How to make a Rainbow Cake

How to make the Best Ever Rainbow Cake

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To make a rainbow cake, you need plenty of bowls and plenty of room.

We will start with 9 tbsp whole milk and 1 ½ tsp vanilla extract and mix them together.

Now we need to devide that mixer into 6 equal parts in 6 different bowls.  Let’s add coloring to each bowl.  This is how you get the rainbow colors.  We will use variety of color pastes such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue & purple.  We are basically trying to recreate the colors of a rainbow in our rainbow cake.  Mix the colors in all 6 bowls.

Next, let’s mix our batter.  We need to use a mixer and mix 750g soft unsalted butter and 750g caster sugar.  Mix for 6 or 7 minutes.

Let’s add in eggs.  We need 9 eggs for the recipe.  Slowly add the eggs in 5 or 6 stages, so it blends well with our butter and sugar.

Add 750g sifted self-raising flour and put it on a low setting.

Divide this up to 6 parts.  You can use a kitchen scale to do it.  Mix all 6 bowls with the colored milk from earlier.

Let’s put the 6 mixes into 6 sandwich tins.  You can reuse them if you don’t have six.  You can base them with a little butter and flour so they don’t stick.

Bake them for 20 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

You can now make your butter cream while that bakes.

For the buttercream – 400g soft unsalted butter 900g sifted icing sugar 5-6 tbs whole milk ½ tsp vanilla extract.

Now you have all you need for your cake.  All you have to do left is to decorate it.  You’ll have to cut each layer to size and stack them on top of each other in rainbow colors.  You’ll add your buttercream between each layer as you stack them.

After you stack them, cover the entire cake with buttercream and put it on the fridge for half hour to set it.

Do another thick later of butter cream and you’ll all set.  Cut into it and enjoy.

