How To Make Cappuccino

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Learn how to make cappuccino coffee at home or workplace. Here are some basic steps and tips to help you make a perfect cappuccino every time.

1. Pour cold milk into a metal steaming pitcher, about a third full.

2. Purge the steam from the steaming wand for two seconds to eliminate any condensation moisture.

3. Dip the tip of the steaming wand into milk and start the jet. As the foam rises and the volume of milk increases, lower the pitcher, always keeping the tip submerged and tilted to create a vortex.

4. Continue steaming until the milk reaches between 140 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit. (It’s recommended to use a thermometer to ascertain its temperature).

5. Gently tap the pitcher of steamed milk onto the counter, so any large bubbles pop.

6. Pour the espresso into your cup.

7. Pour the foamed milk directly into the cup. Tilt it to the side and use your other hand to slowly pour the steamed milk into the center of the espresso. As the cup fills up, gradually move the cup, so it’s level and pour a little faster to get the foam onto the top of the drink.

Video by Global Cycling Network

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okay so today we’re going to focus on
how is steamed milk and how we pour milk
for cappuccinos and lattes and things
like that ideally you want your coffee
in your milk ready exactly the same time
that way everyone’s going to really
fresh taste really good so I’m going to
start off we’re going to use fresh cold
milk the fresh in the milk the better
will create foam the cold of the milk
the more time you had to create good fun
the more milk you steam the longer
everything will take and more control
you’ll have but also the more waste
you’ll create so the first thing we do
is we purge the steam and just to get
rid of any condensation moisture that’s
built up inside of it
we do that just by turning it on and off
at full power give it a quick wipe and
then we going to position it so it’s
nice and straight the straighter it is
the more control you have with the way
you move your jug the less impact this
is going to have the only thing that
does anything on the steam arm is the
very tip where the Jets of steam come
out everything else is just about
positioning so we will start with the
jug and we’re going to position it so
that the surface of the milk is just
above the tip of the steamer we’re going
to turn it on really gently just enough
power is going to create steam and as it
does that it’s going to add extra milk
increase the volume it’s at the level of
the milk is going to rise and as it
rises when you can lower the drugs to
same same sex some call that stretch and
we stretched enough and created enough
bodies we then raise the jug just a few
millimeters but changes the noise stops
adding air and then another business
school and for the
we do that until they’re not too hot to
touch we’re trying to take a hand off
shut the steam arm off and we’re done we
finished steaming the milk right the
steam wand again purge it to get rid of
anything that’s inside then we give them
a quick tap on the surface and they’re
just purge any of the bubbles we create
it we then swirl the jug so the milk
becomes really really shiny the shinier
it is the more the foam is surrounded by
liquid and the easier it’s going to be
pour patterns ideally you want your
coughing your milk ready exactly the
same time that way everything’s gonna be
really fresh it tastes really good
secrets a good pouring is to pour really
gently really slow and controlled you
start a little bit higher cover over any
white they create and then when I wanted
to go why I just dip down for really
really close to the coffee in one place
at the very end run three more has been
coffee recipes please subscribe to GCN
well control the texture of the espresso
you drink comes down to that recipe but
the brew time controls which flavors you
bring out the coffee if you don’t grew
for long enough coffees will taste thin
and bitter.


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