How To Make SLIME WITHOUT Glue Or Borax

How To Make SLIME WITHOUT Glue Or Borax

You may already have made slime with glue or Borax and have exhausted all the glue or Borax that you have at home to make a new one.

Today I’m going to show you how to make slime without Glue or Borax.


First Method: Hand Soap Food Coloring / Acrylic Paint Shaving Cream Salt

Second Method: Hair Gel / Dish Soap / Shampoo Cornstarch

First Method:

1. Pump a bunch of hand soap into a mixing bowl. Add some acrylic paint to the bowl and mix it well.

2. Add some shaving cream to the mixture. Keep adding until you reached your desired consistency.

3. Sprinkle a pinch or two of salt. Make sure to add salt in, a tiny bit at a time.

4. Put the mixture in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

5. You can add more shaving cream until you achieve the best consistency for your slime.

Second Method:

1. Pour some Hair Gel to the mixing bowl and mix it with cornstarch.

2. Keep adding and mixing cornstarch to the mixing bowl until you see a very gel-like consistency.

3. You can start kneading the slime when it becomes non-sticky. Although, these recipes may not be as perfect as the slime made with Glue and Borax, it is still a good substitute and will let your kids have hours of good and clean fun.

Video by Courtney Lundquist

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Hey guys. Today I’m going to be showing you two ways to make slime without any glue, but before we get started I’m having a giveaway right now for a $100 Visa gift card and all you have to do to enter is be subscribed to this channel and if you would like an extra entry, go head on over and follow me on Instagram. So this is going to be running until May 30th and I will be announcing the winner on Instagram, so make sure to follow me there.
So to get started for this first DIY, I’m using some soft soap hand soap and I’m just pumping a bunch of it into a bowl super fast motion there. Next I’m taking some blue acrylic paint you could use food coloring or paint. I just wanted to give mine a pretty blue color and mix it and as well.
Next, I’m taking some shade foam to make it more of a fluffy consistency and it’s also going to help speed up the activation process so I’m just mixing that and really well and kind of blending it for this method you have to do a lot of mixing. So next I’m using salt as my activator and you just want to add in a tiny bit at a time if you add in too much it’s going to turn your slide back into a liquid.
So make sure you only add in a pinch at a time. Work your slime mix it and then add keep adding like a little pinch so
that’s what I’m doing here. I’m just working the slime.
I don’t think slime could ever be too fluffy so I’m adding in a little bit more of the shaving foam and then just stirring it all up again and just keep mixing and mixing and more mixing now I do find that this works best if you stick it in the freezer for about five minutes and then when I pulled it out.
I’m adding in a little more shaving foam kind of mixing it together and this will be a little bit sticky compared to regular slime I feel like nothing truly compares to slime with glue this is just kind of a substitute both of these are they’re not going to be perfect slime they’re not going to be identical to slime with glue because that just is the best method hands down but I’m working it together you could see it’s a little bit sticky but it’s definitely still able to hold on to so I think this is really fun and a good substitute and it’s definitely on the fluffy side so that is how I did this first one.
Now for the second recipe, I just kind of wanted to like play around with something and see how it would work so I’m taking some hair gel anything like hair gel or dish soap or shampoo should work fine for this and then I’m taking some cornstarch and just mixing it and together so you want something with like a very gel like consistency like a thick shampoo like head-and-shoulders or just dish soap or anything like that and then I’m just mixing in the cornstarch as I go until it forms like a non sticky non wet consistency then you just want to kind of work it with your hands until it all forms together and just becomes more of a putty I do feel like this has more of like a play-doh or a putty consistency but it’s still really fun to play with and you could squeeze it like really hard without it going anywhere so I kind of like this it has a really cool texture and I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will talk to you really soon.
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