How to get a 1000 active Instagram followers

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How to get a 1000 active Instagram followers

I’m going to walk you through 12 real tips and hacks that work.

We will start with the basics of how to create a great Instagram account that will get you followers and follow that with advice on how to drive traffic back to your page. At the end, I’ll go through some of the popular Instagram hacks that actually work, even though I don’t recommend them.

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In this video, I’m going to show you how I got over a thousand Instagram followers in less than a month and you can too with these tips.
This is not an Instagram hack tutorial. It’s not how to get a thousand followers in ten minutes. It’s going to be real advice that require some effort,
consistency and some time, but it will get you real active followers on your topic.
At the end, I will touch base on how some people get followers quickly too,
just to make this a complete video and the only one you need to watch, so stick around to the end,
and I’ll cover some Instagram hacks that are popular.
So tip number one is having a theme or a topic on your page and sticking to that.
If you’re into fitness or into makeup, into photography,
whatever it may be, it’s much easier to grow a page when you can target specific groups with that specific interest.
My page is all about filmmaking and camera gear, right, so I don’t post personal or unrelated pictures.
I have other accounts for that, so you can do the same thing and break up your Instagram into multiple accounts.
I’ve had this page for a long time, and I just had 300 or so users, but about a month ago,
I really took it seriously and I utilize these tips and it grew by a thousand followers that are actively following me.
In fact my last post had over 700 likes, because my followers are active followers.
Tip number two is make sure your description, your text description on top of the page is very descriptive of your page.
And you could also use Emoji to really make it clear what your channel is all about, so if it’s about cameras, use a camera icon Emojis.
It’s about weight lifting, use a weight or fitness emoji. Make sure you have a link to your website or YouTube page
underneath that text also. This can help people learn more about your page.
And you could also use it to drive traffic to other sources. There’s a link below on a video I made,
that shows you how to add a link to your bio if you don’t know how to do it.
Tip number three is make sure you have high quality pictures and you’ve utilized
filters that come with Instagram to create a consistent look. That means if you’re using black and white filters or vintage filters or saturated filters,
stick around with that. It helps your page look more uniform and more professional and more put together.
People like that. Don’t try to get followers without at least having 10 good posts for your account.
So when you drive traffic to your page, people actually like what they see.
I’ve seen people with thousands of followers with zero or one or two posts, but they’re not going to be active followers.
They’re usually just a number. They will most likely unfollow you. You don’t want that. Towards the end of this video,
I’ll show you a couple of ways on how people get followers with things like follow for follow,
and create pages with no posts and somehow have followers.
But I don’t recommend it for what we’re trying to do here. Next tip is all about lighting and composition.
Pay attention to composition on lighting of your images. Do more research.
Look up framing, composition, lighting. Learn a little bit more about it.
This will make a big difference in the long run of how popular your page becomes. You don’t need a fancy camera to do it.
Your phone is just fine, but lighting and framing are really important.
Don’t skip this step. Do a little bit of research, and that will help improve your picture quality.
Tip number five, be consistent. You’ve probably heard it a million times.
But I try to do a post a day or at least every other day.
You want quality posts, so don’t just take a picture and post it all the time if it’s not quality.
But the more quality posts you have, the more people you can reach, so be consistent. Real growth won’t happen overnight.
You can use hacks and follow for follow and all the other things I’m going to talk to you about later to get numbers,
but if you want real growth, real active followers that care about your post , post regularly and follow these other tips.
Next tip is hashtags. So if your page is ready the most effective way to get real followers is hashtags.
This is how I got my initial group of followers outside of my Facebook friends. If you don’t use hashtags,
you only be posting for your current group of followers. So if you have 100 followers,
those are the people that are going to see your posts without a hashtag, so it’s really hard to grow from there.
So open a Word doc or a Google Doc and make a few different lists.
These will be group of hashtags that you can Copy-and-paste related to your post.
For example, when I post about 4k cameras, I use a certain group of hashtags. These could be like 4k.
hashtag video production. hashtag Filmmaking, hashtag setlife and so on. I used about 20 hashtags per post.
Yes, it may look a little tacky, but it works. Create about three groups and save them in an email or your phone,
so you can easily copy them. How do you know what hashtags to use?
Find some pages that are similar in your topic,
so for makeup for example, look up makeup brands like Ulta. For Fitness, look up athletes or
bodybuilders you like and copy their hashtags and use those in your post.
There is a limit on how many hashtags you can use per post so stick to around 15 or 20 per post. That’s what I try to do
Tip number seven is mixing up those hashtags, so see what works and adjust your list from there.
