How to get started with Evernote – Evernote for Beginners Tutorial

How to use Evernote?

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Want to get started with Evernote. In this video, I’ll show you how to use the desktop and browser version of Evernote.

Evernote allows you to sync all the documents between your mobile and computer without thinking about it. That’s why it has over 30 million users and it’s one of my favorite apps to get organized.

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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could use one of my favorite apps called Evernote. I’m gonna show you how to use the desktop version, on a Mac or you could also use a browser version like I have here, so I’ll show you that too.

And you could also use the mobile version on iOS devices or Android devices and the great thing about Evernote is that it syncs your documents between all those devices and that’s one of my favorite reasons why I use it.

So let’s get started here.  If you don’t have Evernote, there’s a couple ways to get it. One is to go to and sign up here or you could use the app store.  It’s called Evernote just go ahead and search for it and Download it and this is what the desktop version looks like I’m just gonna close the app store here This is what the desktop version looks like on a Mac and let me login to the browser that was logging right there this browser Version and the desktop version and the mobile version are all synched up.

The thing is though it only syncs between two devices on the free version so if you want to sync it between multiple devices More than two you have to upgrade to the premium version, but I’m still on the free version, and it’s working fine for me I’m using it to do book reviews and Keeping all my notes synced between my desktop and my mobile app when I’m on the go so to get started with Evernote There’s a couple of things you need to know Evernote is a combination of notebooks And then notes within that notebook, so these two are your most important tabs notebooks And notes so first thing is we want to go to notebook and we want to create a notebook to start from scratch, so In this case all you got to do is press the plus sign here and create a notebook So let’s say this is my notebook, and then you could choose to make it private So you could only see it, or you could share it with somewhere right away right now I’ll make it private and I could share it later for someone to collaborate and I create and that’s how he creates a notebook for Me within that notebook.

There’s gonna be a lot of notes, so let me go within one of my notebooks here I’ll double click that one and it took me two notes here and under that notebook I have a variety of different notes, so if you look over here. There’s one note. There’s two there’s three These are just book summaries that I put in here I’m gonna show you how to add a new note to this here so on their notes if I come up here and press the Plus sign, I could create notes now. He’s gonna Let me type up a new notes Could either type up the tag or title in this case I already wrote it somewhere else in Microsoft Word actually so I could open up Microsoft Word And I could copy the title I could come back over here and paste the title and I could go back and copy the Contents, and I could bring it and paste it here, and he’s created a new note for me right here So that’s my fourth note within that notebook Now let me show you how inks up with a different device so now if I go to my desktop, and if I refresh this page You see that new notebook 17 seconds ago when I created it popped up right here

And it’s the same thing with my mobile app. It’s popped up right there so without you doing anything it syncs across all your devices Without you having to worry about it. Let me go back to the app here again so again You could divide up your notebooks by different categories So if you have video ideas if you’re using it for school you could do different subject matters if you’re using it for business you Could have different categories for business again. I’m just using this for my youtube channel to keep it organized You could create to-do lists for yourself so another great function here is tags because this will make things much easier.

To search so what I want to do is create a new tag I could just name that tag whatever. I want and Now if I go to one of my notes over here I’ll just go to this note here, and I could click to add a tag so right here. I could click and add a tag And because I created that tag you recognized it and now it’s created that tag for me so now under tags It says one thing is under that tag so when you accumulate a lot of tags. Let’s say you had a hundred tags It’s a lot easier to just double click and search for something that way with tags right now I obviously had just one tag and one item on there that tag what it was easy But if you’re ever knowwwww gets really crowded. It’s a great way to search for things now.

I have another Evernote icon That’s very crowded, but I had some sensitive information, so I created this one for book reviews Just to show you for this video now if you wanted to share one of your documents so under notebook I’m just gonna go over here to this document over here, and I could just press share now it’s gonna Ask me who I want to send it to so I could put someone’s email and leave them a message And I could have them edit by Inviting them to edit or I could just get them to view this document and I could share with them this way this is a great way to collaborate over any document within each Evernote you have all the Functionalities that you have on any text document so you could change the font you could make things bold you could change the font size.

You could even add tables if you wanted to I’m just gonna Command Z to undo that you could also click this icon here to attach anything to your Evernote like a picture so in this case If I wanted to add this picture I could just press that attachment and bring that into my document I’m just gonna select and delete that so again the things to take away from this is Evernote consists of notebooks and notes so go over here first create your notebook That will be your overall subject, and then you could come on their notes

And you could create notes on their down notebook and everything is gonna be nicely organized within Evernote and everything is gonna be synced up between all your devices and Finally the ability to use tags to tag anything on any document so you could easily find it I hope this video helps you get started with Evernote Please give this a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for a lot more videos Just like this one and I hope to see you in the next video. Thanks for watching.


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