How to keep a conversation going with anyone

How to keep a conversation going with anyone and never run out of things to say

Not sure how to start a conversation or keep a conversation going and flowing? In this video, I’ll show you some proven methods that will help you keep a conversation going including the timeless ford method.

Let’s start in the beginning. Starting a conversation. Most of the time, when you start talking to someone, you can start the conversation about what you both have in common at the moment, and in most situations, that’s the location where the conversation is happening. Are you talking to them in a bar? At an event? At a new job?
Make a comment about that place and ask them a question about it. Do you come here often if you’re at a bar or venue. If you’re at an event, you can say: This event is interesting, how did you hear about it?

This is a conversation starter, but don’t turn this into an interview. This is just to break the ice and begin the conversation. If you have a sense of humor, apply it here. Make a funny observation about your environment. But don’t try too hard to be funny. Go with it if it comes naturally to you.

Now let’s talk about a method that’s been around for almost a 100 years.
The Ford Method. This is still practical today.

F in FORD method is for family.
O is for occupation.
R is recreation.
D is for Dreams.

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in this video I want to share some
practical tips with you on how you can
keep the conversation going
these will help you in both professional
and personal conversations let’s start
in the beginning starting a conversation
most of the time when you start talking
to someone you can start the
conversation about what you both have in
common at that moment that’s the
location where the conversation is
happening in most cases are you talking
at a bar are you talking at an event at
a new job make it comment about that
place and ask them a question about it
you come here often if you’re at a bar
for example if you are an event you
could say this is an interesting event
how’d you hear about it this is a
conversation starter but don’t turn this
into an interview this is just to break
the ice and to begin the conversation if
you have a sense of humor perfect place
to apply it make a funny observation
about your environment but don’t try too
hard to be funny go with what comes
naturally to you another great
conversation starter is making an
educated guess about someone if you see
something on their shirt for example
that represents music or film that’s
your conversation starter make a comment
about it if you see a band under shirt
that you know about say oh I saw them in
concert last year just don’t make this
up try to find something just like this
example and make sure you say something
authentic and that will work a lot
better now important tip here once the
conversation starts remember that it
goes two ways you want to set the other
person up to say what they want to say
you want to listen more than you talk
listening is by far the strongest tool
in any conversation everything you say
doesn’t have to be amazing get out of
your own head if you think the next
thought is not funny you’re smart you’re
going to get stuck now let’s talk about
a method that’s been around for almost a
hundred years you’ve probably heard of a
Deford method this is still very
practical today in the ford method
stands for family this will create a
personal connection but don’t start off
with this since
may come off a little bit too strong
make an observation about the
environment and relate that back to the
family and carry the conversation that
way make a comment about something you
see around you and they say oh that
reminds me of a family member like an
uncle or sister and then you could
transition the person you’re talking to
talk about family that can extend to
pets – everyone loves pets and a lot of
people have pets so if you have pets
yourself this is the easy conversation
starter o is for occupation this is a
common conversation starter
it’s a safe bet if you ask someone what
they do and they tell you they’re a
college student for example you could
carry the conversation for a while or
make sure you make statements and not
just ask questions you don’t want to
sound like you’re quizzing someone ask
them their major and trying to make
relatable notes about that major make
positive points and the conversation
should naturally flow from here r is for
recreation this can be as simple as
asking them what they do for fun if you
don’t know anything about what they’re
talking about ask follow-up questions
and engage with them and learn about it
people love talking about their hobbies
and their passions so by being engaged
keeping eye contact making comments
you’ll keep the conversation going make
sure you make comments about it if you
know something about that interests
always redirect back to them don’t
hijack the conversation and start
talking about your interests right away
it’s all about listening and being
engaged think about it the people you
probably like talking to the most are
the ones that listen the best so this is
a great way to make a first impression
on something D is for dreams oftentimes
people will tell you their occupation
and their job but they really want to
talk about their dreams instead ask them
about it show your support if they want
to have their own business ask them
about it and encourage them with your
response you could talk about their
bucket list you could find things that
you both have in common on that list
they can talk about wanting to travel
for example you could direct the
conversation to all the cool places that
you want to see and the fun things you
want to do and this could keep the
conversation flowing another great
conversation topic is food if it’s
relevant to your environment where
you’re having the conversation food
topics can be great have you tried this
restaurant for example or
this type of food this could lead to
conversations about health fitness
physical interest don’t rush the
conversation don’t talk too fast or too
slow just talk at a normal pace this
will put the other person at ease and
help them flow the conversation keep a
subtle smile and keep eye contact what I
improve your conversation skills even
more trying to improv class this will
help you a lot and you will help you
with your sense of humor too and then
practice in multiple conversations a day
with a stranger and apply these
a common method in improv class always
set the other person up and do more
listening the talking and don’t be
afraid to fail just like everything else
practice practice practice I hope these
tips help you and the next time you’re
in a conversation remember some of these
and apply them and I hope you subscribe
to this channel and like this video and
I hope to see you on the next video