How To Fill Your Cars Tires With Air

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How To Fill Your Cars Tires With Air

Need to to fill your car tires with air? You can do it at a local gas station.

First, check your tire for max inflation.  It usually says it on the side of the tire in PSI, such as 44 PSI.  Never fill your tire past this number.  Remove the cap and stick the nozzle in.  Most nozzles have a built in gauge.

Put air in until you get to proper inflation based on your tire’s recommendation.  Then put the cap back on.

Video by TipsNNTricks

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All right. We’re here at the gas station next the little air supply thing here. First thing we do when filling up a car tires. We look on the sidewall of the tire and somewhere on the sidewall on these tires it’s right here it’s going to say max inflation it’s going to say right here is 44 psi.

Let me put down the camera there right here it’s going to say 44 psi max inflation so what we do with this little nozzle here is this is our spout right here this you push that air is going to be coming out of the yeah the ha nozzle right there and there is a little gauge right here on the end of this so I’m going to give the camera to my wife here and she’s gonna film it

Okay so the first thing you do is you take the nozzle you stick it on right here and then look at the gauge right here okay see right now we have about 42 psi there’s a little gauge right there it’s telling me 4 to 2 PSI let me show you again stick this right on here it’s going to come up here to 42 psi 44 is max inflation so these tires are actually pretty good.

So I’m just going to put a just going to put a little score to air in there and stick them on but again the proper inflation for your tires is going to give you better gas mileage so make sure that you and put your tires to the correct psi if it says max do not fill it more than that.

All right guys. Thanks for watching.


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