How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon

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It really is possible to get free stuff on Amazon.  This video shows you practical tips on how to do that.
Video by Think Media

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in this video I’m going to share with
you how I get free stuff on Amazon and
my five step system for how I actually
earn money in the process
coming up hey what’s up guys sean here
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point during the video i’m going to list
out a lot of websites and all of my
resources and things i’ll put those in
the youtube description below so you can
check those out at any time
let’s get into the video so lately I’ve
been getting a ton of free and heavily
discounted products from Amazon I’ve
gotten a few tech things some iPhone
lenses some things like that I’ve gotten
a ton of supplements and hang on for a
second I’ve gotten literally a ton of
supplements from Amazon and I’ve I kind
of been obsessed with them lately
I’m working out so it’s like relevant
for what I’m into and I’ve also been
getting some household items and some
other things and so the way I got this
free stuff on Amazon or discounted when
I say discounted maybe it was $40 and
you pay a dollar or you get like 75% off
the way I’ve been able to do that is
actually a website called AM Z review
traitor and so I’ll link that up in the
description but there’s also a ton of
websites like it so also link up a blog
post that lists out about 20 different
websites that basically what they do is
they connect companies who are looking
to get reviews on their Amazon page text
reviews they’re looking for someone to
review it post some pictures test out
their product and it will send you the
product either free or at a discounted
rate and maybe you’ve read before in
Amazon comments where it says I receive
this product either for free or for a
discount that’s why that disclaimer is
there now recently there’s kind of been
a change in the industry where Amazon
doesn’t really allow that anymore and so
you always got to do your due diligence
and your research but what it is now is
these sites still exist but you get the
free stuff and you’re not required to
review it right but you can they still
send you the stuff and then it’s
optional and if you’re building your
brand as reviewer of course you know you are
gonna review it and I’ve heard lately
that you don’t even actually need the
disclaimers anymore but anyways do your
due diligence of course not a lawyer and
I’ll link up the latest resources in the
description below but I want to share
with you my five-step process for how I
actually apply this to YouTube and
earning income step number one is to
just sign up for an account at like a MZ
review trader right and what’s kind of
cool is they have like an autoresponder
email that helps you start learning the
process so you can get approved for free
stuff number two you want to optimize
your Amazon profile so think about it
you’re actually kind of making an
impression on brands so if you have a
theme on my profile I say that I’m all
about doing tech stuff as well as
lifestyle stuff which is really my two
YouTube channels Sean thinks and think
media TV and so I kind of put that in my
bio I try to have a good picture in a
description you know you just want to
make an impression if someone’s going to
send you something you know what kind of
impression are you giving off so
optimize your profile 100% on Amazon
number three is before you even request
any products start reviewing things that
you’ve already purchased on Amazon that
kind of builds up your library maybe
you’ve never written a review before and
make sure that it’s quality they
actually score you so they say like
based on your word count so they’ll say
you have like a d-minus on your review
you know scores so try to put quality
reviews out it helps if you get upvotes
you know on your reviews and then also
pictures and even video clips help even
more and again that’s going to show
brands you know that they’re they want
to send you free stuff because you built
a reputation and you have a history of
doing quality reviews then number four
is to go into the shopping area and
apply to review free products and you
can pick you know all these different
categories literally there’s like
everything now of course they’re not as
far as I’ve noticed giving away 4k HD
you know TVs right but there is a lot of
different cool stuff and sometimes you
got to dig around but you just go
shopping and then just apply for
anything that you would be interested in
and then once approved they’ll send it
to you and then what you do is
do a text review right on Amazon but
here’s where it gets really cool and
where I take it another step sue then
you can actually earn money off of the
stuff that you got for free well then I
recommend is that you create a YouTube
video now at this point you’re done with
your responsibility you know for amz
review trader and those companies but
now you have some free product and
you’ve tested it out right so what I
recommend is you make a review video on
your YouTube channel and then you do
what’s called affiliate marketing and
that’s where you can sign up for Amazon
Associates and then what happens is if
you put a link to that product that you
just reviewed and someone clicks on it
and purchases it you get a commission
so to recap right super cool you’re
already applying for things that you’re
passionate about and maybe that your
YouTube channel is based on and maybe
you haven’t even started YouTube channel
it’s a great time to do it because
product reviews can really help you
build some side even part-time it’s
actually how I built a full time income
and go through the whole process of the
text review on Amazon but then take it
onto YouTube and then actually monetize
those product reviews and if you do this
in a very strategic way it can actually
be something that really builds your
income over time so those are my five
best tips and hey if you’re actually
interested in learning more about how to
profit from doing simple product review
videos on YouTube I put together a free
training with some case studies some
tips showing you how to set this up and
that’s actually available at create
awesome reviews calm and so if you want
to get access to that I’ll put on the
YouTube card in the description below
where you can just go to that URL
question of the day do you have any cool
ways of getting free or discounted
products from Amazon or from any site
let me know about it in the YouTube
comments below and remember that
actually some of the best tips and
advice come from you the think media TV
community so definitely connect with
everybody in the comments section so
thanks so much for checking out this
video definitely subscribe for more
videos just like this and hey do you
know someone who’s trying to build their
influence and income online if so would
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button and I actually put together a
playlist of the product review series
how to get free products ways to set
these things up all of my best tips on a
youtube playlist so you can check that
out I’ll link it up on the YouTube card
as in the description below and until next
time think media TV is helping you go
further faster in media keep crushing it
and we will talk soon short and sweet is
better question of the day uh tut tut
tut tut tut tut tut tut tut città cut
keep crushing yet and we will talk soon
the weird pointy finger what’s he about


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