How to make a youtube channel and best options for uploading videos in 2017

How to make a youtube channel and best options for uploading videos

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In this video, I’ll show you how to quickly make a YouTube channel if you’re new to YouTube and I’ll spend the second half showing you how I upload videos to YouTube and tips on title, description, tags and more.

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in this video I’m going to show you how
you can create a YouTube channel from
scratch and walk you through how you
upload your video the right way so go to and the top right corner
click sign in I recommend making a gmail
account dedicated to this YouTube page
and not using a gmail account you
already have I always create a new gmail
account for my YouTube channel so I’m
going to do the same I show you how to
do that too I’m just going to make a
random account for this tutorial here
well go ahead and choose your new gmail
account here this is going to create a
new gmail account for you and go ahead
and fill the rest most likely you’re
going to get a form verification so
typing your phone number and verify now
if you followed me you should have a new
gmail account that’s dedicated to this
YouTube channel now if you continue to
YouTube from here you could create your
channel now you’re back on the main
YouTube page and on the top right corner
where you sign up before now you should
hear your little icon click that and go
to creator studio this is where you’re
going to create your channel and now
click create channel now we could create
our channel using the personal name that
we chose before or you could pick a
branded or business Channel all my
channels are branded channels so I don’t
really have one based on my personal
name that I use so you could either do
that and choose a branded channel or
choose personal here I’ll just choose it
as personal and press create channel so
all your navigation is on the left side
of the page I’m just going to click on
dashboard just to show you what that
looks like we’re not going to do
anything here I’m going to click the
channel icon because now we want to
verify our account verifying your
account opens up a lot of options so
make sure the first step is verifying
your accounts again I use the text
option to verify my account once your
accounts verified you’re going to go
back to the channel page and we want to
add a channel icon and a channel banner
those are the next step after verifying
your account so let me show you how to
do that so click this profile icon and
it’s going to take you to this page
where you could edit your profile icon
and when you press edit it’s going to
take you to Google Plus this is done
through Google Plus which is associated
with your YouTube page make sure you
upload eye catching channel icon here
then we want to upload our banner here
again press
edit on the banner section and you could
choose some defaults I recommend not
doing that and creating your own channel
banner in the description below I show
you how to create a channel banner from
scratch that looks a lot like mine so if
you want to follow that tutorial next
put in a really good description for
your channel check out some of your
favorite channels to see what a good
description looks like and copy that
style you’re pretty much ready for
uploading your first video now browse
around more add your website your social
media there’s a ton more to do here to
get your YouTube completely set but
let’s get to uploading your first video
so I’m back in my main youtube channel
to show you how to upload your first
video so any time you’re on a page in
YouTube you could go right on top here
and press the upload icon it’s right
here on top of the page I’m going to go
ahead and press that and I’m going to
show you how to upload a real video this
is actually going to be my upload for
today’s video so go ahead and press this
or you could drag any video file here
I’m just going to press here so here’s
the tip make sure your file name the way
you exported your video is the same as
the title for your video so in this case
how to use Google backup and sync to
backup photos that’s going to be my
title for the video so I make sure my
file name is the same thing I’m going to
go ahead and choose that that’s just
going to help you with ranking and then
the Oslo process begins automatically so
while that’s happening we don’t want to
press publish just yet we’re going to
just fill in all the description again
my title just came over from my video
file so I don’t really have to do much
here but you could go ahead and edit it
here for the description we want
something really complete so what I do
is I use the little text document and I
write down my description before I do
this upload so then I could just copy
and paste it so I have a little
description that also repeats my title
here I’m making more of a sentence
rather than just how to use I usually
say share this video and I’ll copy this
link here so in this case I’m going to
go ahead and copy this link and bring it
over here and put it here
and then the rest of it is to send
people to my Facebook page to my website
you could check out some of my other
videos for this description or some of your favorite
channels and then make sure your
descriptions complete so I’m going to go
in and copy this put it in my
descriptions and when it comes to tags
I’m going to go ahead and type in tags
like Google backup and sync and things
that match my title but let me show you
a tool here that saved me ton of time
and that’s this down here called
tubebuddy so you probably won’t see that
if you just created a YouTube account
and this is a chrome plug-in so I’m
using Chrome and this is actually
there’s a free options for this that
allows you to do that and here I’m
actually using the free option so I’ll
put a link in the description if you
want to do this and I’ll show you how it
works so if I go to Explorer and you
know if I type in what I’m making a
video about and then if I press Explorer
it’s going to show me search volume
competition it’s going to show me if
it’s going to have a good chance to rank
I could choose these and insert these
tags into my video I could go to Auto
suggested and see what Google and
YouTube suggestions are for this and
insert those into my video if
something’s not correct like Google
backup sync error this is not about that
so I’m just going to go ahead and get
rid of that and then again make sure you
put as many tags as you can there’s a
limit of 500 characters I’m using 178
here so now we have title we have
description and we have tags next step
is thumbnail and YouTube usually gives
you some thumbnails but you could create
your own thumbnail and again there is a
link in the description for the way I do
mine so I’m going to go ahead and choose
mine I’m going to press open here and
it’s going to upload my thumbnail and
now I want to go up here and choose if I
want my video to be public private or
scheduled I’m going to go ahead and pick
public and you could also add it to a
playlist if you have a playlist I do
have a playlist for this so I’m going to
choose that again you’re not going to
see these options these are all two
buddy options so if you want to buddy
and see the same tools you could do that
but that’s pretty much it for the upload
I’ll make it more advanced upload video
and show you some of the other things
with subtitles and screen elements card
before your first upload this is plenty
and you could now go ahead and publish
your first video I hope this video was
helpful please give us a like and
subscribe to this channel come back for
a lot more YouTube videos and
other how-to topics hope to see on the
next video thanks for watching.


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