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How to download videos from YouTube

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Want to download videos from YouTube from a  PC, Mac, Android or iOS? Basically any device with a web browser and download function can use this method to download videos from YouTube.

We are going to use two different websites, but you only need one. Second link is just in case the first one doesn’t work.  Use MP4 for video and MP3 option for audio only.

Here is a warning.  Download videos from YouTube is against their terms of service.  Instead, try embedding videos on your website.  This is completely ok since you’re technically linking to them via their embed code.


Option 2:

Video by Howfinity

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Hi everyone.  In this video, I wanted to show you how you could directly download a YouTube video from YouTube using two different websites.

Now they’ll work on a Mac, PC, mobile devices.  They’re browser-based, so if you use any browser, you could go to these websites and download the YouTube video. But before I show you those two websites, I gotta let you know that downloading YouTube videos directly from YouTube is against YouTube’s policy.

So if you do use these methods make sure you’re using your own videos, you’re downloading your own videos or you have the right to use the video that you’re downloading.

If you download a video And you use it and upload it to your channel, that will get you banned and that is against YouTube’s policy, because YouTube doesn’t want you to download and watch those videos offline or distribute videos you don’t have ownership of.  And they make it really easy to embed and share on social media, so downloading is not an option

But these two websites allow you to do it, so if you’re downloading your own videos or one you have permission to download and I’m also showing you two different websites because sometimes YouTube does take these down, so if one of them doesn’t work, you could try the next one.

I’m gonna use one of my videos as an example, so this is the video I’m gonna download. First, we want to select a URL on YouTube and we want to copy it on a Mac here.

I’m gonna press command C on a PC control C. I’m gonna copy that and the first website I’m gonna use to download my YouTube video is

I’m gonna put a link in the description to this one. So on this website, we go over here and paste the link to the YouTube video just command V here – paste it and we want to select the format so the two popular formats are mp3 for audio and Mp4 for video in this case I want the whole video and audio so mp4 is the video and audio I could select more settings here and make sure I get the highest resolution.

Let’s do 1080p and I’m gonna say start now. I brought me to this new page here, and I could just press download And as you could see just jumped on to the bottom, and it’s downloading you don’t have to press this download It’s already downloading so on the bottom here if I press it.

I have the video in 1080p I’m just scrubbing through just to show you the whole video is here. It’s about 4 minutes So in this case it went to my download folder So depending on wherever your download is set to it’s gonna be there now. Let me show you a different website, and that is Clip converter dot CC again link in the description so here video URL for download again I’m gonna paste that here and again. I have some options.

I have mp4 and I have mp3 for audio Let me select that in this case it’s on auto mode. It’s selecting the best version to download for me so now I just press Continue up here. I had a pop up. I’m just gonna exit out of there here He gave me the media the way detected it in this case is 720p didn’t Select the 1080 option like you did on the other website. That’s okay 720p is fine I’m gonna press start down here, and now I’m gonna press download on this new page And it should start downloading right here on the bottom again if I click that download And scrub through that’s been downloaded to my download folder So those are the two different ways you could download your YouTube videos from YouTube Again make sure you have permission to use the videos or they’re your own videos, so you don’t break any copyright rules here.

I hope this video was helpful. Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for a lot more yust like this one and I hope to see you in the next video. Thanks for watching.


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