How to Grill a Steak

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Do you love grilled steaks? If you’ve been wanting to try grilling your own steak at home, this step couldn’t be any simpler. Follow these steps on how to grill steak and surprise your family with awesome restaurant-quality steak at home.

Step 1: Fire up the grill.
For grilling steaks, you need the heat as high as possible. When the coals are reads, arrange them in a three-zone fire. Put the top grill and allow it to heat up then oil it using long handled tongs.

Step 2: Bring the Steak to Room Temperature
Take the steaks out of the fridge and let the steaks reach the room temperature about an hour before you cook them. Meanwhile, trim the excess fat, keeping a thin layer of fat, which causes flare-ups and curling.

Step 3: Season the Steak
Drizzle some olive oil. Then, liberally apply coarse salt and freshly ground pepper. Flip the steak and repeat the process.

Step 4: Sear the Steak
Place the steaks on the hot grill to sear. Don’t move them for 2-3 minutes. Use the tongs again to flip steaks and sear the other side. After searing, move the steaks to the indirect heat side of your charcoal grill to finish cooking.

Step 5: Check for Doneness
Using a digital instant-read meat thermometer, check the temperature of the steak while it’s still on the grill. A temperature of 130 to 145 degrees F is the range between medium-rare and medium. You can, however, use the finger test if you don’t have a meat thermometer.

TIP: Remember, the steak will continue to cook after you remove it from the grill so sear the steak quickly about 15° F before it reaches its ideal temperature.

Step 6: Let the Steak Rest
Once you take your steaks off the grill, don’t cut into them right away. Steaks need to rest so the juices can go back into the meat and not run all over your platter. Seal it with a little butter and let it melt into the steak. Cover with foil to keep them warm and let them rest for at least 5 minutes. Lastly, slice and serve the steak.

Video by Art of Manliness

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everyone brennick here from the Art of
Manliness calm all right in today’s
video Carl is going to show us how to
grill the perfect steak okay we’re ready
to cook a steak our grill is screaming
hot we’ve got our three zone fire
everything is perfect we’ve got these
great cuts of meat now we’re going to
season them and we’re going to cook them
so the first thing I like to do is
drizzle them with a little bit of olive
oil this one is a rosemary garlic olive
oil you can just use plain extra-virgin
olive oil or you can use something with
a little bit of flavoring and seasoning
just gives you one more element and then
we’re pretty simple you see all these
people with these elegant spice rubs and
all that look the meat is the star here
don’t over shout out the meat we do it
simple with salt and pepper and be
liberal be liberal with your seasonings
these are big cuts of meat and we always
like to use fresh ground pepper you can
use the stuff out of a can it’s just not
as good we like these now we’re going to
flip it and we’re going to do the same
thing over again on the other side and
again this oil is going to help us
create really good grill marks we’re
going to talk about that in a minute
when we get over to the over to the
grill how to get those because that’s
really what’s going to make impress your
friends and make you look like a really
good professional grill master okay now
we’ve got our charcoal grill we’re going
to prepare it and get it ready for our
steaks again with our three zone fire
but we want good grill marks so there’s
a lot of ways oil your grill you can do
it with a paper towel dip it in oil and
Stroke it over but you can also do it
with spray you have to be a little
careful over that hot part of the zone
of your fire
and now we’re ready for our steaks start
with this big porterhouse and our rib
steak then our filet now everybody has
seen that guy that I mean–it he puts it
on the grill he wants to touch it he
wants to move it around he wants to you
do that you’re not going to get any
grill marks at this point you are not
the star of the show your grill is the
star of the show so you’ve got it on
there let’s lower your grill down and
let’s let it do the work for a few
minutes and create that good
carmelization from those salt that
pepper and get those good grill marks on
your steak okay we’re going to start the
same process again on the gas grill so
we get the same beautiful steaks the
same beautiful grill marks the same
thing on a gas grill we’re going to show
you how to do that right now we’re going
to take an ordinary paper towel and some
extra-virgin olive oil
we’ve got our grill and we’re just going
to go back and forth over the grate and
make sure it’s a good an oil over all
the zones this will help to create good
grill marks good carmelization you’re
going to get a little bit of flare up
that will die down quickly now we’ll get
our steaks we’ll put them on and just as
before that’s what you want to hear that
really hot scorching fire now you don’t
want to touch it just don’t touch it
don’t let the flame scare you just close
it down and let the grill do its work
okay it’s been about five minutes when
you’re looking at doneness on steaks a
good rule of thumb is for every inch of
thickness is about ten minutes to get it
to a medium consistency so I know this
everybody out there tell you touch your
nose that’s a medium or touch the palm
of your hand you know there’s two ways
you can get it you can go off that
theory or you can go and invest in a
really good instant-read thermometer
these are worth their weight and gold
why guess when you don’t have to so
we’re ready to turn our steaks again
these have been on the hot part of the
and now we’re ready to let them finish
cooking okay our steaks have been
cooking about 10 minutes so we’re ready
to take them off the grill you can see
we got that good carmelization we’ve got
some grill marks on it so we’re going to
take them over here to the grill all of
our steaks then we’re not going to touch
everybody goes they want to cut into it
they want to eat it right then but you
want to let it rest the one step you do
want to do at this point is right now
what we like to do is seal it in with a
little bit of butter just kind of rub it
over adds a butter she’s got a huge
amount of flavor and just seal that in
and let that just melt into the steak if
you want to you can take a piece of foil
your outside tenet you want to let that
rest for about half the time that you’ve
been cooking it we cook these to about
125 degrees which is medium-rare if you
want to cook it a little bit more 140 is
medium beyond that it’s just going to
check for doneness so but if you cook
these for 10 or 15 minutes anywhere from
5 to 7 minutes resting time let those
juices go back into the meat and not run
all over your platter okay we’re ready
our meats rested we’re ready to cut into
it and see how we’ve done we’ll take our
porterhouse and again you could serve
this whole or you can cut it for your
we’re gonna take a bike oh man
fantastic it’s the best so let’s try the
ribs sake again you can see a little bit
of pink in the center again it’s always
good to have really sharp knives you
won’t cut yourself with a really sharp
knife hmm incredible
follow these steps you’ll make a perfect
steak every time.
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