and this 10 second clip is That gif basically converts it to video, but your users are not gonna know. It’s gonna play Just like a gif but on Instagram only videos play and gifts won’t play so that’s why it’s basically converted to a video I’ll press next as you could see plays just like the gif It does have the watermark so pretty much all the apps I went through that do this conversion Require you to pay if you don’t want the watermark, but it’s no problem on Instagram for me So I’m just gonna press Next here, and I’ll just go ahead and write the caption and do my tags and then I’ll press ok So I just press shared here And this is the gif and as you could see it’s gonna play automatically as you go through your Instagram feed now Let me show you this other app is called gif II and if you download giphy

You could just directly upload any gifts onto Instagram, so if I wanted to directly download any gifts to Instagram let me just go ahead and search so this is the gif I want to put on Instagram and all I gotta do is I’ll Click these three dots here. This is available for the Android devices and for iOS, and you see there’s a icon There’s an Instagram icon, and there is also a download icon So you could either download by pressing this icon here and just say save image And it will go to your photo library, and you could do the same process I just showed you or an easier way is just to Use Instagram and say post an Instagram and it’ll directly open Instagram for you and get this ready to upload

So if I press next here, it’s already created it into a 10-second video Just like we did before So this is a much easier way obviously you don’t have to go through that other app to do the conversion Gif it does a for you But again if you have a gift that you already Saved and you don’t want to use the giphy app the other option is the way to do it and that’s to use a gift To Video Converter and then upload it from there Hopefully in the future Instagram changes it all together and let you just download a gif and upload it to Instagram.

So you don’t have to go through any loops before the meantime this should solve your problem. I hope you found this helpful Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel for a lot more useful videos like this one And I hope to see you in the next one. Thanks for watching.


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