how to draw an eye

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How to draw an eye

You can actually draw an eye with all the details using just one pencil.  The goal is to draw a realistic looking human eye in just under 10 minutes.
Video by Art Channel

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hey guys Chris Samba here welcome back
to another video for today’s video I’m
going to do a challenge I’m actually
going to draw an eye using only one
pencil that’s right guys I’m only going
to use one pencil the pencil that I’m
going to be using is an H HB pencil this
will be the only pencil that I will be
using during this video obviously the
the drawing is not going to look as
realistic because I’m only using one
pencil and this not much I can do with
one pencil but that’s not going to stop
me from you know trying this challenge
I’ve never actually done this before I
like to use a lot of pencils when I’m
drawing but in this case I’m only going
to use this one pencil so let’s get
started guys let’s see what we can do by
the way I’m going to speed up the video
just a little bit so that way you don’t
sit here for two hours I’m just kidding
the drawing only took me 20 minutes but
I’m going to spit it up and we’re just a
little bit’s all right guys enjoy the
video you. all right guys thank you so much for
watching I hope you liked the video and
if you did please give it a big thumbs
up and if you have any questions on
anything feel free to message me on
Facebook dear me on Instagram and
message me on Twitter and also you can
stab me on snapchat everything will be
in the description box and have a
beautiful day guys and I’ll see you guys
next time


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