Video by CupcakeJemma

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hello everyone it’s me Gemma and I’m at
crumbs and doilies HQ and I don’t know
what it’s like where you are but in
London it’s really characteristically
gray and miserable so when it’s like
this I like to make things that are
really bright and fun
today I’m going to show you guys how to
make a rainbow cake that’s right it’s
time people time for the rainbow cake
let’s go so to make a rainbow cake the
first thing you’re going to need to know
is that you need lots of bowls and lots
of space because you have to mix six
colours up so we need to do that first
so I like to add my color to the milk
that I put in the mixture it goes in at
the end but it’s wise to get this bit
out of the way early so I have got 9
tablespoons of whole milk here I’m just
gonna add one and a half teaspoons of
vanilla into that just so it’s all mixed
in now so once that’s all mixed in you
then need to divide it into six so
that’s one and a half tablespoons of
milk and I have six bowls here and I’ve
got six colours and I’m using color
paste today because it’s much more
concentrated than liquid and I’ve got
red orange yellow green blue and purple
there’s probably more colors in the
rainbow but I don’t live here forever so
I’ve got my tablespoon and I’m just
gonna divide this milk up
so once you’ve divided your milk evenly
between the six bowls you then need to
color it so I’m going to start with
bread and I’m going to use about a baked
bean size amount because it’s really
concentrated but you do want your colors
to be quite strong mix that really well
and then when you finish that move on to
your other five colors until you have a
so once you’ve mixed all your colors
just pop them to one side until you’re
ready to use them so now you DS game
with making the batter and I have got
750 grams of softened unsalted butter
here I’m just going to put that my mixer
with 750 grams of caster sugar and then
just put that mixer on a medium to high
speed and you’re gonna beat those
together for about six or seven minutes
until it’s gone really really pale and
all right ready now it’s gone really
really pale and it’s lovely and fluffy
and smells really good so now it’s time
for the egg so we’re gonna need 9
free-range eggs
yes and I’m gonna crack them all into a
bowl and give them a little mix so then
I can add them in stages once your eggs
all mixed together you then need to put
your mixer back on to slightly less fast
speed and then add it in about five or
six stages mixing quite well between
each one
if your mixture looks like it’s curdling
then don’t cut it you can add a bit of
your flour just a tablespoon or two and
that’ll help bring the mixture back
together again
okay so it’s all the eggs in there it’s
got a really silky consistency and it’s
looking really tasty but it’s not gonna
be a cake if we don’t put a flower on it
so I’ve got 750 grams of self-raising
flour which I’ve sifted and I’m just
gonna put that in and put it on a really
low setting
that’s all nicely mixed in I haven’t
lost too much of the air because I went
real slow and now I need to divide it
into six but obviously there’s quite a
lot of batter there and it’s a little
bit difficult to do that by eye so I’m
gonna use my trusty scales grab yourself
a set of electric scales and a bowl and
you need to measure the whole amount of
batter that you’ve got into that because
then you can divide it by six and be
super accurate right it’s two thousand
six hundred and eighty nine grams so
I’ve got my calculator here and I
divided that by six and I’ve got four
hundred and forty eight grams with a
little bit on the side just forget that
so four hundred and forty-eight grams
need to now go in each of our six bowls
now that you’ve got your mixture all
divided equally you need to mix these
really carefully so I’m going to use a
spatula you can use a metal spoon if you
want just Muhsin knock out too much of
that lovely air that you produce so just
be really gentle and fold it all through
all my lovely butter is now mixed and
colored and separated and raring to go
so I’ve got six 8-inch sandwich tins I’m
really lucky because I have lots of
sandwich tins but if you don’t have that
many you can get away with doing this
recipe with two tins you just have to
divide the whole recipe by three it does
mean you’re gonna have to do all the
stages three times in it it’s gonna take
quite a long time but at least you don’t
then have to run out and buy six of
these guys so six of these and I’ve got
butter all over them and I’ve dusted
that with flour so that also got the
whole mixture from sticking and then I
just want to put all my batter into each
one and level it off with a palette
all right already
so now I just need to bake them at 170
degrees Celsius for 20 minutes or until
a skewer comes out clean when you stick
it in the middle while my cakes are
cooking in the oven I’m gonna get on
with making my buttercream I’m just
gonna make some white vanilla
buttercream and I’m gonna start with 400
grams of soft unsalted butter and I’m
gonna beat that really fast for about
five minutes until it’s got a really
pale and fluffy
that is looking pretty good so now I
just need to add 900 grams of sifted
icing sugar and I’m going to put it in
in two batches and I’m going to beat for
about two minutes in between each one
hey that’s ready to have the milk fit in
it so I’ve got five tablespoons of whole
milk and I’m just gonna add about half a
teaspoon of vanilla extract and then I
just need to put the mixer on on a real
low speed and just add all of that milk
and then beat it on quite a high speed
for about another two minutes
why I think is ready it’s white and it’s
fluffy and it looks delicious so I’m
just gonna put some cling film over the
bowl wait for my cakes to come out and
cool down and then we’re gonna tie my
