How To Make Slime – Tutorial For Beginners

How To Make Slime

You must have heard about the latest trend of making slime. If you want to make some DIY slime, here is a method on how to make slime.

1 tsp. of borax (slime activator)
2 cups of Warm water
Non-toxic Glue
Shaving Foam
4 tbsp. Cornstarch


Prepare the slime activator by mixing thoroughly 1 tsp. of Borax and 2 cups of warm water.
Start adding the glue slowly. Keep adding glue slowly until you reach a type of consistency where you can stretch or pull the slime.
Though this is optional, you can make your slime more fluffy by adding shaving foam to the mixture.
Add 4 tbsp. of cornstarch to the mixture and mix them thoroughly.
You may need to add some more glue and slime activator (Borax Solution) to the mixture until it reaches a nice consistency.

If you want to add some color to your slime, you may add some drops of food coloring to it while mixing the mixture.

Video by Talisa Tossell


hi guys today’s video is going to be an
easy how to make slime tutorial for
beginners and I really hope that you
find it helpful the first thing that
you’re going to need is a slime
activator I recommend using 1 teaspoon
of borax – 2 cups of warm water and then
mixing it in really thoroughly when you
add it to the glue it’s going to help
everything clump together and this is
going to make the slime after we’ve made
this mixture we’re just going to go
ahead and choose our glue my favorite
glue to use the slime is Elmer’s glue
you can use any glue containing
polyvinyl alcohol after we’ve chosen our
glue we can go in a set activator and
start adding it really slowly it’s
important for add it slowly whilst
mixing in because the solution can very
easily become rubbery so once it starts
pulling away from the bowl like this you
want to pick it up in your hands and
start playing with it this is going to
help the slime come together a bit more
and get rid of the lumps and make it
less sticky this is the basic fly recipe
but there are a few ingredients you can
add to Slone to make it a bit bigger and
also more fun to play with one of the
most common mixtures for slime is slime
and shaving foam you want to add a
shaving foam after you’ve added the glue
and I like using a lot properly about a
1 to 1 ratio of glue to shaving foam
just to make it super fluffy and also
give me a lot of slime and mix it with a
spatula just so I can get all the
products off the sides and mixing
everything really thoroughly because of
a shaving foam you’re not going to need
much activator there’s something in it
that reacts it’s activating lots more
quickly than normal flu so I only needed
about 5 pumps so you want to add it
really slowly and then once it starts
ticking away from the side of the bowl
you just not start playing with it with
your fingers just to help it get out all
the lumps and make it less stringy and
you’re left with this really fluffy big
product this is one of the best ones to
play with because it’s so jiggly and it
stretches and it’s just so so fun and
really cheap to make another popular
slang combination is glue shaving foam
and also cornstarch like the previous
recipe I like to add the same amount of
glue as I do shading foam and then I
like to add four heaped tablespoons of
cornstarch once I’ve done this I just go
ahead and mix it all in it does take me
about 3 to 5 minutes because I don’t fit
the cornstarch but if you set the
cornstarch and it only takes about 2
minutes then you want start adding your
activator really slowly and this
activates so so quickly because there’s
so many ingredients besides glue in it
so you don’t need to add very
much and I did find it was really hard
to mix in because it was so sick so
don’t be ashamed to just go in with your
hands and start adding activator that
way it does take a while to kind of
knead out all the lumps because it is
such a thick mix when it comes out it’s
so so fluffy and fun to play with I
always find their whole shape a lot
better than when I add just shaving foam
this is why I like to to make sure the
best I make some of my slides together
and as you can see it creates a really
really nice texture and it’s a lot nicer
than just having glue and a crater I
really hope that you enjoyed this video
and if you did don’t forget to give it a
thumbs up and also subscribe see you
next week.
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