How to End a Letter

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Learn how to end a letter in English. In this video we take a look at the different ways you can end a letter in English and present some examples to help beginners.

video by FluentFocus
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so today guys we are going to be talking
about how to end a letter now there’s
many different ways to end the letter
and so we’re just going to go through a
few of the basic ones okay so how we
decide to end the letter in the letter
depends on basically who you’re writing
to and how formal you want to be so for
example if you’re writing to your boss
you’re going to write you’re going to
end Alette letter differently from if
you’re talking to your friend for
example okay so we’re going to go over a
few examples with that today so a
commonly used one would be yours
faithfully and yours faithfully is what
we use when we don’t know their name
okay so when we don’t know their name we
would use yours faithfully so for
example if we write the letter saying
dear sir or dear madam because we don’t
know the names in this in this situation
we would use yours faithfully and also
this one is really quite it’s quite a
formal one as well so that’s why I’ve
drawn drawn my picture oh sorry I’ve I
put a picture of James Bond in here
looking very formal in his formal suit
because this money I mean it’s quite a
formal one but it’s quite a general use
one one for general purposes as well so
yours faithfully is a nice common one
there another one we have is you’ll
sincerely so this one is when you do
know the name so when you do know their
name we would use yours sincerely
so for example J mr. Harris
oh dear mrs. Harris so in this case we
know their names so we’re gonna use
yours sincerely so I’ve drawn a picture
here of President Obama and basically
they’re both together you know in a nice
way they’ve got a formal suit on but
they both know each other so in this
case this one is of one we use for
formal purposes okay so we use this one
for four purposes when we know their
okay great so let’s move on to the other
one thanks
so when we speak we use things quite
often and we can end letters with thanks
to so for example if you’re asking
someone to do something for you so for
example you might be like hi John can
you can I borrow your car for for the
weekend oh hi John can I borrow your
house I don’t know you may want to
borrow his house to stay in or I have I
have no idea but if you’re asking
someone to do something for you and
quite often we can use thanks and thanks
is more it’s kind of its bit it’s more
informal I mean it can be yeah I think
it’s more to the informal side Thanks so
that’s what we would use if we’re asking
someone to do something or if we’re
asking for a favor
in that case another way we can end the
letter is with regards so for example
hey Tim or dear mr. banks we could use
regards so with regards I think it’s
more of an all-purpose one so I
personally use regards most of the time
so if I’m writing to someone when I know
their name I will use regards and if I
don’t know their name I will also use
regards so I think regards is a nice
all-purpose one to use now here’s
another one you could use depending on
the situation
Cheers which is similar to thanks
so again if you’re asking maybe a friend
for a favor or you’re asking someone to
do something for you you could use
however so for example if you’re being
really really informal you could be yo
John can I borrow your car today and
then you would say Cheers
at the end um however this one is very
informal so so this one I mean it’s okay
with you and your friends when you’re in
the pub and you’re drinking beer and you
say cheers but when you’re writing
letters it’s quite informal so that one
I would only really really use with
close friends so guys that was just a
overview of a few ways we can end the
letter. If you want more English tips or you
want more you want English lessons and
log into fluent focus comm where we have
a variety of materials available there
for you okay thanks for watching guys
and hopefully I will see you guys soon.


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