How to embroider-Hand embroidery for beginners

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How to embroider for beginners

New to embroidery? Today, we’ll go over how to use embroidery hook, how to separating Embroidery Floss and start stitching. If you are new to embroidery, this is the beginning of your hand embroidery journey.

Embroidery is the art of decorating fabric with thread or yarn using a needle.  You can take your embroidery to the next level by using pearls and quills and similar material.  You can use variety of yarn or thread colors to make your design stand out.

You can embroider on blankets, shirts and dresses just to name a few.

Embroidery floss-That is simply the treat or yarn used for embroidery.  You can use 1-6 strands and combine colors based on your preference.

Embroidery Needle-You can pick on up at your local craft store.  This is a needle specifically designed for hand sewing.

Video by HandiWorks


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