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How to draw a realistic face

How to Draw a Face

Learn the main techniques and rules on how to draw a realistic face using graphite pencils and charcoal.

Video by Art Channel

hey everyone it’s Chris Humber and I’m
doing the tutorial today on how to draw
a face and I’m gonna I’m gonna show you
guys the basics on drawing a face so I’m
yeah let’s get started alright so this
is the picture I’m drawing this is Kara
alright so our first thing we’re going
to do it with draw is to outline to draw
the outline of the face just the outside
of the face as you can see right now I’m
I’m sketching the dress the outside of
the face I try to get the proportions
right before I can start drawing the
eyes and stuff so I have to get the head
first like the whole outside of the head
I should – see that’s what I’m doing and
I’m using a be gentle it’s a very light
pencil so yes that’s what you do when
you just start a draw first you have to
like do like really light lines so it
will be easy to erase and you can always
do the darker parts later so you just
want to the lights right all right so
now I’m going to draw a line across the
face that’s what the eyebrows are gonna
be the top of the eyebrows and then I’m
gonna draw a line in the middle
so again and keep everything on the left
side and everything on the right side so
as you can see the way I’m holding the
pencil I’m holding a pen so almost in
the middle so so the lines wave it will
be lighter and I’m gonna draw another
line across the face that’s the line
where the nose will be the bottom of the
nose alright so now I’m going to start
drawing as you can see I’m not sketching right
now I’m just drawing the lines to
outlines I’m roughly drawing I’m not
really you know I just want to get what
everything is with the eyes the nose
will be so yes drawing enough look all
right now I’m done so now I’m actually
going to sketch now so I’m gonna get
there I’m gonna try to get everything
right like curved out the lines you can
see right now the lines are kind of
rough so I’m just going to curve the
lungs out a little bit to make the face
a little smooth and I am using the same
pencil the number to be pencil the
lightest pencil but I’m just talking the
lines a little bit or you can see right now I’m just the
shading I’m not really talking in the
shading I’m just kind of shading like
really light shading and then after that
I go over it with the darker pencil to
make those shading darker
just doing the eyes right now and see
like I said you always have to do lights
shedding first before you can do doc so
I can be in eye but just the way I did
because if you did dark shading first
it’s gonna be really really really hard
to erase so make sure you do the
lighting for us and I’m using the
mechanical pencil because uh it’s easier
to do details the because the pencils
really thin I’m using a one two pencil
for the mechanical pencil so that’s
really really easy to do our details
like the eyelashes and the inside of the
eye and all that stuff so right now I’m
just kinda smoothing things out a little
bit you know making the face look a
little bit realistic and
and the lips stopping the lips and the
lip sir the top is just black but the bottom is
not fully black so I have to be careful
to see the white places the white spots
you don’t want to make the bottom lip
old or black because then it’s not going
to look real just going to look like a
dark place so yes all right so now I’m
going I’m just doing the shading the
shading of the the side of the faces
trying to get the the realistic look
so I got said once once you get the
third once you once you draw the face
like once you get the lungs you know
where everything is going to be the
after that everything is gonna be easy
because all you’re doing is kind of
filling in everything like just talking
the dark places dark spots and
lightening the lighter spots all right
so right now I’m using the paper blender
and I’m kind of going over the shading
to make the shading smoother let’s be
flow it a little bit
and the paper paper blunder the paper
blow the stick really helps when when
you you’re doing shading stuff like that
so it helps a lot it it’s really easy to
use – and you can get the paper blender
almost anywhere it’s all you can if you
don’t have a paper plan that you can
just use like a paper towel you can fold
it up and then kind of shade in and yeah
it’s gotta get into details
and I’ll fast forward this because it’s
going to take a long time if address if
I didn’t fast forward this this will be
like our and I have maybe two hours so
I’m fast falling so I can make a little
bit faster so you guys want to sit here
and watch me talk and draw for two hours
or three hours all right so almost done
with the with the shading and stuff now
I’m just going to doing the darker part
of the shading getting the bottom neck
you can see on the real picture it’s
really dark so like I said you don’t
want to talk in this part first you want
to light it first you want to light the
spot up first before you can really
really put the dark values on it so
that’s what I did right now it’s kind of lights on the
bottom of the head on the next it’s very
light and I’m just see now I’m going
over with the really dark value really
really dark cuz now I know where
everything’s gonna be and yeah taking a
darker so now you can see getting to the
realistic face when you draw you don’t
want to see budge alarms you always want
to smooth the things out goes on a real
picture on your left you’re not seeing
any almost you’re not saying anyone’s
everything’s kind of like smoked out
it’s very very realistic feeling a
realistic look so just trying not to see
a lot of odds and if one you see a lot
to smoke it out like here’s the paper
butter to make the delance
smoke alright so that’s it now I am done
as you can see it kind of looks like her
it doesn’t really look you know very
realistic alright so yeah this this is
all I got I know my speaking wasn’t
really good I need to work on that so on
the next one I will work on it thank you
so much for watching everyone and I will
do a better job next now with my staking
so this is my first and I will make more
of my speaking it’s the video lessons so
yeah thank you very much and peace