How to Make a CUSTOM YouTube Thumbnail with Photoshop – YouTube Thumbnail Tutorial

How to create highly clickable Custom Youtube thumbnails in Photoshop

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Want thumbnails that will get you way more views?  In this photoshop tutorial, I’ll walk you through my new thumbnails and how I create them from scratch. They significantly improved my click-through rate on my videos.

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Hey everyone in this video I wanted to show you how to make an effective thumbnail on YouTube.

Now I actually paid for a consulting to improve my thumbnails actually previously made a video on how to make thumbnails And I thought they were effective. But when I change my thumbnails on this new channel, it really started increasing my views so in this video I wanted to show you these new effective thumbnails, and I wanted to show you how you could make one just like it

So I’m gonna use Photoshop to create these so let’s start from scratch we go to file new and we want to create a new document and 1920 by 1080 is perfect That’s the size we want And we want to label it and I’m gonna press create again black background is fine for this and now that we have this black Background we want to start with putting a background image here, so depending on your video it could be a screen graph from your video my videos are animation so sometimes I use animation background in this case I Downloaded this picture. This is what I’m gonna use as my background Go ahead and open the image with your background, and you could just drag that and drop it into the new Photoshop file So that’s how I’m gonna put it in here again. If it doesn’t fit press command T And you could resize it in this case it actually fits perfectly So I’m gonna press the checkmark and not resize it if you google free stock images You could actually download these for free a lot of images just like this one now that I have that I want to create a Border around this one to really make it pop so I could double click this and do Stroke and with the stroke. I want a large size stroke, so let’s go 35 in this case and I want it to be on the inside that’s fine I want to change the color to something that will really grab your attention so for money.

Let’s go green That’s nice, and press ok press ok again the bottom I can’t see so if I resize that I will be able to see it So I’m gonna go ahead and resize this so it all fits the screen. I’ll press ok If for some reason this border effect is not working out for you Another way is if I create a new layer.

You could just grab the rectangle tool and again You could press and change the color to anything you want and you could just draw that rectangle Anywhere you want, so if you want you could create it Just like this on a new layer, so I’ll just show you how to do that Just like that so now if I turn the other one off You could see how I created a border a different way So I’m just gonna turn that one off and I’m gonna delete these But that’s another way to create that border next we want to create our text, so let’s create a new layer Everything should be on a different layer, so you could change them in the pen, so let’s press T and put that right over here I Usually use this font Roboto, so if you don’t have it in Photoshop Go ahead and google it and download it and black is good 400 is good and obviously with the color I really like neon that’s the new one I’m going with this light blues nice red is nice Yellow is nice, but in this case again I’ll go with the color of money and This font size actually might be too big so let me change that to 200 press ok And I’ll just type in my title so I’m gonna add to this title later, but just for the sake of this Let’s go with this press. Okay, and if I press V I could move it somewhere over here, and I could double click this actually and change it, so it’s on three lines Just like that.

I don’t wanna press the checkmark here Next I want to really make this pop so I could double click this and add a layer style so on this layer I’m gonna double click here. Not where the text is just next to the text, and I want to do a stroke when I select stroke And I want to change the stroke to be black to make it really pop Press ok and the stroke size that I need to reduce it to about 13 and I’ll do outside stroke, so it should look something like this press ok again If I press b I could move it to where I think it should fit And I could always double click and change the font size so if

I want it to be even bigger Let’s do 250. I could do that and if I click this here this icon It gives me the spacing between each line, so I could change the spacing so they’re not touching I’m gonna press ok all right So we’re almost getting there next we want to put The book here or an image so if you have an image if it’s you talkin This is a good place to put it in this case It’s a book review, so I have it on a different file right here I’m gonna go ahead and select that I’m gonna bring it on To my Photoshop file and drop it here. I’m gonna press command T to resize just to make it bigger I’m holding shift so it doesn’t change the aspect ratio if I don’t I could reshape it any way I Want to but I want to keep the aspect ratio And I’m gonna press ok press V again took place at somewhere over here, and that’s my top layer I’m just gonna label this book, so I don’t forget what it is Okay, so now the one thing that we need to change is this background image. It’s a little bit distracting It’s hard to read the text the text will look better with a darker background, so I’m gonna come back to this layer I’m gonna change the text of this to Label at what it is and now

I’m gonna double click the FX again, and I want to Put a satin overlay, so I’m gonna check that on and you see the difference here Why is that a 50% opacity at normal at 0 and a? 59 at 75 it might be even better yes, so it’s not really Distracting anymore and the text really pops let’s look at before and after look at that Really makes the text pop, so I’m gonna press ok this is it if it was on black This is it with that background layer so again with that mono text you wanna put here I wouldn’t go more than five or six words But in this case I might change this text because it’s saying exactly what the book title is saying here So I’ll put something like this for the title I’ll change it again. It’s going underneath the books also liked everything that’s come in a here on the Mac and I’m gonna change the font size again to be 200 so everything fits and Over here if I select this I could make everything in all caps as I didn’t type in all caps I could just press that Make it all cap press checkmark if I press B. I could place it somewhere over here Again, it’s not fitting so either I could decrease the size of the book or I could decrease the size of the text in this case let me go ahead to Try to make the text 180 that fits, but the spacing is too significant between them So I’m just gonna go ahead and decrease the spacing to something like that press ok and Again it looks like I need one more spacebar There we go now. It’s even press ok now You could play around with a couple other things like changing the text color so it’s not all green so you could change the word freedom for example up here select this and Maybe I’ll do that light blue. I like press ok that still looks great against a darker background And I press ok up here, so that’s how you go about creating a Thumbnail that’s really effective and highly clickable these colors are gonna.

Make us stand out this border is gonna Make it stand out you could even throw your branding somewhere here like if you have a logo that’s good to put that here But I just went through my channel and changed all my thumbnails to look like this so I wanted to share that with you So I could help you grow your channel with these more attractive thumbnails.

I hope this video was helpful Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for a lot more tutorials Just like this one and I hope to see you on the next video. Thanks for watching.



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