cakes are come out of the oven and
they’re completely cool and so now it’s
time to decorate them so I’m going to
show you how to trim fill and cover them
with buttercream so the first thing to
do is to trim your cakes so as you can
see they’ve puffed up quite nicely and
they’re looking really good but they do
have a kind of crusty outer shell if you
like which is the bits that have come
into contact with the tin and also the
bits that the ovens cook on top and it’s
also not level at all so if you try and
stack these up now that’s gonna be all
wonky and also it’s gonna be massive so
I’m gonna trim them so I’m gonna use a
cake leveler for that if you don’t have
one of these you can use a serrated
knife or just have to be super careful
that do you get the life in level this
makes that way easy and I’ve got it on
notch 3 at the moment so it’s just under
an inch high for each for each level I’m
gonna start with my red level and using
my cake leveler I’m just gonna gently
shuffle it backwards and forwards going
through the sponge so just remove that
top layer and pop it to one side and
it’s lovely and level there so just
carry on doing that with all your six
sponges and you’ll see that I’ve got
them on baking parchment that just makes
it easier to move them around without
kind of breaking them in pieces
so when you cut into your rainbow cake
at the end you want it to be a nice
clean color all the way from edge to
edge and at the moment as these cakes
have been baking in metal tins this got
a bit hot in the edges they’ve got this
kind of rather unsightly gross coloured
and crust around the side so I’m going
to trim that off so what you need is
something slightly smaller than the
diameter of your cake and I’m using a
seven inch cake drum for that you can
use a plate or anything that it’s just a
little bit smaller than the cake itself
just pop that on top in the middle grab
yourself a nice sharp knife and just
trim all the way around very gently and
then take your Drum Off and then remove
that outer crusty bit and then you’re
left with this really nice clean circle
which is gonna look great when you slice
through it so just carry on with all of
the other ones
my cakes a level they’ve trimmed they’re
brilliant so now I just need to fill and
decorate them so I’ve got myself a
turntable here which is a really
essential piece of kit if you’re serious
about cake decorating it will make your
life so much easier and really it’s the
only way to get nice straight sides on
your cake you don’t have one of these
don’t panic I didn’t have one for a long
time and I still managed to work it out
so just make sure you’ve got at least a
cake board and if you don’t have a
turntable just put the cake board on a
bit of greaseproof paper and then you
can kind of spin it around like this so
I’m just not gonna mention what you
could do live with yourself so just put
that down on your turntable right in the
middle and then get a bit of that
buttercream you made and so I’ve got
about a third of that buttercream in
here cuz I don’t need to get too crummy
so put a little bit on the board itself
just so that your cake sticks to it and
then starting with your purple level
pick it up really gently using your
whole hand and just put it right in the
middle of that cake drum give it a
little press down to make sure it’s
brilliant put in place and then I like
to give the inside of my cakes that a
little crumb coat just to look the the
crumbs in before I give it a real good
filling so grab a little bit of
buttercream on your crank pallet knife
so once you’ve got a nice thin layer
then you need to fill it properly so get
a nice generous blob pop it in the
middle and then spread that evenly later
that’s my purple layer done so now just
repeat that with all the other ones
starting with blue then green yellow
orange I’m finishing with red
okay my cake is filled now I’m going to
give it a crumb coat just so that when I
decorate it for Rio it’s nice and clean
and crumb free and I’m just gonna smear
some buttercream on really tight and
just look in the crumbs
it doesn’t have to be really neat and
tidy but it does have to be completely
covered so I’ve done that and now I just
need to put it in the fridge for at
least half an hour up to an hour to
completely sets already for the final
layer my cakes come out of the fridge
it’s been in there for about an hour and
it’s nice and set and all those crumbs
are locked in tight so I’m just going to
go ahead and cover it with buttercream
and I’ve got a straight pallet knife
here and I’ve also got a cake scrape and
this is really really useful if you want
to get really nice clean straight sides
so if you have one of these you can do
it without one but it’s super useful I’m
just giving a really nice thick layer
with my pallet knife my cakes got about
a half a centimeter thick icing on there
and now I’m just gonna scrape off the
excess with my cake scrapers so we’ll
leave it with really nice clean lines
and straight sides
almost there now I just need to make it
look really rainbow on the outside as
well so I kept back some crumbs from the
offcuts earlier and I’m just going to
sprinkle those around the top just to
give it a bit of decoration well there
here’s the rainbow cake the big one and
it’s obviously super exciting as it is
but the true test of a good rainbow cake
is what lies within so that’s kind of
open and have another look look about
rainbow it’s so clean and neat and tidy
in there and not only does this cake
look really impressive it tastes really
good it’s moist and fluffy and you’re
gonna love it
my flatmate loves it so I’m really gonna
have to take this one home I’ll be back
next week with another recipe in the
meantime if you like this video then
don’t forget to subscribe to my channel
then you’ll get loads more recipes from
me and I will see you
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