How to Draw a Turkey

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Today’s lesson is How to Draw a Cartoon Thanksgiving Day Turkey. Follow our simple step by step lessons as we guide you through every single line and stroke.

Video by Drawing 4 Kids | How to Draw
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hey there today I’m going to show you
how to draw a very simple cartoon turkey
so let’s start at the top of the head
with the eyes I’m going to start with a
circle starting at the top working our
way to the bottom up on the right side
and then back up to the top again we’re
gonna draw the exact same circle in
behind on the left side so starting just
on the edge on the left side of that
circle draw a similar sized circle just
behind so tucking that in behind there
let’s draw in some iris so we’re going
to draw one on the right of center right
here we’ll draw a circle and then we’ll
close that in black let’s draw one more
just on the edge on the left side here
we’ll call that in black now we’re gonna
draw a thing that just hangs from the
nose I’m not exactly sure what that’s
called but starting in between the eyes
coming down and it will curve the bottom
don’t curve back up to that same
starting point just go up to the beak so
the same starting point they’re just
gonna curve the front of the beak down
I’m here I’m gonna curve this back
behind this thing that hangs up here I’m
just gonna curve up the side of the
mouth I’m just curved a little hook just
like that the end let’s draw the chin so
down here below the beak and curve out
round that out and tuck this in just
underneath like so let’s get into the
head so we’re gonna draw the top of the
head we’re gonna basically just draw a
round skull that comes back in towards
the neck so in between these eyes and
draw a curve that goes up I’m gonna
round up the back of the head come in
then just kind of curve down now I’m
gonna stop right there and go to the
front of the body so the turkeys got a
big sort of round body here so I’m gonna
come down towards the legs right about
down here so just underneath this chin
area I’m gonna curve out the chest and
come down towards my finger right about
there now from here I just want to
so we’re gonna do is I’m gonna go up a
little bit on the left side and draw a
half-circle going up now from here I’m
gonna continue on the back I’m gonna
round up the back and join up with this
neck area so they’ll probably be easiest
if I start up here
rounding out the back you come all the
way into that leg area just like that
let’s draw out a wing so up here I’m
gonna draw the front edge of the wing
with a curve from here I’m gonna curl
this back in and come about halfway here
curve out and then back in didn’t do the
same thing so coming up around here
curving in and one more time with their
really tiny wing feather just like that
has drawn some neck detail here so right
at the front here let me draw a curve
that goes up kind of like a u-shape let
me do that again
and then one last time just tuck this in
on the back of the neck like so now
let’s get back into the feet right down
here we’re going to draw two lines
coming down I’m gonna draw the back toe
so I just draw curve like this and then
I’m gonna draw the opposite direction
starting to go forward and draw a curve
like that and you see there’s a little
gap here and I want to keep that little
gap I come down to the front of his toe
and draw a curve like this and one last
time and just bend in behind that leg
along this leg I’m draw a curve like
this and probably one more behind it and
for the toe in the back here I draw
curve another curve at the front of the
toe let’s draw a couple more toes in
front just a couple curse just going
across the toes do one back here no
front let’s draw the back leg so I’m
gonna have this one sort of stepping
forward so up here and draw curve like
it’s how that leg kicking forward so the
same sort of thing two lines going
across almost diagonally
let’s draw one toe with a curb leg I
just like we did back here let me draw
the front toe this may be a gap the draw
the second toe and then the third toe
just going to go right into that leg and
like we did here with the lines I’m
gonna draw a bunch of little curse going
across the toes this one I’m gonna
probably one of the opposite direction
going forward along here more here now
let’s draw the tail so starting in the
center I’m gonna go straight up with one
feather so starting here and go up the
curve back into the back I’m gonna go to
the right out to the left and start
doing a series of feathers coming out
I’ll do one there let’s go to the right
and go out one more feather beside that
let’s draw one more feather it’s a
little shorter and one on the right side
and just to give it some detail we can
just draw some curves on the tips so
here I’m just gonna draw a curve here in
the middle
and finally on the last one here and
that is pretty much it there we have it
there’s a simple cartoon turkey I hope
you enjoyed this lesson and I hope you
enjoy your Thanksgiving thanks for
watching and we’ll see you again soon.


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