How to Download YouTube Subtitles as Transcripts

How To Transcribe A YouTube Video In 5 Different Ways – Tutorial

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Option 1: Use YouTube’s automated service.  YouTube will create a subtitle file when you upload your video automatically.

Option 2: You can use Google voice in google doc to record your voice as you speak.

Option 3: You can download the SRT file right from google.  That’s the subtitle file.  You can then edit that.

Option 4: Transcribe it yourself.  Now this is manual, but it will be accurate.

Option 5: You can pay someone to do this for you.  It can be as little as $1 per minute of audio.

Video by isitebuild

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Hi this video is about how to transcribe
a YouTube video if you want to boost the
rankings of your videos on YouTube
upload a transcript of your video
content YouTube will create captions of
the words spoken in your video this
means that the hearing-impaired can also
read the content contained in your videos.

Here are five ways to transcribe
a YouTube video number one use the
automated service on YouTube login to
youtube channel click on the video
manager select the video that you wish
to transcribe click Edit click subtitles
and CC click English automatic and
here’s the automatic transcription of
your video and as you play the video
then it will show the captions
underneath your video so to edit these
just click Edit play your video and edit
the text when you’re finished editing
your transcript just click publish edits
and now you’ll see English automatic and
English and just check the video notice
how the captions appear correctly under
the video another term use Google Voice
make sure you use the Google Chrome
browser and log in to Google Docs cut
start a new document go tools voice
typing click clip to speak as you speak
the words will appear on the screen hereit
there may not be exactly as you see in
the video but you can always get it
later then upload the transcript once
you’re finished period number three
download the audio transcripts from
YouTube then edit it click English
automatic clip absent drop-down select
vtt SRT or SUV will select not SRT
here’s a transcription of your video
content I’m just going to select all
that and paste it into a text file and
just edit out the numbers if you
finished editing your transcripts of the
uploaded to YouTube of a four transcribe
it yourself click add new titles or CC
click upload a file add your transcript
here or choose file from your computer
alternatively click transcribe and order
some and just select all the texts that
you transcribe copy it
then paste into the box click set
timings microsieverts then click English
setting tones and here’s your
transcription and just click publish now
see two green buttons here and you can
also check the subtitles here you can
see the captions playing below the video
another five pay someone else to do it
for you go to Rev calm and go down to
transcription where it says adult per
minute convert audio or video to text is
list of other captioning services or you
can also use captioning software keep
these three important things in mind
number one make sure you include your
main keywords in the transcript number
two add the transcription to the
description under your video number
three include your main keyword and the
title and tags that’s it now you know
how to transcribe a YouTube video in
five different ways if you want to
receive more video tutorials like this
one every week please subscribe to my
channel or check out the other videos in
my playlists click this image to
download my video upload checklist
you’ll learn the 10 things that you need
to do before going live with your video
on YouTube click this image to download
it now or click the link in the
description below this video thanks for


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