How to install iOS 11 Beta-Free on mobile

Want iOS 11 before anyone else? Try the beta. It’s easy to install iOS 11 beta on iPhone or iPad. This video walks you through it.
iOS 11 beta: (open it in Safari on device)
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in this video I’m going to show you how
to install iOS 11 beta before its public
release in order to get iOS 11 before
its publicly released in its beta form
you’ll need to go to this domain name in
Safari and then press enter this is the
domain name is in the description go
ahead and type it in and press Enter and
you’ll get this pop-up just press allow
and that will take you to the iOS beta
software profile page where you can
install the beta now just a warning this
is a beta so it’s not going to be as
smooth as a regular public iOS release
so if you have any concerns about it
having problems just wait till i OS 11
is released to everyone but if you want
to risk it go ahead and press install
right now now that the install is
complete I’m going to go to general and
go to software update now that I have a
download that I could press download and
install the install is going to take a
few minutes so I’m just going to fast
forward after your phone restarts you
should see welcome to iPhone screen and
once you see that you should be
operating iOS 11 beta to watch more
how-to videos go to Houston edicom or
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