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How to make fluffy slime


Kids love to play with slime. And if you have kids who are badgering you for it, why not make a Do-It-Yourself slime?

It’s fun, easy and safer for your kids. Since making DIY slime at home can be a great pastime for your kids, we’re going to share with you a simple recipe for a fluffy slime. Find out how to make fluffy slime with out easy-to-follow instructions.

Borax solution (1 tsp. of Borax with 1 Cup Water)
½ cup of Glue
½ cup of shaving cream
½ cup of foaming hand wash/soap
1 tbsp. Cornstarch
Hand/Body Lotion
Food Coloring

1. In a bowl, make a borax solution by mixing 1 tsp. of Borax with 1 cup of water. Set aside.
2. In a separate bowl, add together ½ cup of Glue (Elmer’s Glue), ½ cup shaving cream and ½ cup of foaming hand wash soap and mix together.
3. Add 1 tbsp. of cornstarch to the glue mixture and some pumps of lotion.
4. Add some of the borax solution by adding 1 tsp. at a time to the glue mixture. Start kneading the mixture with your hands until you achieve a nice consistency.
5. Once you get the desired consistency, go on and add in a few drops of your desired food colouring for that perfect touch and stir the mixture again.

Video by Gillian Bower

Hey everyone its Jillian and to say to you I thought it was time that we made some more slime you guys really enjoy my slime videos and I really love making them because slime into fun words something’s in the world to make and to play with so today we are going to be making a fluffy slide and this is a really fun slime I definitely think it is my favorite favorite one ever made.

I had so much fun playing with it I’m just so obsessed with it now if you didn’t see my last video or you don’t keep it with me on social media and you wouldn’t know that I changed my hair so as you can see I’ve completely changed my hair and I actually filmed the entire transformation so if you look like to see that video I will leave a link to it at the end of this video and I will also leave a link to it in the description box now some of you know I’m holding a giveaway on my Instagram each month this year and we just started loved people a where I’m giving away a balloon Polaroid camera just like the ones back there and also other fun things so if you would like to enter that much going make sure you head over to my Instagram and follow me and then you can enter the giveaway if you like there was more I wanted to say oh yeah if you’re not following iton Twitter the crema and twist without and follow me because I’m having so much fun on Twitter at the moment I’m on Twitter every single day and I read all of your tweets and also mentions so if you want to come hang out with me on

Twitter then make sure you can follow me and then we can be best friends now this is my first video that you see meant a lot of my name is Julian I’m so so happy that you found my channel and if you like to see more videos for me in the future and you haven’t already subscribed and make sure you click that subscribe button to see more of you know I never wear these times we make these obvious and most fun fun also a mercy Aradia let’s make some fluffy slimes to the first thing you’re going to need to do is to mix together some Forex and water so in a jug add cup of warm water and then to this add a teaspoon of borax and just mix it together until all the borax is resolved and then just set the black sister aside

because they can be using it later on so then just grab a bowl and this is what we’re going to be mixing our slime in and then you’re going to need some PVA screw loose so just take half a cup of the glue and I use Elmer’s glue and then just add this to the bowl and now for the ingredients that are joined to make our slime really fluffy and airy and like to take half a cup of shaving cream and add this to the glue and I love this club because it looks like whipped cream now you will also need half a cup of a foaming hand wash or hand soap and this is going to make it even fluffier and I say hand soap that smells amazing so it also made my slurp smell really good so then once you’ve added these ingredients it mix them together and it seriously looks like whipped cream it’s so magical and fluffy now you’ll need a tablespoon of cornstarch and this is going to thicken our slime and also it’s going to make it hold its shape better when we start to play with it so now.

I’ll just add in a couple of pumps of body lotion or hand lotion and this is gonna make our slime nice and stretchy so now is try to make our slime a really fun color now you can leave it plain what if you like but you know me and I love to make everything bright so here I’m just adding some a purpley a violent lilac food coloring to the slime and just mixing it in so you can tell your slime whatever color you like then just go ahead and grab your borax mixture and add a little bit at a time as you can see I’m only adding about a teaspoon at a time and then mixing it and then the one source line mix just a second and it gets to be consistency here you can just go ahead and take it out of the bowl and start working it with your hands and the more you work it the more it will come together and the less sticky all become but if you have another mouth next and it’s still far too sticky just go ahead and add a little bit more borax and then keeps me working it with your hands so now you should have this super amazing and super fluffy slime and the consistency of this line is so amazing.

I’m so obsessed with it and it was so much fun to play with and as you can see here when I put the slime apart you can see all these little air bubbles and what makes responsiveness and whoopee now you guys know how much I love flying so I definitely had to go ahead and make a funeral colors and so I just went ahead and mixed up another fine mixture and just handle the same ingredients and I love how easy and quick this one was to make and can you guys guess what color this firm is going to be don’t dad this time is going to see pink is going to be pink suppose it’s going to be pink.

I love this line so much it turned out such a pretty a cotton candy pink and it seriously looked so beautiful so I just added the borax mixture again and because at the beginning we make so much borax make sure you can just keep using it because you only need the tiniest amount when you make the slime go away now I love the texture of these pink slime as you can see it just looks really smooth and really light and fluffy and I just love this one so much and I love pushing it as well Pat Olson is really really fun and now it’s only applying to store it in an airtight container and then it should work for a few days so you can still keep playing that a few days later which is really awesome so here I mixed all the colors of my slime together and make this really pretty unicorn rainbow slime we still which was so beautiful to look at and I’m so stuffed with this one is super magical and then the iPhone is a really awesome a miniature foam babe and they’re like all different bright colors and I thought this would be so much funner to mix into the slime so I just placed some on top of the slime and then began mixing it in and this is scary to find a fun and different texture and I really love this one it was really different and I have so much fun.

This line was so much fun to play with it felt so cool in my hands and it was just such a different and unique texture and I love the way it looks in the purple slimes the little colors of the beads popping through so he goes a lot of these lines and so so obsessed with them all and I can’t wait to make more so I hope you guys enjoyed the video I had so much fun making this video seriously anything that involves fines this week me so so happy if you liked the video then please don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and could have it yet Sofia’s click that subscribe button for more videos thank you so much watching I love you all so much and I will see you all in my next video bye.