So you could start some posts with one or two hashtags and see what’s working, what’s effective and what the right ones are for your category.
This is why you need a good page to begin with. If people find you but they don’t like what they see,
it’s harder to build up the followers. So mix up your hashtags, and then drive that traffic to a really nice page.
And people will most likely begin following you because they like what they see.
Tip number eight is repost. Repost is a powerful tool.
Being consistent with your content is hard, so sometimes, you need to borrow some content and I have a video in the description that explains reposting
and how I do it with another app.
But usually, I follow a very popular page in my topic with hundreds of thousands of followers.
And when I find a great post, I repost it and I use their hashtags.
I make sure I give them credit in the post, so it’s not stealing their post, and this is simply done by the reposting app.
This is a very effective way in staying consistent with posting and reaching a new audience and also finding new hashtags this way too.
Watch the repost video and repost a few times a week.
Tip number nine is searching hashtags related to your topic and liking those images,
and on those images that you find. Now this could be time-consuming,
but it works really well, because you’re showing support to people to have similar pages to your page.
So most likely, they’re going to return the favor. So it will get you followers.
It will get you likes. The goal is to get about 30 followers a day.
We’re not trying to get a thousand followers a day. After getting 30 followers a day, every day,
and being consistent, that will add up to a thousand followers a month about and that could lead to be over 10,000 followers
in just your first year, so searching hashtags and liking the images on those hashtags can be time-consuming,
but we’re just trying to get a few followers from this tip and
combining all these will help us get 30 to 40 followers per day.
Okay, now, I’m going to jump into the part I’ve been talking about which is some techniques I don’t recommend
that I’ve seen in other videos that do work quickly, but they don’t get you dedicated followers, so use this with caution.
First is follow for follow.
This is finding follow for follow pages and following those people on those pages or using the follow for follow
Hashtag in your post now. There’s ton of follow for follow hashtags.
So you could use all of them in a single post.
Again, this is going to get you random followers, right. So if your page is about makeup,
you’re really not going to get people that are interested about makeup tutorials as much as you are.
But you will get random followers.
And I’ve seen people use this and have ton of followers without a single post on their page.
Next tip is following celebrity pages with millions of followers. I just did this with one of my accounts, and I got some followers,
and basically I just followed the top 40 celebrity pages on Instagram. If you want to do this,
go to real howfinity Instagram page at realhowfinity and follow the people I follow there. Those are the 40 people I just mentioned.
People look at these pages for new Followers
and they follow those followers. So you can unfollow those pages later and do this every few days,
and you will get new Followers, but again you’re not going to get active followers.
But if you just want the numbers this will work. But I don’t do this on my accounts.
And the last tip is you can do this with the official Instagram accounts.
Go to the regular Instagram account that has over 200 million followers and follow new Instagram users.
They will most likely follow you back or at least one out of ten will follow you back.
Just make sure you don’t follow too many people at once, just don’t go on there and follow like a hundred people.
Because you will get blocked by Instagram and usually it’s a one-day block,
but this could cause major problems for your accounts. Some are going to follow you eventually, but the net amount is usually positive.
So if you want the numbers,
this is another way to get the numbers. Another way here with the Instagram page is you can follow and unfollow the actual Instagram page itself
and by doing that you do get new followers that are basically using the same technique.
Again, I’m sure Instagram doesn’t like this.
It’s nothing I recommend, but I’ve seen this in tons of videos,
and I’ve seen people get thousands of Instagram followers somehow by doing this, so I just wanted to include it just to make this complete.
Okay, so the last three are effective, short terms that are more or less a hack on Instagram,
but I don’t recommend them, so honestly, if you are persistent and patient and are not trying to get a thousand followers in a day,
and follow the first nine steps that I talked about and actually utilizing each one,
and I just skimping over them, taking notes, doing each one,
your page will grow and it will have active users that care about your content and that won’t unfollow you.
I know a few people that do this that are monetizing their instagram.
They’re getting paid to post products, because they have a very effective page
with active users that care about their content.
I hope this video helps you to grow your Instagram. Feel free to leave a comment with your instagram account below.
That way we can help each other grow, check out each other’s page, follow each other on Instagram,
and please like this video and subscribe to this channel if you found it useful. Howfinity is dedicated to making complete
How-to videos on Social media, tech and ton of other categories with your support.
I’m going to continue to make these complete and practical videos every single day.
I hope to see you on the next video and thank you so much for watching this one


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